She hasn’t sat down yet and talked to the hotel manager. They seem to be discussing what needs to be improved in today’s food.
Shen Han put a chopstick dish in Xintong bowl and was a gentleman. He filled a bowl of soup for Su Qianyu. It was very pleasing to the eye.
"It’s a little hot to drink cold again."
Su Qian language looked at his handsome face with a slight smile.
This table of men is not only the best in B city, but also the best in family background.
Mohist boss Fu’s successor, the first overseas housewife.
Among these men, Shen Han’s family background is not the best and his looks are not the most handsome, but it is the most contradictory and attractive.
His every move is free and easy, but there is sadness in his eyes, which reminds her of a contradictory combination of words
The identity of the rich second generation is an excellent soldier;
The military profession is also the commander of the Shen Shi regiment hidden behind the scenes;
It’s really special!
Su Qianyu smiled and picked up the glass in his hand and whispered, "Senior, I respect you."
At this time of Shen Han’s respect for Su Qian’s language, he knew that his eyes were still and his face flashed with a smile.
"cheers, sister."
Fu Yunfei looked at the two people’s actions, and his heart was slightly uncomfortable. He wondered by himself that he would be uncomfortable if Shen Han and Su Qianjin drank.
In the mind a few dark mock Fu Yunfei raised his glass to Shen Xintong.
Shen Xintong also raised a glass to Yunfei, and she felt grateful in her heart. After all, people were running around in the hospital with their backs on their backs.
Two people smile at one another but didn’t speak.
What are you talking about?
It’s better to drink than to talk.
Qin Fan looked at the strange atmosphere of this table and took out his mobile phone to send a WeChat.
The news went out and nothing happened at the end of the smile. Qin Fan’s face became colder and colder, and finally it became a piece of ice.
This woman dares not return his messages. If she is not in surgery, there is an explanation. She is dating Shang.
Very good!
It seems that he was too hard on her.
Qin Fan’s face is cold, and the atmosphere at the table is even colder. Even raw vegetables dare not approach easily.
Oh, my God, the guests at this table are not going to fight, are they? Why are they all so straight?
How terrible!
"Gu Zong, look at the guests at that table." The manager of the catering department was really surprised by this low pressure.
How can you eat like this and kill each other with your eyes?
Gu Yi smiled bitterly. What can she do? How can she pray that this dinner will end soon?
She was so embarrassed that she got cancer, not to mention that they were sitting at the table.
Just then Shen Xintong suddenly got up and raised his glass to signal to Mo Jun at night.
"I propose a toast to you, General Mo. I hope that the auction will be held in ten days’ time. General Mo will come up with the calculation of Shen Family, so don’t forget me and be disappointed."
The sound is very light, but the words are very impolite and somewhat provocative. Is it stupid to be present in it? Everyone can hear it.
So all eyes were focused on Mo Jun at night to see him fight back beautifully.
Mo Jun’s eyes sank at night and smiled. "Your brother even asked Commander Su to move this giant Buddha. Of course I will try my best, otherwise I’m sorry for your painstaking efforts."
The implication is that it is not aboveboard to get this land and deliberately communicate in thousands of languages.
Shen Shitong sneered, "Brother painstakingly compared with Mo Zong, that’s really far from it. I think it’s not a little bit hard for Mo Zong to get a position. Of course, after a woman gets a position, it’s hard to get rid of Shenyang."
There is no difference between this stinging and slapping directly on Mo Jun’s face at night.
Most of the aristocratic marriages are due to interests, which is a secret of the circle, but few people do such things as crossing the river to dismantle the sedan chair, but he did it at night and went unnoticed.
What a big deal!
Mo Jun kept a decent smile when he heard this at night.
Qin Fan doesn’t want others to be happy because of a woman’s bad mood. "Tsukiyomi ikuto, did you sleep with others? Why does Miss Shen look like a dissatisfied housewife?"
Shen Xintong was furious and looked at Qin Fan. His eyes were cruel and profitable, but he was about to send it when Shen Han sat down.
"Xin tong, how do I usually teach you that you were dumped by him today? Maybe he was dumped by others. Do you dump me and I dump you? It’s normal for you to see that Mo always isn’t engaged and divorced. Is Mo always anxious? Is he annoyed? You study hard. "
When this was said, Su Qianyu laughed while watching the drama.
This man was really excellent to the extreme, and he gave back Qin Fan’s words and stabbed Mo Jun’s heart with a knife.
well done
After Shen Han finished, he raised his glass to Chang Xi. "How about a toast when we meet for the first time?"
"Pleasure" Chang Xi looked at the table with a gentle smile.
The Mohist Shen family used to be entangled in the past. Before he came, he inquired clearly. The so-called enemy is a friend. Shen Han has already thrown the olive branch. If he doesn’t, he will be struck by lightning.
Shen Han saw that he smiled and pointed his hand to Gu Yi’s head. "There are often few good eyes. This woman’s appearance, figure and temperament are outstanding. I wish Chang Shao-xin to enjoy everything and get a beautiful return."
Mo Jun’s smile became louder at night, but the chill in his eyes leaked out a little.
Embrace the beauty? Did you wake up from your dream?
Chang Xi was so comfortable that he laughed. "Thank you, Shenyang. Please come and have a wedding banquet."
Qin Fan saw that Tsukiyomi ikuto had no movement and sneered, "Sleeping with somebody else’s sister and pursuing somebody else’s sister’s younger brother. You can take it easy and be careful. You didn’t step on two boats and one fell into the river and drowned."
Fu Yunfei saw Qin Fan stabbing someone in the chest, and his eyes were almost popped out.
Either cherish words like gold or be tougher than anyone else, brother. You are awesome!
The knife stabbed Chang Xi in the chest, causing him a few pains, but he was able to hold back.
Shen Han looked at him and changed his face a few times. He smiled. "It’s always easy to swim, and then a man climbs in? Sleep? Which so-called heart look for that is the most important thing. Otherwise, we have been dead for a long time."
Su Qianyu couldn’t help but look at the man beside him with appreciation.