Chang Xi smiled a little "I don’t know that I’m not her mother"
"But she’s your date. Talk to him and find out that she’s pure. Don’t be cheated."
Gu Yi said and stepped on high heels to act quickly.
She really doesn’t understand. Can’t these two men understand themselves?
She has already returned the ring. Why are they acting like nothing happened? What do you want?
Chang Xi looked at Gu Yi behind her and raised her hand to raise her head and gulp champagne in her hand.
Turning around, Chang Xi saw Gu Yue’s figure and saw him not far from him. He looked over and his eyes dodged like rabbits.
The flowers in a greenhouse are charming. Although the conditions are not bad in all aspects, they have never been his dish.
Chang Xi smiled coldly and turned away.
Gu Yue’s eyes flashed with disappointment, and his mouth pouted slightly. Is he so annoying that he wouldn’t even look at her?
"Distinguished guests, bosses and beautiful ladies face the news of the municipal government and will specially prepare a cocktail party to invite you to move to the VIP room." Mayor Jun’s voice is very calm and his mouth is smiling.
Qin Fan looked at him with his chest in his arms and whispered, "How did you talk to him just now?"
Aside from Mo Jun, he raised his eyebrows at night. "A very typical politician can’t talk without revealing things."
"Is Fu Jia familiar with him?"
"I asked, I’m not very familiar with it. The mayor is a little special, and other senior officials rarely go to hear that it’s clean."
"Honesty is a good thing and a bad thing" Qin Fan sneers.
Mo Jun nodded approvingly at night. "But now the head needs such an officer."
Qin Fan looked back and said, "Shen Hanbian’s woman is a big girl. Do you know who she is?"
Mo Jun smiled at night, "I just know the daughter of Commander Su."
"You can still laugh. People have climbed this one, and the eastern suburbs are afraid of being assured."
"Not necessarily!"
Qin Fan raised his eyebrows. "Are you so confident?"
Mo Jun’s eyes are slightly lingering at night. "After winning the bid, the highest bidder will get the three of us together. Is it still better than Shenyang?"
"Shen Han must have thought about this problem."
Mo Jun hitched a night in his heart.
Qin Fan is right. Shen Han must know where he is weak. If he wants to take the land, his companion around him should be a consortium daughter and Su Jiapan.
Qin Fan saw that his voice was getting deeper and deeper. "Tsukiyomi ikuto’s hand is not necessarily a politician. We have to be careful."
Mo Jun nodded slowly at night, and his eyes were somewhat dignified.
Everyone moved to the VIP room. This time Haibo prepared a table according to the government’s requirements instead of a buffet.
Every table is placed with guest name brands, and the positions are fixed.
What a coincidence! Unfortunately, Chang Xi, the rival in love at Mojun Night, is also in the opponent, Shen Han, and his girlfriend Shen Xintong.
If Mo Jun didn’t know that every guest’s row seat was drawn up by the government secret office himself, he would definitely think that the woman was deliberately messing with him.
It’s strange that the seat should digest the food well!
Fu Yunfei, who has the same idea as Mo Jun, is ashamed.
As soon as he looked at the table, his eyes turned to the famous brand.
Who the hell arranged the seats? Come out quickly. He promised not to kill him.
A table of enemies!
Qin Fan has a thousand-year-old ice face and a so-called look. Does that woman have any money with him when she doesn’t come?
Just then, Shen Han and his party came slowly and saw that the table was already sitting, and the three people’s faces changed slightly.
Shen Han’s eyebrows slightly twisted and instantly loosened. The gentleman pulled two ladies’ seats and asked the ladies to sit first.
Eyes swept someone Shen Han sat and smiled gently. "It’s a coincidence that people don’t meet in life."
Mo Jun nodded at night. "It’s really a coincidence to sit at the same table with Shen for a drink and dinner."
Shen Han and other wise men recognized the meaning of this sentence as soon as they heard it.
Of course, it is very embarrassing if the government didn’t arrange for Shen and Mo to sit at the same table for dinner or appear in the same environment.
At this time, I often came over and looked at the rostrum with a frown. I was busy with my thoughts.
Gu Yi noticed that looking back, he saw Chang Xi frowning at her.
She knew exactly what he meant by frowning. In fact, when she saw the guest seat, she had an impulse to drill a hole in the ground.
It’s so embarrassing
She was really afraid that they could fight directly when they sat together.
Gu Yi shrugged and said that he was also very capable.
Chang Xi’s eyebrows stretch. This woman is dressed in a formal suit, but her shoulders are so funny. Two strong visual conflicts make this woman look divine and sexy as if she were covered with a veil.
Section 395
Chang Xi felt his heart pounding with two strong desires, and his desire came out of the four meridians.
He gracefully sat opposite Mojun at night and "the three seniors met again"
Mo Jun will just watch the two of them move a little at night, but they can bear it when they rush out of their chest with sour anger.
He smiled. "I heard that the good things between my schoolmate and Miss Gu San are approaching. I wonder if I have the honor of having a wedding drink."
Chang Xi corners of the mouth raise sarcasm "students are still so concerned about me, my family and I are sure to have a good thing and will invite three seniors to a wedding banquet, but it is not necessarily whether Miss San is."
At the moment Gu Yue is coming to their table. He has been looking for a long time and has not found a famous brand that belongs to her.
Chang Xi’s words were clear to her ears, and she suddenly stopped her feet and her face turned pale in an instant.
Just then, one hand touched her shoulder. "He has a table over there. Do you want to sit there with your sister?"
Gu Yue looked up and nodded after biting his lip with clear eyes.
"elder sister"
Gu Yi sighed lightly and didn’t know what to say. He also felt that he had no position to say that he could pull people away.
"Let’s raise our glasses and wish the eastern suburbs a better and more brilliant day. On behalf of the municipal government, I propose a toast to you." Mayor Jun raised his glass with a smile.
At the end of the day, everyone raised a glass together, and it was very lively. Only Mo Jun’s night didn’t make any noise at the table.
The atmosphere is awkward and stagnant to the extreme.