After a while, Wei Qian said with a wry smile, "You’d better move all the southern cremation to the girder."
Ran Min slightly, and said, "well, there are a lot of cremation in the south, and they may bring a lot of people. So it’s time for the Ministry of War to cooperate with Daliang City to expand! I expect that the population of Lidang can accommodate two million people! "
"It’s really too much."
Cui Hao crustily skin of head and said, "The national treasury is very well off now, but if you want to turn the girder into a city that can accommodate two million people, it will not be enough to finish it in a short time. If you have to do this, you must encircle several nearby towns."
Ran Min waved his hand and said, "If these people allow it, they will raise the houses a little higher and row upon row!"
"I obey orders!"
Chapter 66 Western Ocean
In addition, I have found other problems in this southern tour. "
Ran Min sat high on the platform and looked at the bottom ministers, Langdao. "The northern straights and chidao foundations have been almost repaired, and the four roads are beneficial to the army and the people, but the traffic conditions in the south are so bad that both the official roads and waterways are in disrepair."
"If the southern official roads and waterways are as developed as the north, I won’t spend a year on this tour. The official roads and waterways have been built, which is beneficial to business and trade between North and South businessmen. Italy is also going to send 500,000 laborers to gradually repair the official roads in various parts of the south together with prisoners in various prisons. Bridges, pavements or plank roads will be built in some rugged mountain roads, and the Grand Canal will also be cut to the south to connect the various water tributaries in the south."
This is a huge project after another, but the current national strength of the Great Wei Empire is still affordable. After all, Ran Min didn’t abuse the people’s power. If he built the Great Wall of Wan Li and the Epang Palace like Qin Huang, and sent troops to conquer Baiyue and build straight roads and lanes for millions of hard work, it is estimated that this empire will last for a long time.
Ran Min added, "In addition, irrigation projects similar to Dujiang Weir, Lingqu, Zheng Guoqu, Gap, etc. must also be maintained. All projects are gradually funded by the Ministry to implement fixed labor wages. Food must be improved, but every labor must eat half a catty of meat every day."
"This …"
Cui Hao is quite difficult to say, "I’m afraid it’s a little difficult. The food standard you gave is really too high. You just have to pay the laborers half a catty of meat every day. This is almost an ordinary foot soldier’s food standard. Where can we find so much meat?"
Ran Min eyebrow way "no pork, no goose, no dog meat, no chicken, duck and fish, just eat mutton! Aren’t there many cattle and sheep beyond the Great Wall? In the past, we often introduced cattle from the Great Wall to be tamed and rented to farmers to farm cattle so that the same sheep could be imported from the Great Wall! "
"You are absolutely right!"
This is a good method.
Hu people outside the Great Wall are good at herding cattle and sheep, and there are many horses. Almost all Hu people eat beef and mutton and grow up to buy their cattle and sheep. That is not a problem.
What’s more, with the establishment of Andong Dufu, it is actually the land of the Great Wei Empire, and buying their cattle and sheep is not an outflow of funds.
Ran Min added, "There will be fixed labor in the court in the future. In the past, all prisoners of war have been released from prison and returned to their hometowns. The wages and meals for the re-issued labor must be in place. The patriotic propaganda can attract people to join the labor team, ensuring that the projects in various parts of the south are implemented. Every local people must be sent to help as laborers, so that they can take care of three meals without pay."
This method can make the project progress faster, and it can also reduce some unnecessary expenses of the national treasury.
Cui Hao gave another example: "Since we want to improve the food service for laborers, I have a suggestion that it is unnecessary to transport food to these laborers all the way. Jiangnan is a land of fish and rice. Except for the remote southwest, other places can still buy local people or merchants’ fish and rice to support hundreds of thousands of laborers!"
"good! Just do it according to your method. "
What Ran Min hates most is that his ministers won’t be able to come up with a real chapter on these projects and policies for benefiting the people for a long time. He can rely on his prestige to arbitrarily force his ministers to agree, but I’m afraid later generations can’t.
It is absolutely impossible for future generations to do something like this without spending three years and five years.
But Ran Min pays attention to efficiency!
Of course, if you are too hasty, you can’t. The Qin Empire is a lesson.
"In addition to these things, I also intend to establish trading ports in Panyu, Baoan, Haifeng and other coastal areas of Guangzhou, and various foreign traders in the southeast sea will sell local tea, porcelain and silk."
This is nothing, so all the ministers agree deeply.
However, one thing that Ran Min said next made the ministers beg to differ.
"In addition, I will send two fleets, one to cross the sea and the other to promote our great Wei Guowei. At the same time, all countries along the way will establish diplomatic relations and exchange ideas and sell all the local luxuries."
Cui Hao paused and asked, "I don’t know the size of these two fleets?"
"In my plan, the crew of the East Ferry and the Western Fleet should have more than 20,000 craftsmen, oarsmen, sailors, sergeants, etc. All of them should be equipped. I have calculated that there are nearly 300 ships needed for such a large fleet, which is countless compared with other ships."
"positions! Absolutely not! "