"You have the ability to get this land back for me, Han Xi. Don’t let me underestimate you."
Han Xi …
Teng is always indifferent and then he works as if you were gone.
Jiang Wen continues to ask Sister Rou for help beside Gentleness.
"I take orders from my boss."
"But the boss listens to the wife of shop-owner."
Gentle. Are you sure?
Jiang Wen, of course
Gentle …
Well, the truth is …
She doesn’t want to explain anymore.
In the afternoon, Yunxiang came to the office building to find her. Two people were sitting in the coffee shop on the annex building. Yunxiang complained at the table for a while and then calmed down. The whole person seemed very sad and powerful.
Looking at her gently and quietly, I knew that Yun Xiang had been with that man for many years, but the man suddenly wanted to get married. Last night, the man proposed to her, but she didn’t agree, so the man was going to marry another woman next month.
In fact, there is nothing wrong with allowing Xiang to say
But she is still sad that she can’t be seen by that man.
A woman, that man has done this, if it is not true love?
Section 12
"tenderness hurts me so much. I never knew this day would come, but I didn’t know it would hurt so much." She still couldn’t help crying. Her eyes had long been red and swollen, but she still managed to control it.
It’s best if she leans on the gentle shoulder and gentle can pat her shoulder and accompany her silently.
What are you talking about?
Nothing will change the ending unless she is willing to get married.
Gentle thought that if she is willing to get married now, the man will definitely choose her and want her to appear at his wedding.
But will Yun Xiang go?
"Your feelings so deep will go to this field? If your brother knew, he wouldn’t watch you suffer so much. "
I already told him, and I won’t let him mess around.
"But now the most painful thing is yourself." Gentleness could not help but say.
Allow Xiang was silent again. She knew that the pain now was her own and that man.
But she can’t afford that in case.
Her brother is a gangster. If someone wants revenge on her, she may die at any time. She doesn’t want people to get hurt then, so it’s better to end it now.
"But are you sure he’ll be all right if you share it?"
"He can live well without him."
It is indeed more important for her to be gentle and stop talking now than anything else.
Only when you are alive can you have a chance
"Gentle My brother has been following you recently, do you know?" Allow Xiang wiped her tears and sat down and said to tenderness
Gentle hysteresis can’t believe looking at Yun Xiang.
"I heard that you were killed after I left last night. It’s okay." Yun Xiang raised her hand and grabbed tenderness. She was frightened when she heard that.
"Your brother saved me," said softly.
"He’s happy to do it." Yun Xiang finished and smiled.
Gentle also smiled and then dropped his eyes.
After Yun Xiang left, he was still thinking about tenderness or what was the best way to do it?
Or it’s best to allow Xiang to recover her love.
There is always hope.
"If you really care, don’t give up. If you don’t love when you should, can you still love when you die?" That’s what chenchen said.
Gentleness is not unreasonable, but how brave does it take to make that decision?
Tenderly turned around and went back to the office building. Teng Yun came out and saw that she had just come back. Where did she go?
"Chatted with Yun Xiang in the deputy building for a while" said softly that the man had been caught by the boss and brought to the office.
"I don’t know who is perfunctory and I can still chat when I say that I am weak."
He put her down gently in the lounge and looked at her by the bed, which was a bit difficult to criticize.
"She’s in a bad mood. If I don’t accompany her, who will accompany her?" Then I looked up and saw my husband’s burning sight.
I feel bad in my heart
Manager Teng said that he was not satisfied last night.
"The baby is the most important thing now."
"Yes, baby is the most important thing."
"You …"
"Baby, I know you’re not satisfied either."
"I say baby baby …"
Be quickly taken.
In the end, it has always been cautious and secretive, and it is gently loved by the boss as if they were together for some days and nights.