There is a faint brilliance in her eyes, which is a joy to enjoy.
For the first time, I have to take care of myself from beginning to end, worrying about it and enjoying it at the same time.
This feeling is actually very fulfilling and very suitable for her current situation.
Chang Xi looked at her smiling face and couldn’t help but touch her hair. "It’s good that you are happy."
Gu Yi suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. Yu Guang swept him and saw her face stiff for a moment.
She hurriedly hid "that you help yourself. I have something to do there, so please excuse me first."
She has already returned the ring. Why does Chang Xi still treat her like this?
But also in front of Gu Yue! This guy
Gu Yi took a few steps and looked back to see that Chang Xigen didn’t go with him. The figure could see the cold and hard mood.
Gu Yue also dare not to recover from far behind.
Gu Yi sighed and went to Zhu Xiaoxiao to determine whether the process was ready today.
During the day, it is a reception, and at night, it is a dinner. You can bring your date to attend.
No matter day or night, there must be no mistakes.
"Not bad, it’s done well."
Fu Yunfei pulled his tie and nodded while admiring the properly decorated place.
"Tsukiyomi ikuto, your woman really has two brushes."
Mo Jun glanced at him at night. Nonsense?
Qin Fan silently followed, and his face was not very good.
He wanted to ask Chu to laugh at the dinner party, but the woman refused anyway.
Not only that, she also defiantly said that she would go out on a date with that Shang Xiuran at night!
If it weren’t for the importance of this reception.
Qin Fan eyes flashing with cold meaning Fu Yunfei sighed and patted him on the shoulder. "Relax, others are still here to find fault with you."
Qin Fan gave him an oblique look and stretched out his hand to abort his hand.
"Tsukiyomi ikuto, do you want to say hello?"
Qin Fan lifted up Ba Mojun and looked at Shen Xintong unblinkingly with a glass of champagne in his hand.
Behind her, Shen Han and a woman are talking to see if they appear together.
Fu Yunfei frowned "say hello? Are all competitors? Will you be merciful when you say hello? "
"Just being polite."
Qin Fan saw Shen Xintong coming to their side slowly as soon as the words sound just fell. "Look at people. A girl is more generous than you."
Fu Yunfei’s eyes are turned upside down and he is more generous than him? He remembers what Shen Han did!
The more because he had been good to him, the more Fu Yunfei felt betrayed.
He simply retreated behind them with a glass of wine and drank it involuntarily.
Shen Xintong decided that this man was becoming more and more brilliant in front of Mojun Night.
He is like a jade with excellent appearance. The more he is carved by time, the more dazzling brilliance he can emit.
However, this person has not been with her for half a day.
She has a feeling that she wants to beat him when she sees him now!
"Long time no see"
Mo Jun’s cool voice at night made Shen Xintong’s eyes flicker and fleeting.
"I haven’t seen you for a long time. This project may disappoint General Mo."
Shen Xintong is dressed in an elegant and luxurious suit, and her hair is set high and the whole person is radiant.
She looked at Mo Jun’s eyes at night, with a provocative light and a confident charm.
"It’s good to be confident in the mall."