Han Ji "You can get the Shujia people’s market thousands of miles from the southeast poisonous country."
Hua Mulan nodded slightly. "I also heard that the female country is located in the south of the green ridge. There are more than ten thousand generations of two queens who jointly govern the country. The queen is probably from a clan. Her husband’s name is’ Jin Ju’. I didn’t know that politics is vulgar and expensive, and women are light on their husbands, officials, men and soldiers. Is it true that women live in households and are polygamous?"
"It seems that the viceroy is very familiar with the situation in southwest China."
"That’s natural." Sun’s Art of War "says that knowing ourselves and knowing each other can win a hundred battles. If you don’t know each other at all, you can win by talking about war?"
Hearing this, Mu Bixi said with a smile, "The viceroy deserves to be the famous little Wang Pei of Valkyria in the empire."
"Well, don’t flatter me. Introduce me to this Sun Bo country! Be sure to know more than you can say. "
Chapter 65 Girl Country
In fact, Sun Boguo and Nvguo are almost all girls’ countries, so they have always been girls’ preference for boys! "
Hearing this, Mulan’s mouth opened slightly and her eyes widened curiously. "Girl country?"
"Is the viceroy supposed to have heard of Jing Guo?"
"Naturally, I have heard that according to" Han Western Regions ",Wang Zhijing, an elite country, went to Chang ‘an for 100 miles and 400 mouths, won 3,360 soldiers and 500 elite soldiers, and left and right commanders each had a guard station in the north, 2,723 miles in the south, and a four-day trip in the west, which was a small kingdom active in the south of Silk Road, but it was a pity that it was extinct!"
Mu Bixi nodded and said, "This ancient country was destroyed by Sun Bo people."
"The refined country was invaded by the powerful tribe SUPIS for a long time, and then it suddenly disappeared. SUPIS is a strange country, that is, Supi. Some people call it Dongnu Country or Suva Sinatra Quzuiluo Country, and this country has been called the country for generations."
"Supi, also known as Sun Boguo, is a female country with monkey names. They are popular in mourning and have the custom of monkey owners. Like the female country, Sun Bo is the supreme ruler of the mother country. The two queens are mainly responsible for governing the state affairs, while the little queen helps to manage it. When the big queen dies, the little queen will directly succeed to the throne as the big queen, and then a little queen will be elected."
"It’s really an interesting country."
In fact, Sunbo people are a Qiang people who lived in modern Kazak area in the early days, established a matriarchal government, and later expanded to Changdu area and Yushu, Qinghai.
In 755 A.D., two ministers of Tibetan government, Zhong Lang Mei Se and Mo Dong Ze Bu, Sun Bo King Wu Lu Zan colluded with Mi Chi De Zuzan (Kridê Zukzain), and then Sun Bo Rebellion Enlan Da Zha Lu Gong Chen Jie Si Xiu Ding killed Wu Lu Zan by sending troops to attack Su Pi.
No Lu Zan Xi Nuo Luo led his followers to the Tang Dynasty, and was left in the original residence of Supi by Wang Huaiyi in the Tang Dynasty. After the 9th century, the followers gradually became Tibetan.
At this time, a female general in armor has been sent out from the allied forces of Sun Bo and Baoji, which seems to be asking for a meeting with Mulan.
"What is she talking about?"
"Report to the viceroy that their generals want to meet you."
"If you are eager for the king, please reply and let the other person come out alone. I will be the same. Let you act as an interpreter!"
Mu Bixi said a few more words to the female general and went back.
It didn’t take long for Mulan to meet the general of Sun Bo, a woman in her thirties, who was burly, with a big waist and a fancy weapon in her hand.
The first thing to say is this female general of Sun Boguo.
"The viceroy claimed to be the general of Sun Bo, Zhungeer, and she wanted to ask the viceroy to let them go and let them return to their homeland."
"Return to the homeland?"
Hua Mulan smiled. "King Mu, did you tell her that she was in a hurry to leave now that she was here? This is already the capital of Anxi, the Great Wei Empire. Their illegal entry has constituted an extremely serious and bad diplomatic crime. I hope they can lay down their weapons as soon as possible or they will be dead! "
Mu Bixi translated it truthfully, and the woman named Zhungeer heard Hua Mulan say such a thing, and she was furious and gave her a look, and then she directly returned to the array to dispatch troops.
Seeing Sun Bojun’s Baoji Army, I have to worry about it. "There are tens of thousands of people in these two small armies, and our army is ten times more than the enemy. But these foreign tactics are very different. Xiao Wang listened to those generals who once led the army in Sun Bojun’s war, saying that Sun Bojun is not tall but better than the lean one, running like a monkey and adding Baoji’s unique elephant soldiers. Once we fight, we are afraid that Wei Jun will suffer some losses!"
"Hum Sun Bo, Bao Ji two countries I big wei sooner or later will be incorporated into anxi all government rule! They find the door to just "
"Suo Chao, Lu Gan!"
"The end will be there!"
"You two each led thirty thousand Qingqi from the left and right flank in the past! Remember that the enemy elephant soldiers are very powerful, so don’t touch their array and throw arrows at the side to wait for their elephant soldiers to break the array in one fell swoop! "
Suo Chao Lv Gan immediately led his troops out.
And see Wei Jun side situation that Zhungeer also not to be outdone front into a row of spears array then revealed a large area to make Bao Ji countries go against like a soldier to kill out!
Seeing the alien elephant soldiers rushing to kill, Mulan calmly continued to give orders on horseback, "The shield array is out!"
Wei Jun phalanx immediately changed before a foot soldier armed with a shield pinned down a rectangular shield and formed a shield array like an iron wall.
"Archers ready!"
"Shoot the arrow!"
With Mulan’s command, ten thousand arrows suddenly burst into flames in the middle of Wei Jun phalanx, and one strength vector after another fell like a skyfire meteor to those war elephants.
There are sixty war elephants in Baoji, but they are better than their huge bodies and rough skin, which gives people a strong sense of oppression.
And Wei Jun’s arrow landed on the elephant’s head, which was nothing but tickling.
Mulan was angry. "The javelin throwers are out!"
What substantial damage does javelin shooting all over the sky do to these rushing elephants?
At this time, Lu Gan Suochao and his cavalry constantly attacked the enemy’s left and right wings and killed many enemies.
Seeing that the arrows and javelin are not good for the elephant, Mulan ordered the foot soldiers to push out the crossbow and shoot it out, which can hurt the elephant, but it will make the enemy elephant suffer from skin injury and death!
In the long run, the war elephants have rushed into the Wei Jun phalanx. The huge hoof tramples on the shield and immediately stomps the shield hands into paste!
The battlefield was wailing.
Sun Bojun’s Bao Ji army men looked at him and also rushed into the Wei Jun phalanx with the war elephants.
At that time, Wei Jun lost his footing and was killed by countless foot soldiers!
Hua Mulan has some regrets at this time. Why didn’t she bring the red cannon?
"climb to the top! Chop those who are like soldiers! "
Since you can’t deal with elephants, it’s always okay to deal with enemies with elephant faces, right?
So nearby Wei Jun organized death squads to rush to chop down the enemy in the war elephant face, but Wei Jun paid a very tragic price for it!
Wait until the end of the war, Wei Jun killed 20,000 enemies and captured 10,000 enemies, but it also damaged more than 20,000 military forces!
Such a record made Hua Mulan feel very ashamed.
I didn’t expect the enemy to be so powerful as a soldier and the Sun Bo people didn’t look so good, but the fighting capacity was so strong!
Mulan was angry, so she left no prisoners of war and had those ten thousand captured enemies killed!
Chapter 66 War elephant weakness
Ran Min was very dissatisfied after receiving the battle report sent back by Hua Mulan, but he also knew that it was no wonder that Hua Mulan had suffered losses in the face of war through the ages. There were countless heroes!