The Xianbei people bit their teeth and the veins stood out suddenly and violently, and then brazenly waved silver moon’s machete and cut it in this Wei Jun foot soldiers riding horses and legs.
"Psst-"The horse whined for a while and then plopped down.
Seeing the opportunity, the Xianbei man directly waved a machete and cut it in the past, and immediately cut it to Wei’s back, bleeding profusely.
"Give me death!"
Not to be outdone, the Wei pawn directly kicked the Xianbei man with the machete blade, then bullied him and strangled him alive in a flash, but the Wei pawn still couldn’t escape, and a Xianbei man hacked him to death with a knife behind him.
What is even more tragic is that Xianbei’s life changed for life. Once they are injured, they will jump fearlessly and smash the enemy riding on horseback into Pegasus and then wrestle together until they die!
Ran Ke was already covered with blood. He waved his horse around to kill and stabbed one Xianbei cavalry and killed one enemy after another.
And across from him, Mu Ke is also leading the way, waving a halberd to kill the four sides. Facing the fierce Wei pawn, he is not afraid of a sweep and can often fly two or three Wei Jun iron cavalry.
Enemies are particularly jealous when they meet!
"MuKe! Die! "
Ran Ke met Mu Ke when the latter led the army to attack Bing Zeng Ran Min. At that time, Ran Ke was a general accompanying Ran Min.
Muke saw Ranke and knew that he was a general in Wei Jun, so he rushed to the horse’s belly with a bloody halberd.
The two horses crossed, and the halberd stirrup collided violently, and a bright spark appeared.
The two men fought evenly. Because there were scuffles everywhere, Wei Jun cavalry and Xianbei cavalry didn’t give them much display. They still competed for strength and skills more.
After about 100 rounds of fighting, both Mu Ke and Ran Ke got hung up and suffered a little more injuries than Ran Ke’s face was scratched, but Ran Ke was still unwilling to let go!
It was not until Ran Min, an army of Xianbei people in the rear, blew the horn of retreat that Ranke reluctantly let Muke go, and his own iron cavalry also returned to the array. They were ready for these sudden Xianbei troops
"Ran Ke, how did you get hurt?"
See face has a scar RanKe Ran Min asked in surprise.
"I didn’t expect this fellow to be so good at martial arts. He won’t win or lose in a hundred rounds of war. If he hadn’t stopped fighting, I would have taken Mu Ke’s head as a ball and kicked it!"
Ranke is still indignant
Ran Min shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Mu Ke is brave and I know that you may not be able to capture him even if it is a hundred rounds!"
Ranke looked unbelieving, but he still came to the vault behind Ran Min.
At this time, the Xianbei people in Wei Jun have been posing in this vast grassland.
Xianbei people all have foot riders, but most of them are cavalry, with about 300 thousand troops. Their cavalry is in the front and infantry is in the back. Their weapons are Wuhuamen cavalry, wearing armor or leather armor and carrying guns and spears.
Infantry, on the other hand, are worse. Many of them are drawn and able-bodied men who have no training, but they are superior in their strength. People dressed in various decorations look similar to Uzbekistan.
Wei Jun Iron Cavalry is 100,000 people all dressed in red and black armor. Each of them is equipped with a pike, a ring-headed iron knife, a crossbow, a helmet, and a armor more than a hip horse. They are all armed to the teeth.
"The wind is strong! The wind is strong! ……”
At the red standard, these Wei Jun foot soldiers roared and tried to overwhelm Xianbei people in imposing manner!
To be honest, Mujun really regrets looking for Wei Jun to do or die when he sees Wei Jun’s army in such a neat formation and high morale.
But this time the arrow is imminent and I have to send it!
Once Xianbei people retreat to Wei Jun, they will pursue it, and then there will be a crushing defeat. For Xianbei people, it is a one-sided massacre!
"Positions these Wei Jun strong than we had fought a Wei Jun are tough! The other minister’s five thousand fine riders tried to break Wei Jun’s condition but failed. We Yanjun’s fine riders can destroy some Wei Jun cavalry at a cost. "
"What? !”
Mujun smell speech that is frighten flew into a rage.
If Mu Ke is telling the truth, then the defeat of their Yanjun in this battle is certain. The battle is not decided by quantity, and sometimes the elite division can decide the key!
When Xiang Yu was able to defeat Liu Bang’s 560,000 vassal Coalition forces with 30,000 fighters, it was evident.
But Mujun has no way out. He must win this battle. If he is defeated, Yan will die!
Chapter 665 Conceit
Positions to attack! "
See MuJun face timid MuKe sighed well-documented way
Mu Jun seems to be frightened by Wei Jun’s momentum and opened his mouth and said, "But the morale of Wei Jun’s army is so strict and so high. I am afraid that this war will be bad for our Yanjun!"
"If we have to make a move, our retreat will be a debacle."
Mujun knows this truth, of course, but Yan Jun’s theory of Wei Jun is in the morale of weapons and equipment, but the difference in combat power is not a little bit different!
"But brother, why don’t you lead hundreds of troops behind this house and I lead the main force to retreat first? Wei Jun War must not be an enemy. "
Smell speech MuKe sighed and said "positions at this time should not retreat since we came here Wei Jun stalemate we have no retreat! The so-called narrow road meets the brave! Let’s retreat to Wei Jun and surprise me. The consequences are unimaginable. "
Mujun was silent.
In this way, 300,000 Xianbei people in Wei Jun confronted each other near Zhiran Mountain, and no one rushed to attack.
Ran Min didn’t want to lose, but he also knew that since Mujun dared to lead an army to attack him, he must have tried his best. In the case of disparity in strength, it was a whole hundred thousand battles on Wei Jun’s side, and he didn’t dare to give it a try!
"Wei Liao"
"The end will be there!"
"You immediately led twenty thousand iron cavalry from behind our army to give a fatal blow behind Xianbei people! Remember to act in concealment. "
Wei Liao then went to the rear and lit twenty thousand wars to ride to the left and went straight to the Xianbei phalanx opposite.
Then Ran Min sent a small school to the front of the two armies to call for Mujun to speak.
Mujun didn’t want to talk so much nonsense with Ran Min, but when Muke advised him to negotiate with Ran Min for more delay, Mujun nodded his head and walked to the front of the two armies.
When Mujun left, Muke said to Muhan on one side, "Uncle Han, you immediately led thirty thousand cavalry to secretly go around behind Wei Jun to remember that you must hide something and don’t startle him."
"I know" MuHan then ran to the back and lit thirty thousand cavalry around the back of Wei Jun to prepare for the raid.
Ran Min Mujun immediately drove his horse to meet the two armies.