See no one come out to answer Ran Min then cold tunnel "remember that I am not discussing with you but ordering you! If you don’t obey, you will perish! Those who follow me will prosper and those who oppose me will die! Whether it is good or bad, you can weigh it clearly! "
Ran Min left after such a sentence.
Leave a group of conference semifinals leaders looking at each other.
Ran Min set up the high-speed car in Anbei Hufu. The high-speed car was nominally included in the map of the Great Wei Empire, but who knows if Ran Min will change its policy and force them to move in the future?
Is it genocide or obedience?
In fact, the vast majority of Hu tribes think that they are not Wei Jun’s opponents, so they can choose ministers. Anyway, they are the first leaders without having to pay taxes. What’s wrong with that?
Some Hu tribes chose to move westward or fled to Siberia because of the French fight against Wei Jun.
In a handful of conference semifinals tribe is holding the fluky psychology, and finally they are all wiped out by entering the high car Wei Jun!
As a result, in this year, the Great Wei Empire added two Dufu, the Northern Court Dufu and the Anbei Dufu, and the population increased by more than one million. However, because these two Dufu were sparsely populated, the Ran Min method recruited too many troops from them to recruit 200,000 servants.
In fact, these so-called servant troops are similar to ordinary county soldiers in wartime and peacetime, but their fighting capacity should be stronger than that of national county soldiers. After simple practice, it is no problem to fight on the battlefield
Chapter 672 Shrimp
Tokugawa’s trustworthiness is the responsibility of the Japanese general to defend the northern frontier of Japan and suppress the Xiayi people in Hokkaido, Sakhalin Island and Kuril Islands. However, since Sakhalin Island has been incorporated into the territory of the Great Wei Empire, the Xiayi people there are not within the scope of Tokugawa’s trustworthiness.
The Japanese garrison in the Kuril Islands on Hokkaido Island is about 30,000 troops, which is the largest number of military forces except Japanese soil.
However, the Japanese army has not been professionalized. Most of these military forces are wartime soldiers, and the fighting capacity in peacetime is not very strong.
In the tenth year of the Emperor, forced by Ran Min’s powerful Wei Empire, it officially established Yidao Dufu in Japan, and sent more than 5,000 troops and more than 10,000 people to Caozhi City. These people are the dependents of garrison soldiers. They will take root in Japan and enlarge the influence of Wei Empire in Japan.
Like the other five prefectures of Wei Empire, Yidao Prefecture also set up servant troops to obey Wei Empire’s orders at any time.
Japan’s population is not too large, so there are 50 thousand servants, but so many military forces have become the largest military force in Japan, so the Japanese army stationed in Hokkaido has been weakened, and many Tokugawa troops have been reduced by almost half, which has caused great dissatisfaction among other Japanese generals
So Tokugawa kept his word, and the Japanese generals spread many rumors among the military people that were very unfavorable to Wei Empire, creating Japanese dissatisfaction with Wei.
In the large living room, Tokugawa kept his word and gathered thirty-four generals together to sit down and discuss things against Wei Jun.
"Ladies and gentlemen, let’s gather here today. I think you all know that my king paid tribute to the Wei Empire and changed the name of Daiwa to Japan. But Wei Di Ran Min still insisted on merging our Daiwa into the territory of the Wei Empire and sending troops to set up Yidao Dufu in Daiwa. This is really tolerable!"
Tokugawa trustworthy nu way "even our king a bunch of ministers, celebrities need wei empire conferring to his Ran Min’s approval can be justified, my king is like he Ran Min people a secretariat of a c? Have we lost our country? "
The Japanese generals present were indignant and spoke in succession.
"yes! It’s so irritating! These Wei Jun came to our Japanese land and took care of Weifu to rob our soldiers and become their Wei Jun troops! Is it still our great harmony? "
"That’s it! Wei insult others. Our Yamato country has a small population of 700,000 people, but they still have to draw young people to join them. Wei Juncheng is a servant army in wei ren. What is this servant army for? Everyone should be very clear, right? It is said that when Ran Min perished Xianbei people, the Andong Prefecture and the Western Regions Prefecture dispatched many troops. These soldiers were cannon fodder! They are working in wei ren! "
Seeing that all the generals were so indignant, Tokugawa nodded his head and said, "You are right. If you go to our Yamato like this again, you will have to die. After all, even the national army is so few. One day, Wei wants to die, and we don’t even have the most basic resistance."
"General Tokugawa want to do? We all listen to you! "
Tokugawa trustworthy sink a way "now Wei Jun in my yamato soil in Caozhi city but influence is limited for more than a year, they have five thousand people and the servant army has a full fifty thousand people! I’m going to unite with everyone’s army, under the banner of respecting the king and resisting foreigners, to wipe out Wei Jun, a grass-growing city, and give me a piece of land! "
When Tokugawa said this, all the generals present were silent.
One of the generals got up and said, "General Tokugawa, I’m afraid that Wei Jun’s fighting capacity will be successful. We know that their quality in weapons and equipment is much better than that of our Yamato soldiers! This is not an alarmist at the end, nor is it an ambition to destroy yourself at the end, but this is the fact. "
"They are a Wei Jun is worth four or five Yamato soldiers! In the past, our Yamato expedition to the Korean peninsula was defeated by Wei Jun, who was several times less than himself. The prisoners of war who were released after World War I still have a lingering fear and have a strong psychological shadow on Wei Jun’s combat effectiveness! "
"Not to mention we can beat these Wei Jun let’s arise and the king can support us? Behind Wei Jun is a powerful Wei empire. The late generals are really worried that Ran Min will be furious and send troops to destroy Yamato after learning that Wei Jun stationed in Yamato was annihilated! "
People’s faces can’t help but look worried and frightened. It seems that Wei Jun’s powerful fighting capacity and Wei’s powerful deterrent force make them deeply afraid.
And Tokugawa Shouxin seems to be inadvertently humming a line: "There are 5,000 people in Wei Jun in Caozhi City, and their servants are all our Yamato people. Half of them used to be sergeant in Yamato. Once this battle is fought, they may not turn their backs and want to destroy Caozhi City. Is it difficult for this 5,000 Wei Jun?"
"You just said that once we eliminate the grass childish city Wei Jun Wei empire will singling out, in my opinion, this need not be considered! Daiwa Wei Empire is separated by a Wang Yang sea. It is very difficult for Wei Empire to cross the ocean. Moreover, it is not worth the loss if we can destroy Wei Jun in World War I, and then please the King to show our spirit of fighting to the death. I believe that Ran Min will surely have a great earthquake and will be afraid to cancel the establishment of Yidao Dufu. I dare not make Daiwa continue to humiliate the country. "
Smell speech smilingly nodded his head in approval.
Tokugawa kept his word and added, "In order to ensure the victory of this war, I have contacted the Xiayi people, Xu Chongli, and they have promised to follow us to send troops."
"With the help of the Xiayi people, the battle has been won!"
"Yes, yes, the fighting capacity of the Xiayi people is not so good, but the victory is better than barbarism. It is believed that Wei Jun can’t be stopped if there are many Xiayi people to join!"
The Xiayi people, also known as Ainu people, live in Hokkaido, Sakhalin Island and Kuril Islands.