He wielded a sharp sword to cross, sweep, split, chop and stab … Every movement was flowing. After practicing the sword, Shapur II singled out ten powerful Persian warriors with his bare hands and beat these warriors with spears out of the water!
At this moment, Minister Anusherwang rushed to see him.
"What’s the matter with Anush Erwang? Did the Romans call or did wei ren call? "
Shapur II took a maid-in-waiting and handed it to Sipa to wipe the sweat on his forehead. He also asked Anusherwang such words with a smile.
Shapur II seems really qualified to underestimate wei ren and the Romans.
He revived the Persian national power and adopted a series of positive foreign policies to make Persia one of the most powerful countries in the world.
During the reign of Shapur II, the northeast border of Central Asian and South Asian countries such as Guishuang in the East was pushed to the southern edge of Tarim Basin in Xinjiang, and Kashgar in modern Xinjiang became the winner of Shapur II, the city in the northeast corner of Persian Sassanian Empire, and once again achieved peace in Rome. At this time, he has established Sassanian Dynasty to dominate in Asia!
Anusherwang saluted Shapur II, saying, "I just got the news that the three armies of Wei Empire attacked Guishuang Empire and sent Doro, who seemed to be afraid of Wei Jun’s power and gave up without a fight! Now Ran Min, the emperor of Wei Empire, has entered Fulousha, the capital of Guishuang people. "
"When it comes, it will come."
Shapur II smiled faintly. "Anusherwang, you don’t have to worry that sending Doro is just a false surrender. After that, sending Doro has contacted me. He wants to kill Ran Min and destroy his army! However, depending on your own strength, you may not be able to do it, and you will be retaliated by wei ren. Doro asked me to send troops from Sassanian Empire to help him. I have ordered Firdousi to lead 50,000 soldiers to support your frost people! Not surprisingly, in a few days, we can hear the news that Ran Min was defeated and died in Fulousha. "
"I heard that Wei Empire was a very strong country with a territory three times larger than that of Sassanian Dynasty, with a population of more than 100 million and an army of more than 2 million. If Ran Min really died in Fulousha, he was afraid that wei ren would not leave it at that!"
Smell speech Shapur II laughed and said, "What are you afraid of? Since when are you braver than a mouse, Anusherwang? It is impossible for the Wei Empire to have such a large territory, so many people and so many troops. Even if there is, we will be afraid? "
"Ran Min is a conqueror like Alexandria, and his empire will be the same as Alexandria. With the death of the conqueror, the people of the land he expropriated will rise up against those unruly generals, and the great Sassanian dynasty will continue to expand eastward, such as Guishuang people, poisonous people, wei ren and so on. All these countries will be subject to my feet!"
Shapur II seems a little arrogant, but what he said is not unreasonable when you think about it.
At the age of 20, Alexander launched a rumbling chariot as soon as he succeeded to the throne. His talents unified Greece successively, and then swept across Central Asia to wipe out the Persian imperial army, and occupied Egypt in one fell swoop, occupying the third of the four ancient civilizations in the world.
He expropriated about 50,000 square kilometers of land. The Alexander Empire started from ancient Greece in the west and Macedonia in the east to the Ganges Valley in India, and the first waterfall of the Nile River in the south.
In 323 BC, Alexander the Emperor was the country with the largest territory in the world at that time, surpassing the total territory of the seven eastern countries, and Alexander the Great made brilliant achievements in just 13 years.
Alexander died too suddenly. Alexander did not confirm his successor, which led to a fierce struggle for the king. In the struggle, his mother, wife and children were killed by the opposition party.
Generals have rallied their troops to stand on their own feet, and the kingdom of Macedonia has since split up into four Hellenistic countries: Macedonia, Thrace, Asia Minor and Egypt.
Shapur II has reason to believe that Ran Min, the conqueror, will want Ran Min to die just like Alexander. The land he expropriated is that the whole Great Wei Empire will collapse!
Anusherwang added, "I heard that Ran Min has sent a mission to Hua La Mo. It seems that he wants to say that Hua La Mo Wang Chen is in the Wei Empire."
"Hum, Ran Min really wants to pay tribute to my Sassanian dynasty every year, saying that how can I change my course and go to a foreign country like Wei Empire?"
Hearing this, Anusherwang couldn’t help laughing. "It’s often that the flower-stabbing model man repeats himself. Maybe he saw that the Wei empire was so strong and Wei Jun was so powerful, and the expensive frost man was a servant of the Wei empire. Maybe the flower-stabbing model king might follow the example of the expensive frost man and be a servant of Ran Min?"
"Well, Anusherwang, it’s not unreasonable for you to worry. Then I’ll also send a mission of 300 people to Urjianqi to force Hua La Mo not to fall to wei ren’s side."
While Shapur II Anushlwang was discussing how to deal with Wei Jun, Ran Min was singing every night in Fulousha Palace.
It’s worth sending Doro, an old thing, who seems to know that Ran Min’s "special hobby" is to dedicate his two married daughters and a daughter to Ran Min, not to mention his second young and beautiful queen.
Ran Min was puzzled. If anything goes wrong, there will always be a demon!
So Ran Min will find Qin Mu and Xunji to discuss this matter.
Qin Mu pondered for a while and said, "I sent Doro to do this probably to stabilize you."
"Hold me steady?"
"Yes," Qin Mu nodded. "It’s not necessary to put your posture so low and please your daughter and granddaughter, who are the queen. There must be something fishy about it!"
"You mean it may be bad for me to send Doro?"
"It should be like this."
"But what will he do? Now the whole Guishuang empire is occupied by Wei Jun. Although I didn’t order Doro to demobilize redundant troops, Guishuang people’s military forces are already under the surveillance of Wei Jun. How dare he make a move? "
Qin Mu sighed, "That’s the problem. The territory of Guishuang people is not small. There are stationed everywhere, and Wei Junji is stationed in Fulousha and Peshawar. The rest of Guishuang people are still watching and sending Doro."
Smell speech Ran Min snorted and said, "I’m still afraid of him? Even if hundreds of thousands of soldiers and horses in our army really rebel against me, they can naturally destroy him! "
"Pursuit words can’t say that. What if your frost man’s goal is to be rich in sand? Your frost department chaos send Dorothy method to integrate your frost department maharaja power but he may not be able to use external force. "
"You said it was the Sassanian dynasty?"
"Yes, I heard that the Sassanian dynasty was a powerful country, with a population of about fifteen million in Fiona Fang and Wan Li! This is the first big country we came across in the Western Expedition. Before the imperial power penetrated into Central Asia, this Sassanian dynasty was a hegemonic power in Central Asia! "
When Xun Ji heard this, he also said, "Yes, Ji Duo Luo may have colluded with the Persians. The Sassanian dynasty of Persians is a powerful country in the world, even more powerful than the original rest empire! The first enemy of our army’s western expedition is this Sassanian dynasty. Don’t take it lightly! "
"I naturally can’t take it lightly."
Ran Min still knows a thing or two about how powerful the Sassanian dynasty was.
Paya empire is the rest empire. Isn’t it amazing?
Unfortunately, this is a classical slavery empire, which was replaced by Sassanbos as early as 226 AD.
In the heyday, the rest empire reached the west of Asia Minor, the Euphrates River reached the Amu Darya River in the east, and the rest empire was located in the Roman Empire. The Silk Road of the Han Empire became the commercial center, and the Han Dynasty, Rome and Guishuang Empire were tied as one of the four great powers in Asia and Europe at that time.
Strictly speaking, the Sassanian dynasty of the Rest Empire is incomparable.
Paya is the fifth dynasty in Persian history after Elam, the kingdom of Medea, the first Persian Empire and the Seleucid Empire, while Sassanbos was directly established in the ruins of Paya (rest in peace) Empire. It is not so much the destruction of Paya Empire by Sassanbos as the change of Persian dynasty.
On whether Paya or Sassanbos are both Zoroastrianism orthodox believers, the main nation of Persia, West Asia is a powerful country, and the rest empire was destroyed by Sassanbos, just as the Yuan Dynasty was destroyed by the DPRK.
Chapter 74 Falling flowers and stabbing dies
Firdousi, the general of Sassanian Dynasty, led 50,000 chosen men to secretly rush to Fulousha.
The people in Guishuang gave him a green light all the way according to the order to send Doro, so that these Persians could pass smoothly.
It’s hard to cover up the movement of 50,000 military forces, even with the cover of your frost people, but Wei Jun is all over the military forces in Fulou Shacheng, Fiona Fang, and nothing can escape their eyes!
So when the Persian army marched to a place less than a hundred miles away from Fulou Shacheng, Wei Jun scouts rushed to tell Ran Min.
Ran Min had guessed what Dorothy was going to do, so he decided to do it himself as bait. In broad daylight, he also sent Dorothy to present several beauties to sleep with him, but on the one hand, he also dispatched troops to deploy troops in a big way
At this time, the secret transfer of troops has been somewhat veiled. Ran Min didn’t hide it at all. He directly pulled the army out of the city and left more than 10,000 iron cavalry, claiming that 50,000 troops were stationed.