Those thieves who were hit by artillery were even more frightened and fled.
"Ah! ….. "There is no doubt about the power of artillery. They were bombed to the point where people were directly bones and the whole body was fragmented.
The rich smell of blood is floating in the air.
In a flash, the water thieves were in a state of chaos, regardless of their leaders’ shouts. No matter what they ordered, the water thieves acted as they could, running around like frightened deer, but in a hurry, in this opaque night, they had a stampede accident and trampled many partners to death.
Of course, there are some vicious water thieves who run away and don’t care about their robes and feelings, and they don’t care about the same market. Anyone who stands in front of them directly kills them!
This is really a debacle
Suddenly touching this situation, Du Zhi was also scared
Zhao Sheng, who followed him, quickly took his hand and said, "Your Majesty, let’s run away! Wei Jun is coming! "
"escape? Where can we escape? "
Zhao Sheng looked around and saw that almost all his warships were hit by shells and turned into a sea of fire. It was no longer feasible to escape by water. What’s more, Wei Jun Navy rushed over at this time of Taihu Lake and suspected that it was asking for a dead end.
By land?
Zhao Sheng had just come up with this suggestion when he suddenly heard a flood of shouting and killing from the rear. It was not the rebels who shouted and killed, but from Wei Jun further away!
That’s it! I made dumplings!
Ma Qiu has led 50,000 Wei Jun to attack and kill from the rear of the rebels for so long, and he has been holding back a stream of gas for a long time. At the moment when he saw the rebels and water thieves besieging the camp where the emperor was, his horse rushed out with the army.
Seeing that his own foot soldiers were constantly being killed and Wei Jun was getting closer and closer, Zhu Tao was so scared that his hands and feet were cold and his face was ashen. "How … how did this happen?"
At his side, Zhu Xuan hurriedly said, "Master, let’s lose! Run away quickly! "
"escape? Where can we escape? " Zhu Tao said with a wry smile, "The sky is full of Wei soil, and every inch of it is his Ran Min. He won’t let me go!"
"Let’s escape to overseas."
Zhu Dao shook his head and said, "I Zhu Dao will die even if I die."
Suddenly Zhu Tao seemed to want to see everything, and laughed for a while until tears came out.
"Wu Jun Zhu’s family is finished, and I, Zhu Tao, have the face to see the ancestors of Jiuquan?"
After saying this sentence, Zhu Dao directly wiped his neck and committed suicide.
When he died, his body twitched even more than Zhu Xuan did not react. When Zhu Dao died, the dust settled when the rebels resisted. Almost all the rebels present put down their weapons and surrendered on the spot.
Some rebels were also killed in the shortest time.
The water thief was originally bombarded by the Wei navy, and then the soldiers of Wei Jun, the warship, rushed to kill the water thief who was running around like a tiger into a flock.
Although Du Zhi tried to call some brave water thieves to continue fighting, it was not long before they were washed away directly, and then more Wei Jun soldiers rushed in. All the water thieves suddenly collapsed
The water thieves fled and surrendered, even if they tried to resist, they were executed on the spot.
Generally speaking, after the water thieves were caught, they wouldn’t be executed unless the big boss didn’t do something that made people and gods angry, so the water thieves chose to give up their weapons and surrender at the first time after the defeat.
At this time, Ma Qiu also led Wei Jun into the water thief team.
Du Zhi led more than 300 loyal and brave water thieves to continue fighting.
Du Zhi is very brave. He is holding a nine-ring steel knife in his hand to kill the Jews. There is no enemy in his hand. More and more Wei Jun soldiers are dying at his hand, while Du Zhi is still impacting him. It is like a tireless killing machine killing enemies on all sides.
But he didn’t notice that there were fewer and fewer companions around him, and there were less than 100 people left in the end.
See Du Zhi so big has been watching Ran Min nodded, pointing to Du Zhi landau "this is a person? So brave! "
Qin Mu beside him said with a smile, "I’m afraid this man is Du Zhi. Du Zhi is the biggest force of water thieves in Taihu Lake-the leader of the Cang-tou thief is nicknamed’ the dragon crossing the river’. He also claims to be the devil of the mixed world. It is said that not long ago, he built a palace in his own Dajiao Island and became king. All the water thieves came to worship him!"
"Ha ha ha ha! This is a bold man! How dare a thief in Taihu Lake be king? "
I almost laughed Ran Min to death when I heard Qin Mu talking.
Rao is so Ran Min or heart of love just heart said "this Du Zhi! I want to live! "
Ran Min’s order was quickly reached.
Du Zhi and others are too tired to kill. They have no horses to ride. How can such fighting last? When they slack off to catch their breath, a large area of Wei Jun foot soldiers surrounded them.
Ma Qiu rode his horse with his head held high and shouted to Du Zhi, "Are you Du Zhi, the head thief?"
"It is you, Grandpa Du and me!" Rao is reduced to this point, and Du Zhi still does not change his pride
Ma Qiu looked at Du Zhi for a while and then nodded slightly. "Are you willing to surrender?"
Hearing this, Du Zhi frowned and then looked at his friends who had been killed all over and panting. They felt very sad and said, "I surrender to you. Can you spare us?"
"Surrender doesn’t kill you, pale thief. The water thieves in Taihu Lake area must be punished according to their past mistakes. If there is no crime, they must be severely punished! This is the emperor’s promise to you! "
Not guilty? How can they be innocent?
Even if the former hands were not stained with the blood of ordinary people, this time, the rebellious attack killed the emperor. Even if Ran Min was generous, but the national law and the situation were less, these thieves would go around to build straight roads or Grand Canal.
Finally, Du Zhi lowered his head and threw away the nine-ring steel knife in his hand.
Seeing that their leaders have surrendered, the thieves who left the water have given up their weapons and surrendered if they are granted Amnesty.
The rebellion finally came to an end.
I shouldn’t say not yet.