Just like the Warring States famous soldier Bai Qi Yi Que fought, Qin Jun fought against the Korean-Wei Coalition forces with one enemy and two enemies, and in the end, they all wanted to protect their strength and psychology, which was better than breaking Korea and Wei Jun.
But Qin Mu thought it was wrong. He said, "Among the Persian Xianbei coalition, Xianbei is slightly stronger and Persians are slightly inferior. It is reasonable to say that it is true that you want to win and attack Persians. But after defeating Persians? Isn’t it cheaper for Xianbei people? "
Wen Yan ran min held his head high and said, "Hum, the Persians are just defeated by us and have just experienced a fiasco. It’s different from being frightened and losing a dog!" I need to take ten thousand fighters to divide it and surround it for an hour. The Persians will fail! And it is a fiasco! "
In fact, Ran Min said that the Persians were right. After so many wars in Wei Jun, almost all of them prevailed, and the Persians were in low spirits. Despite the support of Xianbei army, the morale had already fallen to the bottom, and it was difficult to turn back at once.
"But … what if Mu Ke leads an army to reinforce the Persian camp?" Xunji don’t worry about tunnel
"Hum, I know Mu Ke very well. He also wants to use our hands to weaken the Persian power. I can see its standard and smoke. There are at least more than 100,000 military forces in Xianbei. Mu Ke doesn’t necessarily want to protect himself from our army. It’s not impossible for the Persians to lose both sides and wait for the opportunity to defeat me in Wei Jun!"
Xun Ji lowered his hand and said, "Even if Mu Ke really intends to stand on the sidelines, we have to defeat the Persian army, but what about later?" If Xianbei people avoid fighting, they will be caught in a seesaw more than if they need a few days. Wei Jun will collapse without fighting! "
"I have made up my mind!"
Ran Min said in a lonely way, "Lv Gan and Su Lin are here!"
"The end will be there!"
"You two will lead 50,000 soldiers and horses to the North Gate early in the morning. If Xianbei people really help Shapur II, they will fight to make France help quickly!"
"I rate fighters to annihilate the Persians! This war will not break Persia! "
The next day, Ran Min led all the cavalry to attack the Persian army’s camp. Shapur II never imagined that Wei Jun would dare to take the initiative to attack the Persian army in the city of Shahpour, but he was a little flustered when he saw this posture.
"Raise the shield!"
Persian soldiers in the frontier area of phalanx have set up rectangular shields and are ready for battle.
Ran Min looked at the front with a grim thug, "Shoot the arrow!"
Wei Jun’s iron cavalry are equipped with powerful and long-range arm bows. Before Wei Jun entered the Persian range, Ran Min had already made his soldiers bow and arrow to shoot all the crossbows together.
At that time, the whole sky was covered with dense arrows and rain, and a large part fell on the Persian army.
"Ah ah! ……”
The penetrating power of the crossbow was stronger than that of the Persian soldiers in armor, who were shot and whined and fell in a pool of blood.
What’s more, even those Persian soldiers who held huge shields in front of them were pierced by crossbows, and they fell to the ground with blood everywhere, but then another shield hand took their place.
Seeing that there were a large number of casualties on his own side, Shapur II looked very gloomy, and then he ordered the lancer to step out and throw out the shorter spear in his hand. Soon, the short spear flew out all over the dome.
"Snow! ……”
Those Persians are big and powerful men, and the short spears thrown from them are naturally very powerful.
It’s not that those armored Wei Jun iron cavalry were stabbed by short spears and assassinated by horses when they were caught off guard
There are many Wei riders who have some martial arts skills and can shoot short spears with combat knives, but many unlucky guys are stabbed by short spears because of their hip horses, and then the horses fall, and the horseback riders also fall. The horses will not die, but they will be trampled by their comrades behind them!
When the Wei Jun iron cavalry entered the range of the Persian phalanx, all of a sudden, thousands of arrows were fired like locusts crossing the border, and the arrows flew out to harvest a large wave of Wei soldiers’ lives
"Throw-"As Ran Min followed him with a wave of his hand, Wei Jun Iron Cavalry immediately took out one water sac after another from the saddle edge, and they threw this jar out as Ran Min called out.
And when those water sacs fell into the middle, they had already prepared the rocket. Wei Jun Iron Cavalry shot the rocket with a bow and an arrow, and the water sacs were punctured and instantly ignited.
The flammable materials such as kerosene and saltpeter placed in the wine bag were originally searched by Wei Jun and poured into the frontier of Persian phalanx as the water bag was shot through a huge sea of fire.
The Persian shields and spearmen in front were burned and wailed, and the original shield array was broken.
Taking advantage of the Persian shield array chaos, Wei Jun iron cavalry marched into the Persian phalanx.
The impact ability of iron cavalry is also very strong. At the periphery, the horses are all wearing heavy armor. Among the heavy cavalry, the light cavalry tore a big mouth from the Persian phalanx when it was crushed like a tank!
Seeing that Wei Jun was rushing so hard, Shapur II bit his teeth. Fortunately, he kept hoping that the troops in front could block the impact of Wei Jun iron cavalry, so he was ready to set up another line of defense in Zhongjun.
"Woo hoo hoo! ……”
There, several Persian foot soldiers held spears as long as seven meters and roared and touched such a line of defense. Some of the impact momentum was too strong, and the Wei Jun iron cavalry couldn’t stop the horse and plunged into it. Suddenly, it was stabbed into a hornet’s nest and bleed profusely.
However, with these dead bodies of Wei Jun Iron Cavalry paving the way, more Wei soldiers marched in, and it didn’t take long for this line of defense to be washed away.
Chapter 711 An old friend
Ran Min led the Wei Jun Iron Cavalry to attack the Persian Shapur II, who sent people like Mu Ke for help one after another, but the latter did not seem to respond.
Muke side seal don’t doubt sit still stood up and said, "fu don’t send troops to rescue the Persians? If Wei Jun defeats the Persians, one of its goals must be our army. At that time, Wei Jun’s morale will be high and it will be tough. "
"Don’t you doubt that you should know about the war in Iraq?"