Smell speech RanKe can’t help but applaud "ha ha ha ha! Wang Daren, we really think alike! I told you, Wei Qing and Huo Qubing are definitely stronger than Dou Xian! "
But Wei Liao is still indignant and tunnel "Wang Daren, this is prejudice!"
See Wei Liao or not angry Ran Min shook his head again spirit again funny.
In terms of fame, Huo Qubing and Dou Xian can be compared, but Wei Qing seems to be almost the same, because all the military commanders in the past dynasties have "sealed the wolf in the professional" or "Yan Ran Le Shi" as the highest honor.
However, Dou Xian has been criticized by emperors and ministers for his bad behavior of not being a minister.
In the past, Dou Xian pacified the Xiongnu and gained great fame. Therefore, Geng Kui, Deng Die, Huang Guo’s confidant Ban Gu and Yi Fu all set up articles in the shogunate to occupy the main position.
At that time, officials who were secretariat officials and obeyed orders were more likely to be servants, shoot longevity, and Le Hui committed suicide one after another because of violating Dou Xianyi’s intention. The courtiers shocked and watched the wind.
Dou Du’s special promotion into Dou Jing’s possession of Jin Wu, Dou Guiguang and Lu Qing’s brothers moved Kyoto in a noble and prominent dynasty, and Dou Jingyou’s arrogant prostitutes also relied on their influence to do evil. They invaded civilians, usurped criminals and robbed women, making Kyoto merchants blocked, such as avoiding enemies.
And the competent officials are silent and dare not play.
Situ Yuan ‘an saw that the young consorts were deeply worried and said that state affairs often sobbed and shed tears. At that time, Dou’s father and brother were too powerful and filled the court with high position.
In addition to the surface, there are Dou Xian’s uncle Dou Ba, a captain of the city gate, Dou Bao, a great craftsman, Lieutenant Dou Jia, and more than ten people.
Dou Xian has made great contributions to Han, and he has become more and more arrogant!
In the 4th year of Yongyuan (92), his henchmen Deng Die, Deng Lei, Guo Ju and Huang Guo also colluded with each other. Fortunately, the Queen Mother wanted to rebel.
And the emperor learned of their plot, but the contact between the foreign ministers and the foreign ministers made Zheng Zhong sensitive and scheming not to serve the party, so he recruited Zheng Zhong to plan to destroy the rebels.
Considering that Dou Xian was stationed outside, he was afraid that he would be reluctant to send it after he decided to make a fuss.
It coincided with the return of Dou Xian and Deng Dieban to Beijing and the emperor’s great joy, and asked Dahonglu to celebrate the festival in the suburbs and reward the soldiers in the army with peace of mind according to their grades
After Dou Xian entered the city, he and the Emperor visited Bei Gong and ordered Tunweina and Bei Gong to close the city gates, arrested Deng Die, Deng Lei, Guo Ju and Huang Guo, and sent someone to take back the title of Dou Xian General Yin Shougeng and let him and Dou Du, Dou Jing and Dou Gui go back to the fief.
Dou Xian, Dou Du and Dou Jing were all forced to commit suicide after they arrived at the fief.
In the tenth year of Yongyuan (9 years), Dou Gui was also forced by Liang Tang to commit suicide, and those who were implicated in it were also returned to their hometowns.
In the fight against the Huns, who made greater contributions, Wei Qing and Huo Qubing Dou Xian, needless to say, Wei Huo was the two.
In addition to the opponent’s strength, record and influence, the necessity of Ran Min’s recognition of soldiers and the situation of friendly forces can still be compared
Since ancient times, paying attention to "being famous from teachers" can also be said to be the "justice" of sending troops.
Lv Hou was surrounded by Bai Dengwei, the great-grandfather of the feud between Han and Hungary, and was humiliated by Xiongnu. During the Han Dynasty, Xiongnu bandits burned, killed and plundered constantly.
Therefore, in the Han dynasty, from the perspective of revenge, it is just to send troops, and we can’t recognize the lack of justice just because the Huns have not harassed them for the time being.
Let’s first look at the Emperor Wudi period. Although the Huns in the Han Dynasty adopted the strategy of "pro-marriage", the Huns repeatedly deviated from the Covenant, burned, killed and plundered the territory. In particular, there is a saying in the Bank of China that this big traitor taught Khan to be tough on the Han Dynasty and harassed the border.
In every war, the Han Dynasty had to pay a lot of property like a tribute, and it was a humiliating thing to "kiss".
During the reign of Emperor Wudi, the national strength of "recuperation" has been steaming. Although it will consume national strength, it is very necessary and natural to completely solve the threat of Xiongnu by military means instead of "affinity"!
It is controversial to look at the necessity of sending troops to Dou Xian.
First of all, the northern Xiongnu is far away from the Han Dynasty, and the strength of the southern Xiongnu is also very weak, so it is impossible to cross the border, and the most we can do is to challenge the western regions.
Secondly, in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the political situation was unstable and there was a history of natural disasters. "For several years, strangers in autumn crops did not have enough food to save money in the warehouse … and the people were in urgent need."
It can be seen that the timing of Dou Xian’s invasion at this time is not very good, and the loss of national strength will be very great. Finally, let’s talk about the necessity of Dou Xian’s invasion from the perspective of income
Don’t forget that the Northern Xiongnu and the Han Dynasty are separated by the achievements of the Southern Xiongnu War. Obviously, the Eastern Han Dynasty has benefited the most from the Southern Xiongnu. If you are not careful, you may make another unified Xiongnu.
Therefore, the South Xiongnu was very enthusiastic about the war. It seems that it was a dream to unify the Xiongnu. Fortunately, Dou Xian was not so stupid, but even so, the strength of the South Xiongnu increased greatly. In the middle and late Eastern Han Dynasty, it rebelled many times and posed a serious threat.
In addition, the Xianbei people, the Northern Xiongnu, were defeated, and the Xianbei Society occupied the old land of the Northern Xiongnu and absorbed the remnants of the Northern Xiongnu. As a result, Xianbei rose and Mobei repeatedly violated the border.
In view of the necessity of sending troops, Dou Xian’s sending troops to attack the northern Xiongnu was actually harmful to the Han Dynasty.
But Dou Xian has his own difficulties. This guy lost his head and assassinated the queen mother, Xing Chen Liu Chang, who was convicted of something.
Obviously, Dou Taihou won’t really kill Dou Xian. After being instructed by an expert, Dou Xian asked to attack the Northern Xiongnu for redemption, so the fate of the Northern Xiongnu was so inexplicably decided.
Speaking of friendly conditions, Wei Qing and Huo Qubing versus Xiongnu, it was really a battle between Han Dynasty and Xiongnu.
Although Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty also wanted the whole helper very much, he sent Zhang Qian to the western regions to unite with Dayue’s family, but it’s a pity that Dayue’s family didn’t want to go home.
Of course, Huo Qubing still has something to do, and a small number of people surrendered to tarkan. Let’s call it a friendly army. This is also a prerequisite for Huo Qubing to go north to the desert for thousands of miles to kill. In the desert war, there was no satellite navigation, so it was important to be familiar with the terrain.
You see, the unlucky Li Guang was either lost or crouched because he didn’t have a Xiongnu guide
Look at Dou Xian again. That’s a helper cloud. First of all, the South Xiongnu worked very hard. The fact that the crusade against the North Xiongnu was the South Xiongnu was discussed.
Followed by the conference semifinals, Wu Huan, Qiang servant army.
There is no need to worry about getting lost!
The debate caused by the topic of the Koguryo emissary made everyone present wander away, and even Ran Min froze for a long time before he realized what he was going to do.
Ran Min debuted, "Well, let’s talk about the high and low things for the famous Han Dynasty. You’d better argue in private!"
Everyone shut up.
"Sirs, messengers, I said I have to discuss two things with you."
Smell speech present small countries and tribes people can’t help but scalp pins and needles.
Chapter 637 Dahua Xia Gongrong Circle
I want to follow the example of the western regions’ dufu system and establish an Anton Dufu in the northeast of the Great Wall, such as Liaodong, Bohai, Korean Peninsula and Sakhalin Island. The general jurisdiction includes Liaodong, Liaoxi, Fuyu, Baekje, Silla, Fuyu, Koguryo, Yilou, Koumanhan and other regions, and many countries and tribes form Koguryo Pyongyang! "
Hearing this, the ambassadors at the scene turned pale with fear.
Goguryeo’s emissary turned pale and said, "You … you’re not so good, are you?"
Ran Min smiling tunnel "is there anything wrong? I am committed to building a Dahua Summer Co-prosperity Circle in Asia. The friendship between the neighboring countries of Dawei is in the same strain from generation to generation, but please rest assured that this Andong Hufu is exactly the same as the Western Regions Hufu! "
"Countries don’t need to pay taxes to Wei Wei’s tribute. Wei Wei is stationed in Ando’s Hufu, and the guards and officials have their supplies served and taken from the wasteland and the local court. Don’t burden all countries! And countries still enjoy the country’s master. "
So the capital of Anton belonged to the Great Wei Empire in name?
Is this possible?
Looking at the ambitious Ran Min, the emissary was full of anger in his heart, but he dared to be angry and dare not speak.
Who knows if you will be beheaded if you show dissatisfaction for a moment?
However, according to Ran Min, it seems that the capital of Anton is the same as the capital of the western regions, and the country remains the same as a vassal country. In addition to sending troops to the northeast to rule over the countries in the northeast in the name of "self-translation, territory, monarch, prison, official, Dalu, baichang, Qianchang, a surname, canal, pawn, general, and prime minister", it seems that they are all Wei officials.
Nai’s envoys promised to come and complimented Ran Min.
However, it seems that Ran Min’s ambition is not limited to the Northeast.