Moreover, although those gourd seeds are born with innate spiritual roots, the hardness can never be compared with the magic weapon of flying swords, but it would be too bad to make such an attack. At any rate, this is also the combination of the two innate spiritual roots. Is it so bad to let the courage not attack all ignorant girls with eleven gourd seeds later? What is this called a companion magic weapon?
Although this little guy’s reaction to attack is really good, once he attacks, it is almost like mercury leaking, and he is tireless and tireless. If there is no solution, this little guy will keep bombing, not only will he not be upset, but he will also be enthusiastic, but he is not hostile to himself. There are many ways to crack the real enemy’s family. How can Song Changgeng scratch his head more and more? The more he thinks about it, the more disappointed he is that this guy can’t manipulate those sealed lives. Now it’s just like a limited ammunition machine gun and a storm generator
It can be inferred that if necessary, it can be turned into a bomb. Eleven gourd seeds can be used as shrapnel, but can such an attack be carried out? He sighed, shook his head and walked over. He wanted to talk to this little guy, have a heart-to-heart talk with her, and then refine it into a companion magic weapon. Education is still just a child, and it depends on his own efforts to achieve success the day after tomorrow.
While thinking about it, I reached out to touch the little girl’s head. Suddenly, after the little girl suddenly lifted up, the pupils in her big green eyes seemed to burn like flames, and they all turned red. Song Chang-geng immediately floated back when he saw something wrong and heard the little girl out’ Jie! Jie!’ Ugly laugh, raise my hand, a flame, and a fighting crow rushed over.
It seems that she still wants to become another fire crow, but when the flame flashed, it disappeared. Obviously, her skill was not enough. She screamed and commanded the fire crow to rush to Song Changgeng’s chest, but she left a virtual shadow halfway through the flight. Then the fire crow directly drew an arc to rush to Song Changgeng’s head and saw her move. Song Changgeng’s eyes lit up. This is the life that has lived for several years. There should be means.
I immediately saw that my mind condensed my weakness, but why did this guy hide his consciousness? Song Chang Gung knew that now was not the time to subdue her first. Fortunately, his mother Xuan Ming left a successor and finally gave him a few words to control the prohibition in the magic weapon, just to deal with this guy, so he gently vomited a few spells.
Then I saw those blue gourd seeds flying in an instant, and then they were absorbed by the cyclone outside Song Chang-geng, and then they flew out. When the little girl saw a glimmer of fear in her eyes, she turned to escape, but the thin chain was shining, and then she appeared beside the little girl. If she didn’t resist, she tied her hands and feet.
Then the other end went into the virtual space, but this time, although the body was not tied, the little girl’s head could still move and her mouth could move, which made Song Changgeng satisfied and wanted to persuade him a few words.
I don’t want the little girl to suddenly scream, "Let me go, you son of a bitch. You have the guts to let me have a good fight. I’d rather have my soul scattered than be bullied by you. If you dare to do something to me, I won’t live. I’ll blow myself up to show you. I don’t want you to bind my body and then condense my spirit to bully me."
Chapter six hundred and twelve Weird mind
If it weren’t for Song Chang-geng’s condensed body, but the flesh was here, he must have fallen to the ground at once. This is really shocking. A pink little girl opens her mouth and says,’ Old Niang!’ It’s really unacceptable. The most exasperating thing is that this guy seems to say that he is going to do something to her. Is it worse than a beast?
Song Chang Gung’s body moved in front of the little guy and felt him close to the little guy. He turned his head in panic and the red pupil in his big green eyes contracted violently, as if looking at him in awe. Song Chang Gung was puzzled but still in distress situation. "Are you there?" How can I treat you with one mind? Now that it has been refined, your body and this gourd are one, leaving the last step to recognize the Lord
I don’t understand why you hide your main consciousness and then suddenly attack me. You should know that you were given to me by the Nu Wa Empress and destined to belong to me. Now my mother has added a gourd shell to your body to stop you from being directly attacked, and put the gourd in my body to seal my powerful life and give it to you for care. I hope you can be an accompanying magic weapon. Don’t you want to? "
The little girl saw that he didn’t have a strong intention to listen to him and said that he wanted to be a companion magic weapon. He couldn’t help but leave the pie mouth. "Let me be your companion magic weapon? Do you deserve it? I am a hibiscus tree! Do you know? At that time, the four most famous innate spiritual roots in the wild world were born in chaos and then set in the sun. It was the Di Jun brothers who established the heaven that year. I didn’t promise to be their accompanying magic weapon. What are you? "
Song Chang Gung couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed. This guy is really difficult to pretend to be pure. Now he comes to this one again, especially in the tone of his contempt for himself, which makes him even more annoyed and can’t help but coldly tunnel "What am I? I may not be as noble as you, but I am a man who has been practicing for a hundred years. Of course, I am not as noble as you, but I am your master now. "
Speaking of which, he couldn’t help raising his voice a little excitedly. "Remember it’s the master! It was Nu Wa who sent you to me from the Great Sage of phase liu. Now everything you say is gone, you know? Wake up and don’t dream of your innate spirit root. You are just the roots of the hibiscus tree in those days. What’s the big deal? You despise Di Jun and Taiyi brothers and don’t want to be the magic weapon of others.
Didn’t you work as a nanny for other people’s children, and then you didn’t take good care of Xiao Jinwu, so Di Jun cut you down and pretended to be a big card with me? Huh? No, Nu Wa Niangniang secretly helped you.-Do you still have today? Now the empress gives you to me, hoping that I can take good care of you. My mother also gave you a piece of her own world and several hands by combining the gourd, vine, gourd and seal life with you.
Is to make you my companion magic weapon, so that you can help me overcome difficulties in my future years. If you are not satisfied, I don’t want to say anything. Since we can give nature, we can take it back. The big deal is that I am not as noble as you, so go ahead. "
With a sigh of relief, she reached out and pointed to the little girl who tied her limbs and turned gourd seeds into free seeds again. After listening to his words, the little girl was silent and saw that he wanted to behave himself. She could not help but hesitate a little when she knew that he wanted to peel off the life that he felt but could not make golden fruits.
When Song Chang-geng’s last dharma seal was about to be printed on the tree, she suddenly said, "Wait a minute. I didn’t mean to say that just now. You also know that I was the first intelligent life in Sun Star, but it was difficult to see the essence of the flame condense the three-legged sun of Di Jun and Taiyi, and then watch them turn into a congenital Taoist body."
It is impossible to say no jealousy. I have never promised that after their brothers became associated magic weapons, Di Jun and Lunar Star really condensed’ sunrise and harmony’ and gave birth to ten small sunflowers. Di Jun saw that the small sunflowers were mixed with lunar substances and were not suitable for living in the sun.
Bullying me, I can’t move, moving me in the middle of nowhere, letting me be a nanny for Xiaojinwu. Without the sun, it’s really fire. Of course, I sleep from time to time. Who knows that they will be dishonest, and they will break the seal and run out. Something happened. Di Jun took out his anger on my empress and saved me, but he chose phase liu, a dirty master, to absorb my life by my side to supplement himself.
Over the years, people have become weaker and weaker, and now the empress has sent me to you. Who knows what you are? I’m just a temper, and you and your mother are not good things. They will be forced to change their bodies, and now they will be willing to be your companion magic weapon. Can’t you do a few words and bully the weak like this? "
Hearing her explanation, Song Changgeng couldn’t help sighing. Although he knew that this little guy looked like a little girl, he couldn’t understand the vicissitudes of his heart. It was the precipitation of several years. Now, after being recovered by Di Jun, he met phase liu, a bastard hydra. She had to be provocative to cover up her weakness. This is a kind of self-protection.
But Song Chang-geng knew that she was a kind of venting thought. He dispersed the French seal in his hand. Although there was a show posture just now, in the end, if this guy didn’t say anything, Song Chang-geng would really cast the big decomposition spell prepared by his mother Xuan Ming. If this guy can’t be subdued, then she will have another history. Actually, it’s as good as waste.
Seeing that he scattered the spell, the little girl was relieved. Song Changgeng stared at her and hesitated for a moment. The little girl suddenly seemed to be undressed and squatted in her mouth with her legs clasped. "Why didn’t I wear anything?" It seems that this is not good. It seems that human beings say it is shameful not to wear clothes. Why doesn’t this guy change a dress for me?
Old Niang, I’m so weak now that I can’t even condense a small flame. This guy is bullying me. Maybe there’s something nasty in his heart. I don’t know how the Empress thought that she would send me to this weird guy. My future is full of darkness. My tragic fate is that I can become a saint with a congenital spirit root and a bodhi tree with a ginseng fruit.
And the gourd vine is worse than me. I didn’t know that it was refined by the empress. This is fate and luck! Alas! Alas! ! Alas! ! ~ ~ "This little girl is actually talking to Song Chang-geng, but when she sees Song Chang-geng looking at herself but not talking, she sighs! Higher than one, he finally got up and shouted at Song Changgeng.
Song Chang-geng smiled. Although this guy realized his spiritual knowledge shortly after heaven and earth, his experience and scheming are really terrible. Many lines are childish. After all, this guy has never experienced anything exciting or done anything immature since he was spiritually intelligent.
He didn’t explain much, but leaned out his index finger and gently touched the little guy’s forehead. He gave her his experiences and memories, and he didn’t even hide his current situation. He didn’t know how to deal with these things in the face of saint anger. The purpose was to let the other party know that his companion magic weapon was to live and die together after all. He didn’t want to hide anything.
The little girl who felt that there was something in the aura was silent. She waited for a long time to see Song Chang Gung and didn’t respond. She knew that she had to consider. After all, this matter is a matter of life and death. The innate spirit root is damaged again. It is necessary to have the true spirit and attach HarmonyOS purple gas together, but it can be slowly recovered in the long river, but once it becomes a companion magic weapon, it is equivalent to binding the true spirit to others.
If something happens to the other party, it will also be implicated, that is, HarmonyOS’s purple gas is also useless. After all, it has always been the true spirit attached to HarmonyOS’s purple gas, not HarmonyOS’s purple gas. It is necessary to think carefully about attaching the true spirit in exchange for spiritual life.
Now Song Changgeng is not in a hurry. He knows that this is not a hurry, but after a long time, he is still a little impatient. He is precious now and doesn’t want to have too many waves. He thought about it here. He turned and left. Just after flying, he heard the little girl call, "What are you doing?" We haven’t decided yet. Why are we leaving? Why are you so impatient? How can you talk with me for a few years? "
Song Chang Gung turned and looked at her. His heart was full of thoughts about the little girl. Although he looked at this guy as a little girl, she didn’t know how many years she had been born and didn’t experience it again, but the precipitation of years also gave her pride and ideas. It was strange that she didn’t hesitate to give her her her own experiences and current environment
This guy doesn’t want to promise now, but he is bound by himself, but he wants to promise, but because he looks down on the other side, he feels that it’s not worthwhile to have an innate spiritual root dragged into this vortex. No matter how strong the spiritual root is, it’s stronger than the sage. These thoughts passed through Song Changgeng’s mind, and he suddenly realized what his mother had to leave for herself at the beginning.
He ignored this guy’s words and turned away. The spirit of the Fusang tree felt strange, and thought to himself,’ Does this human look down on my thoughts and see that I occupy the theme and refine him when I pinch his will and reduce his defense intentions? No, if he doesn’t come, I will be restrained by his spell, and although his mother has left, Nu Wa Niang still doesn’t know whether to help him or help me?’
Just when she was puzzled, Song Changgeng had already decided that he would return to his mind with a cold face and then regain control of his body with a cold smile. He stretched out his hand on the chest mirror and made a trick. A flash of light flashed in front of him, and suddenly he saw Zi Xuanfeng’s figure emerge. Song Changgeng’s face emerged happily from his heart.
Without waiting for Song Changgeng to speak, he said, "Master, where have you been? For more than a year, we have been looking for you everywhere. The two Jenny have prepared everything for you to come back, but I have been unable to reach you. I specially went to Beijing Jinfengxian and talked with Nuwa Empress. Finally, I said that you had something to hold back. It is a good thing for us to wait for you."
Song Chang Gung sighed with a sigh, "You never know. Don’t say that. Let them wait. It’s nothing if you manage your brother and don’t go to Ziyun Palace, right? These are secondary. You let Yudie talk to me. I have something to ask her. Now things are a little troublesome. I have a magic weapon here that I can’t handle. I need her help to call her. "
Purple Xuanfeng nodded his head and told his brother around him to find my little girl Jade Butterfly, and then some stammered, "Master, there is actually a thing that you don’t want to be angry when you hear it. The Ziyun Palace has actually been destroyed. Although it wasn’t attacked by a guy from the underworld, in the end, I don’t know what magic religion suddenly retreated and then removed the magic weapon to make the sea water flow back violently and crush the already fragile Ziyun Palace."
Chapter six hundred and thirteen Li Daitao stiff
Song Changgeng is one leng and then avenue "what did you say? Ziyun Palace collapsed? What about the brothers? Are they hurt? What about you? Are you hurt? How come… It was a moment when I neglected to patronize myself and fled for my life. I forgot this problem. At that time, Ziyun Palace was going to be attacked and the defensive roots could not bear the severe seawater reflux. It was really "
Purple XuanFeng listened to froze there for a while before saying, "Master, are you fighting the demons and then forcing them to retreat? Master, you are really amazing, but don’t you worry that although Ziyun Palace collapsed, at that time, we all had a magic weapon to jointly defend ourselves and barely survived. Although my brother was injured, he didn’t die, and the ethereal fairy uncle said that he would send us a new palace! All of us are now going back to Beihai for temporary shelter. "
"Ethereal fairy? He also went? Xuanfeng, remember not to get too close to him. Now he is good. I will turn against you sooner or later. If you get too close to him, there will be problems. I still have many things here. Just mind your own business. Without Ziyun Palace, we don’t want him to take you to the light when I get back. There are big things in heaven and earth, and strangers are very troublesome. "Song Changgeng could not help but ask.
Zi Xuanfeng was completely stupefied for a while before saying, "It turns out that there are so many things in it that my brother is naive. You worship the master of intercepting saints, and we are the intercepting people. My idea turned out to be too simple. Master, rest assured that I know what to do. I will take care of my brother. When you come back here, I won’t miss everything. You can tell her."
As soon as he receded, he saw my little girl jump out and clearly reflected her simple and naive in the virtual image. As soon as she came, she cried, "Master, where are you going? Why do you always take people without saying that they have refined their collars? But now your words don’t count. The bad master finally forgives you once. If you don’t keep your word, I won’t pay attention to you again! "
Looking at my little girl Song Chang-geng, there was a warm feeling in my heart. Although this child called herself a master, she went to her own life and JingXie was the same as giving birth to her new body at present. In fact, she is her own child, but after all, she is ice silkworm-shaped and does not belong to human beings. It is difficult to truly integrate with those brothers like Shuangying, but she still misses herself in her heart. Maybe her thoughts can be shaped.
After thinking about it, he said in a gentle tone, "It’s too dangerous for a silly child to experience things. Although you are my apprentice, you are also my child. How can I let you take risks? But now there is a chance that I have a magic weapon here that doesn’t listen. I want to extract her spirit and let you replace her as my companion magic weapon. Come to me if you want! "
Say that finish let him wait for a while in the black gourd to find a set of’ Yin and Yang Concentric Card’. Although this baby knows it’s not easy, it’s certainly different to change things and give them to his children. Xuan Ming stuffed hundreds of sets of these things in his gourd. Now Song Chang-gung is not as distressed as before. He adjusted a charm and buried it in a small building.
Then the spell was transformed into the Northern Sea Black Knife Canyon. After the yin card was tuned to the frequency, it turned around and took out a positive symbol to himself. When he reappeared, it was already at the bottom of the Northern Sea Black Knife Canyon. When he came out to guard this place, my brother saluted quickly and then called everyone to come and wait for Zi Xuanfeng and the little girl. After they all came over, everyone became hot for a while.
Song Chang-geng told everyone else to leave the Qin sisters and Zi Xuanfeng’s little girl, Shuang Ying and Zhu, to go to the corpse where the old man didn’t. Song Chang-geng briefly described his experience during this period and told several people about the situation in front of him. It was a long time. Now it is difficult for them to digest this matter. I haven’t seen it for a short time. Even the saints have provoked this person too much and provoked six people.
Seeing them, Song Chang-geng knew that they had to digest it for a while, and then he told them what they were looking for a little girl. Although the Qin sisters were going to be husband and wife with him, they really wanted to become a magic weapon, and both of them looked different.
Although Zi Xuanfeng knows that this matter is not the same as her own, it is really exciting to think that the master is now a little crazy and wants to use jade dishes to bind a generation of treasure spirits. He is brave enough to do the right thing with six saints. I don’t know when his temper may destroy heaven and earth. It’s really dangerous, but it’s really exciting. But the reform of treasure spirits is too much.
After listening to his introduction, my little girl learned that after going in, she changed into a body and put a restraint on it, but she stayed with the master forever. After that, the two of them lived and died together. When I thought about where the master took me when I was born, I was really happy at that time, and then I didn’t take myself. Although everyone was very kind to themselves, it was better than the master, but the feeling was just different.
After a little thought, she firmly said, "I agree that my greatest hope is to stay with the master and never part. Now it’s not very good, and the master will never abandon me. I will live in your body and have so many hands to play with. It’s good to have one that belongs to me. When will we?"
Song Chang Gung looked deeply into her eyes and saw that she really agreed with her. Think about the expressions of the Qin sisters just now and can’t help but sigh,’ Sure enough, that sentence is good for your wife, a good boy, and you are good for yourself! It is the most reliable thing to have blood relationship. No wonder people and clans are so powerful. Blood relationship is too important.’
After sighing, he didn’t say anything about sending Qin sisters and Zixuanfeng away, and then took my little girl back to the moon building from the’ Yin and Yang Concentric Card’ to temporarily seal the function of sending Yin cards. Then my little girl solemnly said, "Although I told you to recognize me as a teacher, I treat you as my child. Don’t force yourself if you don’t want to come to the teacher now."