When Ran died, Ran Cao was the biggest office in Ran Min. According to the patriarchal clan system throughout the ages, when Ran died, the first consideration would be Ran Cao.
So is Ran Cao behind the killing of Ran Cao?
Chapter 714 Even the wisest man often seems to be a demon
Long live my emperor! Long live my emperor! "
"Stand up"
Exhausted, Ran Min called the Great Court as usual the day after Tairan’s death.
The Zhongche Mansion ordered Liu Zhi to leave the ranks as always, saying, "I have something to start and I will retire from the DPRK!"
"Wang Yun, the right assistant minister of the official department, killed too many witnesses, and the physical evidence is irrefutable! I ask you to wipe out the nine families of Wang Yun and comfort the Taidian in the spirit of heaven to save the country and the country! " It is still the first time that Cui Hao came out.
"Please wipe out the nine clans of Wang Yun!" All the ministers knelt down to shout a way
Wang Yun’s killing of Tai Ran is already conclusive evidence. I didn’t expect that Ran Min, who has always been decisive in an war, didn’t directly punish Wang Yun’s nine families and wiped out their ten families!
In the eyes of his ministers, Ran Min may have some scruples, so he asked Ran Min to kill Wang Yun Jiuzu to avenge Ran.
Jean Ran’s school of sages and filial friends before his death won the support of the ruling and opposition parties. In the eyes of his subjects, once Ran Jun succeeded to the throne, he might be slightly inferior to his father in military affairs, but he would certainly be able to build an unprecedented prosperity and make the Wei Empire stronger and stronger!
But I never imagined that Wang Yun, a dog thief, had the audacity to dare to kill Tai, which was beyond the forbearance of his ministers. In their view, it was necessary to punish Jiuzu. Anyone who has anything to do with Wang Yun should be put to death!
And Ran Min didn’t immediately agree with the clappers after hearing the princes please punish Wang Yun Jiuzu, but said lightly, "Zhuqing, you said irrefutable evidence? It seems too true that Wang Kun killed it, but sometimes your eyes can deceive people! There are many doubts about Yu Tai’s death. I will never kill Wang Yun’s nine families before things are clear. "
"Isn’t all this just a show?" Xu Ji, Qing of Dali Temple, said bitterly, "At that time, there were two people in Yinguang Temple and Wang Yun was carrying a murder weapon. According to the fact that the guards rushed in, they saw that Wang Yun had poisoned himself with a bloody dagger and his throat and neck were cut by a dagger! It’s really chilling that Wang Yun’s evil thief doesn’t punish his nine families! "
"You don’t have to say anything!" Ran Min’s face closed his eyes painfully, apparently taking this matter as a taboo, and his ministers were all well-advised not to go again.
Ran Min summoned the Royal Guards to command the sudden death.
It turns out that the Royal Guards commanded Jing Zhan to have died of illness, and this is the sudden death.
In the Evergreen Temple, Ran Min flew into a furious rage at the sudden death rather than throwing a porcelain vase in the treasure case to the ground and growled, "Sudden death! I don’t care what you do! Be sure to find out the black hand behind the killing! "
"yes! Yes! " Kneeling on the ground, sweating profusely, tunnel: "When I go back, I will definitely keep all the people involved under surveillance, and anyone who is suspected will be arrested in the imperial edict prison for strict interrogation!"
Hearing this, Ran Min narrowed his eyes and said, "People involved? Who are the people involved in your mouth? "
"Naturally, it is people who have close contacts with Wang Yun, a traitor, including Wang Yun’s nine clans and one’s intimate disciples and followers."
Ran Min scolded, "Are you really the main character?"
"This ….. nature is not Wang Yun must be directed! Positions by the minister will be Wang Yun have come to people all monitor "
Ran Min gnashed his teeth and said, "Wang Yun is the right assistant minister of the official department. Almost all of them have come and gone with him. Do you want to monitor all my ministers?"
"This ….. positions are there any suspects?"
"A security guard and dark guard have been monitoring all the major cremation gate valve in girder city, haven’t they? Thoroughly investigate! I found that the suspects did not let go. "
"In addition, all the remnants of the previous power are monitored, and Sima people may be involved in this matter."
Ran Min sighed again and said, "This time, when the kings enter Beijing, the good and evil people are mixed up. The kings must also be in the surveillance range of the Royal Guards. If there is a suspect, they should inform me first."
When Qin Mu, Wang Meng and Cui Hao retired abruptly, the three courtiers entered the Evergreen Hall.
"The courtiers are guilty!" Came in Cui Hao knelt to say
"Get up, Cui Hao. What are your sins?"
"Wang Yun is the minister who pulled it up. Now Wang Yun is guilty of killing too much, but I can’t get away with it!"
Smell speech Ran Min lightly shook his head and said, "It’s none of your business. I want to know who is behind the death!"
"Isn’t this … pursuit too dead to hide something?"
"There must be something hidden!" Ran Min sink a way "too many years to deal with politics is slack in martial arts, but after all, it is practiced martial arts in the face of Wang Yun’s sudden blow, and Wang Yun is too deep and has a bright future. Wang Yun wants to kill too? Why didn’t Wang Yun kill him early or late, but when the kings entered Beijing? All these are doubts! "
Hearing this, Qin Mu and Cui Hao Wang Meng all looked at each other and felt that Ran Min was right.
Cui Hao crustily skin of head. "I wonder who you suspect is behind this?"
"I don’t know yet, but I think there are three suspects, the cremation, the kings and the remnants of the power! Who do you think is more likely? "
"It is unlikely that the courtiers are the remnants of the power" Wang Meng lowered his hand. "The remnants of the power originated from the cremation and died in the empire, but Sima Shi has the ability to kill too? After the destruction of Jin, they moved the descendants of Sima’s family to Daliang, and the Royal Guards specially monitored them. They could never hide from the Royal Guards, and their eyes were peaceful, peaceful, peaceful and peaceful. The remnants of the former dynasty could not afford to talk about restoring the country. "
"Well, go on!"
"Compared with the former dynasty, it is more likely that I was an aristocrat. After I unified the country, I abolished the imperial examination system and created the imperial examination system. I was committed to pulling out my humble brothers and weakening the strength of the aristocratic gate valve. The aristocratic gate valve method confronted the imperial court head-on and was not willing to destroy the century-old foundation, so I gave birth to some thoughts that I shouldn’t have."
Hearing this, Ran Min asked with a cold face, "So the gentry murdered Tai?"
Cui Hao also said, "Yes, Jinglue (Wang Mengzi) Tairende is well-known in the world. After he succeeds to the throne, he must be a generation of kings. Is this the kind of gentleman that the gentry yearns for?"
Wang Meng’s way "positions because of this cremation of intentional talents want to plot against too! All my subjects naturally want to be so benevolent and benevolent, but there are always some unruly ministers and thieves who want to be chaotic or want to bring the sky back to the troubled times! Once Taixian succeeds to the throne, it will be decades of peace and prosperity, so that the foundation of the empire will be more solid and unshakable. How can these rebels and thieves be willing? "
Ran Min nodded and said, "So the cremation does have this motive."
"Possession minister Wang Meng this bad yi is power remnants unlikely cremation also do have this kind of motivation but method twisted into a rope cremation really don’t have so much energy to hideous too! Maybe … Kings are more likely. "
When Ran Min was hesitating, Wang Meng argued again, "What Cui Hao’s adult said is a big mistake! Throughout the history, we are brothers, brothers, brothers and sisters. The royal families in the past dynasties have their right temples. The benevolence lies not only in the ruling and opposition parties, but also in the kings. Do kings have motives to assassinate Tai? Moreover, many adult emperors have been enfeoffed out, and the foundations of the girders are not deep. Some princes don’t even have a mansion. Do they have the ability to assassinate Tai? "
Cui Hao sneered, "Hehe, on the surface, no one knows whether the kings secretly cultivated their own power in the girders?"
Seeing that Cui Hao and Wang Meng had a dispute, there was a serious disagreement on the issue of death. Ran Min turned his attention to Qin Mu again.
"Qin Mu, what do you think?"
Qin Mu frowned and said, "I have all three possibilities, but I am not biased. Think about whether there is a fourth possibility?"