And the old man, it seems, is not dead yet, stare big eyes and continue to copy the sickle and cut it in the neck of this servant army.
Two people blood mixed together.
"chop suey! Go to hell, asshole! "
The servant army companion was angry and kicked the old man, and then the spear in his hand directly stabbed several holes in him, and suddenly several blood arrows were sprayed out and dyed the yellow land red.
Servant soldiers grimaced and robbed chickens, ducks and other live birds in villages and towns, robbed all the valuable things like broken silver and cloth, and even carried all the women with half-naked clothes on their shoulders and rushed out like wild boars.
It didn’t take long for a fire to burn in the villages and towns, and the more prosperous it was, the whole village was gradually swallowed up.
The old and young people in the villages and towns cried and looked at the bodies and blood on the ground, and they were in pain.
An old man knelt on the ground with his hands raised and shouted, "Oh, my God! Aren’t they Yamato people? Why treat us like this? !”
At this time Geng Ji rode a horse on a hill not far from this village.
Gengji, a village and town caught in a sea of fire, was lost in thought.
"Most protect us to do so is too cruel? In the past, the five random Chinese Hu people treated us Han people like this. They shouldn’t suffer this kind of thing, "Li Wei said with a face of sympathy.
And Geng Ji seems to be indifferent. "These are all Japanese criminals. What do we do? Watch, this turmoil will intensify like the fire in this village and town until the whole country is overturned! "
"Do you want to play this kind of drama all over Japan?"
"It’s not that, but the Japanese are so violent, and I’m thinking that sooner or later, the Japanese will encounter the difficulty of national subjugation and extinction because of this violent nature."
Chapter 676 Degrees
Daliang fengtian temple
After Ran Min sat high on the platform and accepted the worship of the ministers, he ordered Cui Hao to come out with his teeth in his hand and said, "I have something to start!"
"Go ahead."
"I have recently discovered some strange phenomena among the people."
"oh? Is there something strange? " Ran Min suddenly came to the fun. On weekdays, the ministers played not some boring politics. Now there is any strange phenomenon. Ran Min certainly feels very interesting.
Cui Hao said, "I found a Koguryo girl hooking up with a tall and handsome Wei man when I traveled yesterday."
Ran Min heart way "Cui Hao ah you this is some fuss? As the saying goes, it’s no wonder that a gentle and graceful lady is a gentleman, but it’s also true that a beautiful man is admired and pursued by a woman. "
Present ministers all nodded deeply.
"Positions said to Cui Lingjun this is some make a mountain out of a molehill! I, Wei Nan, who is handsome and charming, don’t know how many people are favored by foreign women and pursue roots! "
"It’s just that it’s amazing that Wei Nan is a good couple for these foreign women without me, and it’s only natural that they should chase after each other!"
"That is! If a foreign woman marries us in wei ren, she will join Wei nationality. What’s wrong with that? "
Looking at the ministers’ eloquence, Cui Hao couldn’t help but shake his head and say, "I misunderstood this point. It’s not that foreign women chase me, Wei men, but their hearts! If you often go out for private visits, you should find that there are many foreign women in this girder street. "
"Er … I did find this, but what’s the fuss about it?" Ran Min stared. "Since I sent Ma Liuxi to Nanyang, various island countries in the West have sent envoys to worship and get through the girders of the Maritime Silk Road. However, many foreign merchants have poured into the coastal areas, including some wives or settled in the empire in the girders. This is nothing strange."
Smell speech Cui Hao sighed, "It’s certainly not surprising that foreign merchants have settled in the girder. My girder is more prosperous than the capital of a previous dynasty. It’s called" Xian Tong of the World "! But the potential crisis hidden in this matter is not small. "
"With my great Wei empire’s national prestige constantly spreading to the outside world, all countries in the world have felt deep awe, so they have yearning for the empire, but some people have given birth to deformed yearning!"
"This yearning heart and deformity? This is the first time I’ve heard of it. "
Cui Hao sighed, "What birds are as big as Linda? It’s true that everyone has them! If it’s simple, foreign women have no imperial welcome for my Wei men to pursue marriage, but these foreign women do so with sinister intentions. For this phenomenon, officials have played it to the minister before, but I didn’t care at that time, but after investigation, I found out that these foreign women who pursued my Wei men didn’t hold the wedding heart at all, just greedy for one night! "
Ran Min’s face instantly became strange. "This … Cui Hao seems that there is no provision in the court that unmarried men and women are not allowed to have sex, right? This is what you love and I wish, and the court has not banned it, so we can’t manage it too widely. "
One-night stand is a common phenomenon in modern times, but it may be a bit shocking in this era.
In the feudal countryside, this easy virtue woman is going to be caught in a pig cage!
Of course, Chinese people have always been so folkway, and women attach great importance to their honor.
Generally speaking, even if they admire men, they will not give their bodies to each other before they really get married and before they go to the wedding night.
So Ran Min simply blamed Cui Hao’s "one-night stand" on the fact that foreign women are more relaxed and just don’t think about it
But Cui Hao doesn’t think so. He has a tunnel. "Even so, it’s too bad that I have to play this thing!" It’ s simply morally degraded and insulting! "
Ran Min is very fond of saying, "Tell me what Cui Hao is, and don’t hide it."
"It’s like this. I, a foreign woman, and a Wei man, have enjoyed it overnight … for a long time!"
"What? What kind? "
"Yes," Cui Hao frowned. "According to my investigation, it is found that these foreign women are Japanese, Koguryo, Silla and Baekje. Their sexual partners are generally tall, handsome or knowledgeable wei ren! They should have been instructed by some people or their own country to come to the empire in the hope of borrowing our Wei race and then planting successfully. Foreign women often return to their own country to give birth to babies, so that their babies will be our own people and their genes will inherit their father’s fine bloodline. "
Ran Min actually taught these ministers everything about this gene and lineage, so that there would be no generation gap when they talked about it.
And suddenly heard this kind of thing not only Ran Min scared Meng full Chao Wenwu scared one leng one leng.
And this kind of coquettish exercise?
It’s incredible!
It’s really shocking!
"This … this is ridiculous?"
"Yes! Ridiculous! This kind of borrowing should be banned! I was born in Wei or wei ren. How can I recognize the parents of foreigners? "
"There was something in the ancient pre-Qin period, but that was a bad habit among the people. Now Koguryo and other countries have used this method! I ask you to investigate this matter thoroughly. If it is true, these foreign women are going to jail for three to five years to show their punishment! "
"The courtiers should also warn Goguryeo and other countries to forbid them to spend a lot of time and smuggle people abroad!"
When Cui Hao told this story, it immediately caused an uproar among Manchu ministers.
Everyone has been criticizing what countries such as Koguryo have done.
It’s really not authentic. In the opinion of ministers, Wei Shengsheng’s child should still be wei ren, and whether it’s Wei Guonan’s foreign girl child or Wei Guonan’s foreign boy child, it should be wei ren!
Ran Min, who sat high in the dragon chair, was surprised when he learned that Koguryo and other countries had "planted" things, but then he calmed down
In fact, this kind of thing has happened in history. For example, in the pre-Qin period, Qin State and Yan State, two countries that lived in a corner, because of the small population and customs, everyone likes to give their daughters to their guests to "enjoy" and then have more children.
At that time, it was because of the rugged road, the news was blocked and the atmosphere was added. Later, after Shang Yang’s political reform, it gradually changed