Xiao Wen also felt a bad moment and saw that there were four golden dragons with five claws, each of which was aimed at the middle of the rabbit!
This scene is straight to see that all three people here have changed their faces, Se. Obviously, they have never seen Ao Nie use this trick!
The golden dragon with five claws was more than a mile long. At this time, it surrounded the rabbit seniors vertically from all sides, leaving almost no room for the rabbit seniors to escape.
But at this moment, surrounded by four golden dragons with five claws, it turned out that Se Guanghua, which was lit up with gold, became like a substance!
Teleport failed!
At the same time, the twenty golden claw shadows have been caught by the rabbit predecessors from all sides!
At this moment, the spectators on both sides were all clenched their fists and the atmosphere was tense!
That ao nie died until now is probably waiting for this moment to kill the rabbit predecessors at a stroke!
Twenty golden claw shadows have come one after another, and the first one is a little smaller than the rabbit’s predecessor. It’s easy to catch it, which can cause heavy damage to the rabbit’s predecessor!
The rabbit’s eyes narrowed for the first time and became dignified. Looking at the eyes, a huge claw flew out with one arm!
This time, after the swing, the rabbit’s predecessors never stopped in the circle of four dragons, and they dodged the twenty claws one by one!
That scene turned out to be watching the fairy kings sweat on their foreheads because they could all feel that if they were surrounded by those four dragons, they would not be dead in a blink! This even includes the forest item!
But the rabbit elder survived!
On whether he is struggling or not, he is still alive after the shadow of twenty claws disappears! There are three blood marks on the back and it is not fatal.
Then, the four golden dragons’ body rays released another round of attacks and flew to the rabbit predecessors!
This golden dragon with five claws is definitely a law!
Realizing this situation, everyone’s face will change again!
Lin Xiang’s fierce concentration seems to be that the horse is about to make a move!
But at this moment, the four dragons surrounded the rabbit’s predecessors, but they didn’t pay attention to him again. Twenty claw shadows suddenly rushed to the center of the two dragons on the left.
The appearance of a screen of Se, which is more solid than gold, kept the rabbit’s predecessors behind.
At this moment, there is nothing to doubt, that is, the law.
Then everyone saw that the rabbit raised his right arm and his fist had received his shoulder.
When the fist of the rabbit’s predecessor received the acme, his arm was full of strength.
At that moment, it was like slowing down. From Xiao Wen’s point of view, you can just see the twenty claws flying behind the rabbit predecessors.
Just as this world seems to be slowing down, there is one thing that is accelerating, and that is the fist of the rabbit!
Everyone watched the fist of the rabbit’s predecessor get faster and faster, and finally just hit the golden se screen when the speed reached its peak!
"Mao! ! !”
A huge earthquake sounded and the shock waves rushed straight in the vast square underground, which made people dizzy.
Gold se screen inch by inch broken!
White shadow flashing rabbit predecessors have rushed out!
And those twenty claw shadows can’t fly outside that law!
Strong! !
Too strong! ! !
At this time, although Ao Nie has not yet formed, it has reached a spent force, and after just smashing that punch, the rabbit’s predecessors also showed some difficulty in rushing out. It is not as neat as normal, and maybe even blinking can’t be done for the time being.
Everyone should be over when the first world war comes here, and Ao Nie will fight again.
But Xiao asked a heart that had just been withdrawn, and Mo almost shouted out in astonishment!
There are six points around his predecessor in the virtual world, which shows that someone is coming in a blink! ! !
Six people at the same time teleport to just big consumption j and jīng force rabbit predecessors around silly all know what they want!
And the demon clan doesn’t just have six fairy kings left? !
Six fairy kings y and n, a rabbit whose breath has not been recovered, can imagine the consequences of mental arithmetic!
At this moment, Xiao Wen couldn’t even show jǐng. His body reacted first to his brain!
The boundary force was frantically extracted by him, and the range of his imaginary boundary with a diameter of 20 miles was rapidly reduced, because his roots could not be controlled if the range was large!
When the boundary force is under control, the imaginary boundary of 20 miles will be reduced to about five miles in diameter, which just covers the rabbit’s predecessor on the edge. At the same time, although the scope of the imaginary boundary is small, it has not been recovered, but it has all been compressed to the spherical area of five miles in diameter. Once the imaginary boundary becomes purple, it becomes purple. In this imaginary boundary, Xiao Wen is more controlled.