In the era of cold weapons, stable formation is the basis of victory, and high morale is the key to victory. Once the enemy’s psychological balance and organizational foundation are destroyed, it is equivalent to winning victory. Armored cavalry was once the most expensive, important and glorious arms.
Generally speaking, the thickness, toughness, strength and coverage of armored materials must reach a certain level to ensure that knights can withstand general slashing and bow and arrow killing.
Sufficient thickness and area will cause great weight and sacrifice maneuverability!
But don’t look at these heavily armored cavalry, which travel slowly but give people a strong sense of oppression.
"Shoot the arrow!"
As Muke ordered the Xianbei cavalry at the front to immediately draw out the saddle crossbows and arrows, bow and arrow, and it was not very orderly to attack the other side, and Wei Jun heavily armored cavalry shot arrows.
The arrows and rain all over the sky are like locusts crossing the border, but hitting these heavily armored cavalry bodies does not cause any fatal trauma, let alone death.
The arrow hit the thick armor and faded to the ground.
At most, some unlucky steeds were shot in the eyes or knees and legs, which made people upset, but the probability was too small, but one in a thousand!
Seeing that Wei Jun’s heavily armored cavalry is so powerful that even arrows can be shot through, it seems that it has reached the point of invulnerability. Mu Ke’s eyebrows can’t help but wrinkle.
Fortunately, his former Koguryo heavy cavalry fought and knew where the heavy cavalry was weak. Mu Ke had asked Mu Jun to form a special cavalry unit to restrain the heavy cavalry.
"Hammer in! Give it to me! "
Chapter 667 Scraping bones to cure poison
As Mu Ke ordered five thousand well-trained sledgehammers to come out immediately.
It is said that sledgehammers are actually some strong men with fat physique and rough skin, and then they sit on the horse with sledgehammers and go directly to the heavily armored cavalry in Wei Jun.
Ran Min is naturally well aware of the weakness of heavily armored cavalry. Early in the morning, he ordered Lv Gan and Su Lin to lead twenty thousand Qingqi to flank the heavily armored cavalry in the process of impact.
"Shoot the arrow!"
Flanked by the two wings, Wei Jun hussars immediately bowed their bows and arrows, and one arrow after another flew out, not only falling on the opposite head of Xianbei cavalry, but also shooting and rushing out the enemy sledgehammer.
Wei Jun is an arm crossbow with strong penetrating power. Although these sledgehammers are powerful and covered with heavy armor, they can’t hold up. The penetrating power of the arm crossbow is too strong. In a short time, hundreds of sledgehammers were shot and fallen, and horses were bleeding into the river.
At this time, the slow heavy armor cavalry has rushed to the front, and the sledgehammer is fighting hand to hand.
The sledgehammer relies on the heavy sledgehammer in his hand to beat the enemy’s horse’s head or directly hit the horse’s head toward the other side. As soon as the horse moans, it collapses. Those heavily armored cavalry who were hit by the sledgehammer also vomited blood and flew out directly, and then were trampled by their own horses!
However, the heavily armored cavalry were not vegetarians. Although they were restrained by heavy armor, they were superior in their strength. Everyone reacted at the first time. For these Xianbei people with sledgehammers, they directly stabbed their bodies with spears.
"Snow! ……”
Spears penetrate this kind of flesh and blood just like steel nails puncture balloons, and the sledgehammers suddenly fall apart.
Then the heavily armored cavalry went on to assassinate one enemy after another.
Because the ordinary sword, sword and halberd method penetrated their armor, the Xianbei people couldn’t cope with so many armored cavalry attacks, and soon this huge formation was washed away by Wei Jun!
At this time, Wei Jun’s two-wing hussars’ central main battle ride has washed away the Yanjun’s huge formation.
At this time, Mujun has fainted, but he has handed over the military command to Muke. Seeing that Wei Jun is so unstoppable, Muke also knows that the balance of things cannot be won has fallen to Wei Jun’s side.
Mu Ke decided to lead some elite cavalry to continue the sniper, and then ordered Mu Yugen to lead the main army to retreat to Zhiran Mountain.
When the Yan army was defeated, Ran Min couldn’t support it any longer. He fell from his mount Mighty High and was helped by Suwei, who was still staying behind, and hurriedly gathered around.
Ran Min turned pale, his lips turned purple and moved slightly. He whispered, "The arrow is poisonous" and then his head tilted and he fainted.
Because Ran Min fainted, Wei Jun didn’t dare to March forward, but he could retreat to the corner of Datuo River and camp on the spot after killing tens of thousands of Xianbei people.
"Military doctor! Quick doctor! "
This time, the Northern Wei Army still brought military doctors, but this way, military doctors are embedded in the army, and they are all Wei Jun soldiers. Their medical skills are not very high, but they can barely treat some skin injuries, such as being able to treat seriously injured foot soldiers. Military doctors are not absent but rare.
A group of generals carried the fainting in the past, and Ran Min quickly went to the military doctor to come over
Ranke and other generals also rushed to the big tent and watched their arms turn blue gradually, and Ran Min people had a sense of foreboding in their hearts.
It didn’t take long to apply some medicine, and the doctor who treated Ran Min shook his head and felt sad.
"What’s the situation?" Ranke urgent way
"General positions by arrow wound arrow into the bone marrow! It is no longer a medicine stone! "
"What? !” People are frightened.
If the emperor died here, it would be a great disaster for Wei, who had just unified the country!
RanKe the feeling be nasty grabbed the military medical collar nu way "I don’t care what method you! You can’t die! If anything happens to you, I want your family to be buried with you! "
Su Lin hurriedly took Ranke’s arm and advised him to be calm.
And the military doctor is also trembling tunnel "the general’s little medical skills are limited, so he can’t treat the arrow wounds he suffered. Now if he wants to save his life, there is a way to amputate."
"What? Amputation? !”
People are a face of Meng force.
It is conceivable that Ran Min definitely didn’t want to be amputated, which made Ran Min, a disabled person, wish he were dead.
"Is there no other way than amputation?" Ranke black face way
The medic shook his head to show his helplessness.
"Please make a decision as soon as possible. Now the toxicity has been temporarily suppressed, but it won’t be long before the arrow wound recurs. When the time comes, the immortals will not be able to save the position."
Realizing the seriousness of the problem, no one dared to open the whole account independently, and the whole account was silent for a while.
It didn’t take long for Ran Min to wake up. When he knew that his injury was serious enough to amputate, Ran Min felt extremely uncomfortable.
"is there really no other way?" Ran Min crustily skin of head asked.
"We can amputate," sighed the doctor.
Suddenly, Ran Min had an epiphany and remembered the story of Hua Tuo scraping bones and curing poison for feathers in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
"Have you ever heard that a doctor in Maicheng gave you curettage to cure poison?"