Wei Jun settled in Harald City, so Ran Min called the people to discuss and assign the people what to do regardless of his arm injury.
Sima Xu also suggested that "our army should never fight during the day these days. It should be clear that there are people who are poisonous and can fight the army. For example, it is very severe to touch that army of the West Satrap dynasty."
"oh? Is it really the West Satrap army? "
"It’s true that the minister of West Satrap also has a certain understanding of the poison. The situation of each state is complicated, different humanities and customs, different races and different values are the same in the whole South Asian subcontinent!"
"You introduce me to the situation of the West Satrap Kingdom."
Sima Xu Kan Kan said, "The Western Satrap Dynasty, also known as the Western Governor’s District, is a Sketai local government located in western India, and its sphere of influence can extend from the mouth of the Indian River to the east to the poisonous central Bandara area, which includes the famous ancient city Uja in the north, but it got a seemingly lower name because it arrived in Nabada River in the south and covered the Malva Plateau."
"oh? This kingdom of West Satrap still has something to do with Guishuang Empire? "
Of course, Ran Min of Guishuang Empire has heard of it.
This empire was founded by the Hou Guishuang Hou tribe, a five-cave tribe of the Dayue family.
In the 6th century AD, Guishuang had ruled Sogdiana, Bactria, Kabul, Tanfork, Gandhara, Kebin and possibly the later king of West Punjab. During the period of Sot Mags, Guishuang expanded westward to Herat, controlled the whole river area and imprisoned Kangju and Dawan.
In 9 AD, King Guishuang was defeated by Ban Chao’s refusal to send Xie Wang, the deputy, to lead an army of 70,000 to attack and overtake.
Ban Chao has never known the name of King Guishuang as "the King of the Moon", calling Yan Gaozhen’s accession to the throne at the beginning of the second century, and once again requisitioned the northwestern Indian subcontinent to expand its sphere of influence in Central Asia, and annexed Sistan to form a huge empire in Central Asia.
The imperial map starts from Patna West to Herat South to Nabada North, and moves to Peshawar as the capital of Aral Sea.
You should know that Guishuang Empire reached its peak in Kanishka and its successor’s rule. It once had a population of one million soldiers and more than 200,000 soldiers. It was recognized as the four great powers in Asia and Europe at that time, namely, the Han Dynasty, Rome and Rest in Peace.
How could Ran Min, that empire in its heyday, not know?
When Sima Xu heard this, he replied with low eyes, "Yes, for many people, the name of the Serbian people is not familiar with Yu Xiao, but it is also a nomadic people with a very strange color. They are the first generation of nomadic overlords, the Asian branch of the Skeletons, which once caused great trouble to Ju Lushi and Alexander the Great who invaded their territory, but they were also defeated fugitives. Under the pressure of moving westward, the Yue people had to choose to leave their homes and finally set up their own poison in the Skeleton country-the Western Satrap Dynasty (the western governor’s district)
"But now this western Satrap kingdom has declined, and the prosperity of the western governor’s district is impressive, but like almost all Chinese and foreign people who forcibly broke into the foreign world by force, as they rely on their strength to weaken, the invaders will eventually merge into the sea of Wang Yang!"
"After the death of Dammam in rudra (Dammam I in rudra) in 15 AD, the western governor-general took the same road that led to the decline of their predecessors."
"The failure of foreign military affairs was the first sign of the country’s prosperity and decline. The Satavahana people (Hundred Rides Dynasty) successfully recaptured the Kongkan coast (Gonggen Plain) area with important economic value shortly after the death of Governor Skitai, which made the descendants of Dammam in rudra (Dammam I in rudra) lose a considerable degree of trade wealth!"
"Not only that, but with the demise of powerful kings, the imperial court fought for profits, which also replaced the former United struggle and became the normal state from the middle of the second century to the third century. By the beginning of the third century, the central court of Wujiayin’s capital had lost control of the Malva Plateau and most of Rajasthan, Kuchi and northern Gujarat, and the new successors stopped this force."
"Their prestige has fallen to such a bad state that no ruler dared to coin coins with the title of Grand Governor from 295 to 34 A.D."
Smell speech Ran Min nodded and said, "You know very well."
The cultural backwardness of the Sketai people was also exposed in the process of its decline. These nomadic people from the Central Asian prairie were originally savage warriors who advocated the original shaman.
However, in the process of migrating to Afghanistan and northwest India, they first accepted the local Greek-Iranian language and then gradually became Indian.
In this process, although they adapted to land acquisition and abandoned their ancestors’ original backward ruling methods, they were full of vitality and wildness, and gradually became enterprising.
With the passage of time, the style of coins circulating in the western governor’s area is becoming more and more Indian. Originally, in India, the Skettian era was full of Greece. Iranian gods were gradually replaced by Indian Shiva and Buddhas, and even the Greek characters were engraved.
It seems that it is not far from extinction for such a country, which has been plunged into long-term chaos and gradually cut off by Indian culture.
Chapter 69 harald Battle
July in midsummer is the hottest month of the year.
As Sima Xu expected, Wei Jun occupied Harald City and left a virgin forest in the east to poisonous people. These poisonous people were lazy and didn’t know that the fire was fierce, so they all hid in this forest for summer because they were afraid of heat.
Ran Min couldn’t help but be overjoyed to see the poisonous man really drilling into his own trap. He immediately dispatched troops and soldiers to ambush the main roads at night and sent another 30,000 fighters to attack the camp and set fire to the whole original forest!
Hiding in the forest for the summer, the Coalition forces suddenly went into chaos, disobeying the orders of their respective generals, and ran away like flies.
The escape of the poisoned man created a favorable fighter for Wei Jun.
In order to burn these hundreds of thousands of poisonous allied troops alive, Wei Jun blocked up in each channel and shot his soldiers at random, forcing them to retreat into the forest and be shot further. It is a dilemma to take a step back and be burned to death!
Many poisonous foot soldiers have thrown their weapons and knelt down to beg for mercy from Wei Jun.
"Do you not accept the surrender of poisonous people?" Sima Xu around tentatively asked
And Ran Min smiled and said, "accept the body poison people surrender? It’s easy to say that we don’t have many soldiers and horses and we don’t have enough food, such as placing these prisoners of war. They’re dead. They’re dead. Well, for me, it’s best to be dead and poisonous! "
SiMaXu heart can’t help but give birth to a chill for this cruel murderous monarch sincerely afraid.
In fact, Ran Min doesn’t like killing people and disregard for human life.
In his view, Wei’s life is life, body poison, life is life, and life is not high or low, but the body poison is his enemy, and he can properly arrange them to kill their department once and for all!
You can’t blame Ran Min for being too cruel. It’s really forced by the situation.
If Wei Jun is allowed to destroy the countries one by one, I don’t know when it will be fought and how many soldiers will be killed and injured
Seeing that the fire spread to the whole forest, the soldiers also rose up and rushed out.
However, Wei Jun guarded every passage, and even in some remote places, Wei Jun Iron Cavalry could ride and shoot those enemies who tried to escape by rapid assault ability, but more poisonous foot soldiers had lost their minds. They whined and scurried around, but in this vast forest, in this sea of fire, they were completely lost and eventually burned alive!