But before he could resist, the Royal Guards directly hooked his neck where others couldn’t see him. The Royal Guards directly put a dagger in his abdomen and whispered in his ear, "Come with me if you don’t want to die."
Royal Guards? !
The Royal Guards are notorious, and nine out of ten people will not survive. The man was so frightened that he turned pale and quickly followed the Royal Guards.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to resist, but that he doesn’t dare to resist at all!
Even if he resists the Royal Guards, he can be directly executed on the spot!
Who dares to ask if the Royal Guards show their waist tag when handling a case? See behind the two tails were picked up Ran Min this just with Dong Qiaoqiao continue to hang out again.
"Let! Let it go! " Suddenly, a group of people in standard clothes pushed a road with a ring-headed iron knife and then swaggered past.
Bullying is such a person.
Ran Min was watching by the street when an old man was pushed to the ground and fell. Ran Min helped the old man up and said, "Sir, are you all right?"
"Thank you. I’m fine after I was born."
Fortunately, the old man’s bones are still hale and hearty, otherwise the ordinary old man would not feel so good if he was pushed around without saying that he had a broken head.
Ran Min didn’t want to be too conspicuous, so he didn’t go to be brave and reprimand those villains for their bullying. Instead, he asked the old man, "Who are these old men? How dare they be so overbearing in broad daylight? It’ s even more powerful than the county magistrate! "
"alas! Who says it’s not? After listening to your accent, you should be a foreigner? "
"I’m Huang from Weijun."
"Oh, no wonder this accent is so like that of the young people in Jizhou. These people are all Zhu’s servants. They are in a hurry and there is something urgent. That’s how they bully on weekdays. We are all used to it, but the old man just couldn’t escape it and was pushed to the ground by them."
Speaking of which, the old man couldn’t help but feel annoyed as if he had failed to live up to expectations.
"Zhu? Is it Wu Jun’s four surnames and one Zhu? "
"It’s Wu Jun’s four surnames. That’s my Jiangdong’s top heroes. Even those who are high in the county magistrate are supposed to comity three points. As the saying goes, seven officials in front of the prime minister! These gentry are so respected that even their servants are so arrogant. "
Hearing this, Ran Min couldn’t help frowning. "I just saw that all these domestic servants are armed, sir. Do you know that they ever had armed certificates?"
"Armed certificate?"
The old man shook his head and said, "You shouldn’t be so wet behind the ears and inexperienced in the world. The armed certificate is aimed at us ordinary people and those chivalrous men who fight for the sword, but for these gentry and domestic servants, this one is a root!" In the past, the imperial court issued an order to kill Hu to encourage people to kill Hu people. Han people can get a reward for killing a Hu person. "
"But also because of this, the people’s martial arts prevailed almost to the point where everyone was armed and the people were soldiers, but that was the northern people in our Jiangdong or the whole Yangtze River south, which was not affected by the" Killing Hu Ling "! The so-called armed certificates in the south are all rangers or rich and noble families. Where will they have armed certificates? "
Ran Min face a heavy "so these cards armed domestic servant is not illegal? According to the law of the Great Wei Dynasty, those who hold knives and guns without a weapon certificate will be fined 50 yuan and have to work hard for half a year! "
The old man sneered and said, "That’s the law of the North, which is not suitable for us southerners."
North-South split?
Even the split of ideology and system is unbearable for Ran Min!
Chapter 651 Mud helps not the wall
Ran Min and Dong Qiaoqiao continue to wander in the street.
Dong Qiaoqiao flies around like Hua Hudie, and from time to time, he buys and throws some cheap merchants to Ran Min to go to Ran Min. It’s not that his hands can’t resist, but that he has never done it at all.
In his previous life, he was a single dog. Even when he crossed into this troubled times, he didn’t have much time to go shopping with Dong Qiaoqiao. In daily shopping, Ran Min just took Dong Qiaoqiao to buy some things, but at this time Dong Qiaoqiao seemed to have some heads.
There are many local products in Wuxian, especially exquisite handmade Rao, which Dong Qiaoqiao has never seen before. Dong Qiaoqiao is not only rude to see what she likes, but also to take all the jewelry she is close to.
Didn’t Ran Min advocate thrift and put an end to extravagance?
All the concubines in his harem seldom wear gold and silver, but buying these inexpensive jewelry should not be criticized by ministers, right?
But when walking around, Ran Min found that there were quite a few gentry servants in the street
In name, these people are servants of the cremation, but in fact, they used to be private soldiers of the cremation. Ran Min knew this as early as in the secret report submitted by the Royal Guards.
Ran Min immediately asked the Royal Guards to find out what these domestic servants were doing.
It wasn’t long before the Royal Guards sent the news.
"We just caught a few tongues, and after a simple trial, we realized that these people were suddenly called from their respective families, and they rushed over from manors all over the country. Except for these people, those soldiers who pretended to be farmers in the fields were also called into the city."
Smell speech Ran Min look dignified.
It seems that Qin Mu’s guess is true. These cremation are desperate, and they even want to fight.
I really don’t know how to write dead words!
"What happened to you?" Dong Qiaoqiao beside quite curious tunnel
"Qiao Qiao, why don’t you go home first? I have a very important thing to do."
"Oh, all right."
Dong Qiaoqiao doesn’t force Ran Min to accompany her shopping. Today, she has enjoyed herself. There is still plenty of time.
When Dong Qiaoqiao was away, another Royal Guards told us that "there was a change in Taihu Lake".
"It’s our Royal Guards who have been secretly observing the remnants of the Jin army who have fled into Taihu Lake, but the level is not high, and they have heard something confidential! However, according to the news that they arrived back, the remnants of the Jin army have joined forces with the water thieves in Taihu Lake. Once they leave Taihu Lake, they are afraid of harm, and the sacred drive is in Wuxian County. We are really worried that those remnants of the Jin army will be bad for us! "
Smell speech Ran Min has been able to determine the intention of Jiangdong cremation gate valve in what they are plotting.
With all this noise, is Wei Royal Guards a vegetarian?
"Let Wang Ping lead twenty thousand navy divisions to come as soon as possible."
At this time, Zhu Dao and other messengers sent by Jiangdong cremation have arrived at a big coke island in Taihu Lake.
This island of Dajiao has been occupied by a force of water thieves all the year round, so it is called "Cangtou Thief" because its water thieves are all wearing white headscarves.
Cangtou thief is the most powerful gang of water thieves in Taihu Lake. It has been suppressed by the State of Jin several times in all corners of the country, but it can revive and continue to grow every time. Cangtou thief has become the whole Taihu Lake, and it is the leader of all water thieves in the Yangtze River. Its scale is tens of thousands of people, and even the Jin army has a headache.
The state of Jin also tried to call on the Cangtou thief, but the leaders of Cangtou thief were mostly hereditary and had a bloody feud with the Jin army, and they were unwilling to accept the appeal of the Eastern Jin court. With the demise of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, some defeated soldiers also fled to the Cangtou thief in Taihu Lake and were accepted by the rest of the Taihu Lake water thieves.
The whole Taihu Lake has become an independent kingdom and a great Wei empire, China!