Ran Min enfeoffed ten grown-up emperors in one breath and went out to establish a vassal kingdom, hoping that when the Great Wei Empire declined, these vassal States could play a certain role in prolonging the life of the Great Wei Dynasty.
Chapter 693 Ten years of rectification
In 37 A.D., that is, in the twenty-fourth year of the Emperor’s reign, the Wei Empire became more prosperous and powerful after ten years of recuperation.
The tax revenue of Wei Empire reached more than 160 million yuan a year, which was equal to that of Song Dynasty and far superior to that of other dynasties. So much tax revenue a year was more than three times that of Wei Empire ten years ago! And this data is still increasing year by year.
While developing the economy and persuading farmers and mulberry farmers, Ran Min has not forgotten to encourage the population to have children.
At the beginning of the unification of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the total number of countries was about 2.4 million, and the population was about 12 million. The unified population in the Western Jin Dynasty was much less than that in the heyday of the Jin Dynasty in the year of Jin Taikang.
In the 24th year of Emperor Huang, after a period of census, the population of Wei Empire showed explosive growth!
The total country is about 9.2 million, and the population is more than 51 million!
The population has increased by four or five times?
In addition to the state’s encouragement of fertility, in fact, some foreigners have entered Wei nationality and become wei ren, which is also considered as the population of Wei State.
In fact, this population of more than 51 million does not include the rest of the prefectures, or it is estimated that the population will exceed 60 million and approach 70 million.
Now wei ren has an overwhelming population advantage to assimilate the Hu people from all over the world, because the empire has adopted a policy of encouraging fertility, and the outside world has been Huairou to build temples in various capitals to encourage Hu people to become monks …
In fact, it is not surprising that the population of Wei Empire has skyrocketed.
I think there was also a period of "governing the world with Tai Kang" at the beginning of the unification of the Western Jin Dynasty, and this kind of population explosion also occurred.
Sima Yan, the Emperor of Jin Dynasty, took measures to promote agricultural production by encouraging reclamation, building water conservancy, expanding labor force and strengthening supervision.
He issued imperial edicts to encourage agricultural production. Historical records: Wang Hong, the prefect of Jixian County in the fifth year of Thailand, earnestly fulfilled the imperial will, cared for the people, counseled the people well, and advised more than 5,000 hectares of famine. At that time, there was a famine in other counties and Jixian County was in short supply.
So Sima Yan specially praised Gu Qianhu.
Later, Sima Yan also ordered the construction of new canals, Fushou and Youbei canals to irrigate fertile land with an area of 1,500 hectares. In the first year of Taikang, Sima Yan promulgated the method of occupying farmland and the method of teaching farmland. The system of occupying farmland and teaching farmland was carried out by individual farmers, and all the grain they produced and obtained was owned by themselves except paying farmland rent, which greatly promoted farmers’ enthusiasm for production
Through the above measures, agricultural production has developed rapidly and a prosperous scene has emerged.
The history says that "it’s a matter of time and nature, and the average person enjoys it when he wants his business", which reflects the economic and social development in Heluo area at that time. It describes that "cattle and horses are left behind by the wild surplus grain commission, and the people meet each other, such as those who are close to them and take capital from the road"
Therefore, there is a proverb "God is poor"!
It’s a matter of time, taxes, and the average person enjoys his job.
With the development of economy, the population has also increased rapidly.
According to Geography of Jin, in the first year of Taikang (AD 2), the state owned "2,459,140 mouths and 16,163,163".
In the third year after the promulgation of the law of occupying farmland and teaching farmland, that is, in the third year of Taikang, the exploitation of the state-owned "3.77 million" was alleviated, which led to the restoration of a large number of people’s registration. By the first year of Yongkang in the Western Jin Dynasty (AD 3), the population had recovered to 35 million!
From more than 16 million to 35 million people, who knows what happened to the Western Jin Dynasty in just 20 years?
Of course, there is no denying that many of them are conference semifinals.
The Wei Empire is quite different.
After the troubled times, many men died, so many widows appeared in the people. Ran Min directly issued a decree prohibiting singles!
Fifteen men and fourteen women must get married.
Violators will be fined!
It is in this reward and punishment system that the population of Wei Empire will skyrocket. In addition, aristocratic men have had the habit of hiding people since ancient times, and Ran Min forced them to hand over all the hidden people, which led to such a large population.
The advantage of a large population is that it can speed up the assimilation of the four foreigners by the empire, thus achieving the goal of transforming Fox Xia.
At this time, the triennial imperial examination has already entered the end.
The imperial examination in Wei Empire was held once a year, but later, the imperial court and various places didn’t need so many officials to manage it, so it was changed to once every three years. This also shows that Wei Empire is now full of talented people, and talented people are catching a lot!
"Announce all the Jinshi to enter the temple-"As the CRRC government made Liu Zhiyi’s shrill voice shout outside, it was frequently reported that 32 Jinshi had been waiting outside the Fengtian Temple for a long time, and they filed in and bowed down to the emperor sitting in the dragon chair with uneasy and excited feelings.
"Long live my emperor! Long live my emperor!"
"Stand flat and give a seat!"
"thank you!"
Ran Min looked at so many scholars and entered the last palace examination. He couldn’t help but nod slightly and said, "This year is really a year of talented people."