In the war, after being killed in the mixed rubble, the Nan ‘an army immediately chose Fu Nan’s King Zhu Yi Tan as the commander and retreated into the mountain jungle. Wei Jun continued to fight, and the Nan ‘an army did not hesitate to surrender to Wei Jun at the expense of the beast’s death, and constantly attacked Wei Jun troops to cut off Wei’s route for providing foodstuff.
Wei Zheng, a village in Zhenla, was discussing how to enter the country. At this time, Ran Ke angrily walked in and threw a head on the floor and scolded, "I am angry! I am really angry with me! "
"What’s the matter with you?"
Wei Zheng ran ke is very familiar with these etiquette, and he doesn’t blame him for being so rude in Zhongjun’s big account.
RanKe pointed to the floor this head nu way "is not these damn na? I have never fought such a tough battle in the battlefield for more than ten years! "
"It’s na man mountain sneak attack again? Or were our soldiers killed by local people? "
Ran Ke gnashed his teeth and said, "It’s not a way for the viceroy to go like this. Let’s fight for a real wax. These countries, such as the real wax, Fu Nan and Tang, have joined forces with the Na ‘an tribes. They won’t come out, and our army will fight to the death. Instead, they will retreat into the mountains and clear the field. Our foot soldiers are often raided by the Na ‘an. Many of them are killed at night. They are still sleeping. Suddenly, the enemy will cut off their heads!"
"More too much is the old, weak, women and children in these city villages! When I visited this village just now, I found that several patrolling soldiers were killed, and even worse, they were directly raided by local people! "
Smell speech people all nodded slightly, obviously they all know these things.
And Gengji around Weizheng even said, "The viceroy is now almost a soldier in all the barbarian countries. We went deep into Zhenla in Wei Jun, and Fu Nan captured its walled city without blowing off dust, but the people in the walled city are very exclusive. Wei Jun will suddenly come to raid."
"Will know at the end of the na man theory of old women and children are now like crazy! Women are sometimes tempted to kill him when our soldiers are unprepared, and all the children are confused. Our soldiers grabbed the knife and stabbed him to death! So many things! Must be controlled! "
Wei Zheng frowned for a while before saying, "I have made the soldiers strictly guard against Na Man, not to be alone, and not to contact the local people casually."
"This will not work."
Geng Jishen said, "The viceroy, Nan Man, is determined to clear the field, and now almost all the people are soldiers. In those days, Qin Zheng’s Hundred Vietnam Wars were exactly the same! Now, it’s not just Na Man who is hiding in Shan Ye or hiding in the walled city to fight against me in Wei Jun. Many soldiers in our army can’t stand the hot climate in the south! Our soldiers in Wei Jun don’t adapt to the hot climate in the south, and the plague among the soldiers directly affects the combat effectiveness of our army. Once the war is deadlocked, the consequences will be unimaginable. "
Ranke also said, "Yes, the former viceroy, Chi, once fell dead and bled for hundreds of thousands in Baiyue, and Qin Jun’s Lord Tu Sui was also killed by a Baiyue Army night attack force in Jiaozhou, forcing Qin Jun to retreat and fear for three years. The two sides have been in a stalemate! In case the war is caught in a seesaw, it will be our Wei Jun that will be dragged down first! "
Smell speech WeiZheng feel very nai.
Like this, the enemy Wei Zheng has never encountered such a terrain, which is really not conducive to Wei Jun’s war. Naaman haunts Wei Jun’s route for providing foodstuff from time to time and attacks a small group of Wei Jun. Even if it is the most deadly plague for Wei Jun, it will be a plague in the miasma army!
Wei Zheng then asked about countermeasures.
Geng Ji grimaced, "The viceroy, in my opinion, might as well implement the policy of" three lights "in a savage way to rob, kill and burn all! Give Nan Man a bloody lesson! "
"This ….. this is not so good? After all, we’re here to recruit the Na people, and it will be even more difficult if we want to set up the Annan Duhu House to burn, kill and plunder here in the future. "
"viceroy, don’t worry, since the barbarians are shameless, we will be polite to him again? No, then hit him and hurt him! "
Wei Zheng was finally told by Geng Ji because he really couldn’t think of a better countermeasure.
So when Wei Zheng ordered Wei Jun to enter the barbarian land, it was wantonly burned and looted. They talked about the old, weak, women and children killing everyone, and by the way, they set all the houses in the city village on fire, forcing the local people to flee into the mountains.
Zhu Zhitan was very angry when he learned that Wei Jun was so cruel, so he intensified his efforts to deal with Wei Jun in the barbarians, or put Yamakaji in the water or directly poisoned a large number of Wei Jun soldiers.
Nan Man also sent troops to harass Wei Jun from time to time, forcing Wei Jun to stick to the walled city and dare to go out to sweep it out only when the army was tied.
The Na ‘nan troops were few, but Wei Jun also made progress in more places, so the war was deadlocked for a while.
Chapter 69 Mud Borneo People
After learning that the Southern Legion was frustrated in the southern region and hundreds of thousands of corpses were bleeding, Ran Min was furious and ignored the advice of the ministers, and then dispatched 200,000 troops into the southern region and moved 500,000 people from various southern counties to live in places like Zhenla and Fu Nan.
Ran Min also made provisions to promulgate the Order of Killing Barbarians. Anyone who kills a barbarian can get a reward of ten dollars.
Since Ran Min in Southeast Asia is legally levied, it doesn’t mind destroying its country directly and merging it into the map of Wei Empire.
At the same time, in view of the plague among the Southern Legion, many foot soldiers died, and Ran Min continued to recruit Chinese doctors to enter Nanman to treat the injured or infected foot soldiers.
At the same time, Mulan has led the army to destroy Baoji and Sun Bo one after another, but she suffered an unprecedented setback when she attacked this small country.
Like the Southern Legion, the soldiers of the Western Legion can’t adapt to the plateau climate, and they are often attacked by Nipo people in the mountains, causing heavy casualties.
According to some historical data of later generations, Nepal later recorded that Nipo Luoguo was connected with mountains and rivers for more than 20 miles in the snow-capped mountain China Dadu City on Thursday.
Yi Gu marries many flowers and fruits, and produces red copper, Xue Niu, and life birds.
Human nature is rigid, faithful and frivolous.
Learning skills is skillful, ugly, bad and evil, and believing in Galand and Tianci, and blocking the monks in the corner. The number of people who have done more than two things is ominous
At this time, Mulan was leading an army to attack Nipo Luoguo.
After a hard struggle during the day, Wei Jun suffered heavy losses and had to camp on the spot to recharge his batteries.
Mulan summoned the generals to discuss the matter.
Lv gan got up and said, "the viceroy, our soldiers can’t adapt to this altitude sickness. Since we entered Nipo Luo, many foot soldiers have been infected. Although they didn’t die, they lost their fighting capacity! At the end of this way, it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Wei Jun will be wiped out by the people who don’t call us! "
"Yes! Viceroy, this time, we are still not fully prepared. We are well prepared. However, the climate and terrain of Nipo Luo are fatal to us in Wei Jun. The enemy is a land war to adapt to the local climate and terrain. However, although we are powerful in Wei Jun, we can’t play much combat power in this situation! "