Cui Haolang said, "The Western Regions kept swinging from side to side in the Han Xiongnu. It was really when the Han Emperor defeated Dou Xian. The Xiongnu went out to take back Yiwu’s land in more than 3,000 miles. Then the western regions of Ban Chao were all stationed in Qiuci, and a captain of Wuji was set up again at Gaochang wall in front of the car driver, and the fifth department was added at the back of the car driver. After that, the jurisdiction of Han in the western regions was restored!"
"But how can we say that Dou Xian and Ban Chao have made greater contributions to the Great Man than Wei Qing and Huo Qubing?"
Ran Min also heard about these things.
To say that Dou Xian and Ban Chao have made greater achievements than Wei Qing and Huo Qubing is nonsense and talk about it!
At that time, Dou Xian led the army of the Han Dynasty to smash the northern Xiongnu in Jiluo Mountain and Jinwei Mountain to climb Yanran Mountain. "Carving stones to make meritorious deeds" drove him northward and forced him to move his fame, which shocked the north and south of the desert. His contribution should not be denied.
In fact, he caused the most important national migration in world history.
The northern Xiongnu moved to the northern grassland, which caused great power. Soon, the Xianbei ethnic group in Donghu took advantage of it to become a grassland. Under the pressure of Xianbei, the southern Xiongnu and other Hu ethnic groups moved to the Han Dynasty and became the distant source of "five random" in the future.
The westward movement of the northern Xiongnu caused a series of chain reactions, which turned the western world upside down and eventually led to the collapse of the Roman Empire.
Dou Xian is like saying that the flap of the butterfly’s wings inadvertently contributed to the storm in distant countries-this storm poured in Europe nearly 300 years later.
From this point of view, it seems that Dou Xian is more influential.
The greatest achievement of Ban Chao dialect should be to manage the western regions well and make the countries in the western regions closer to the Han Dynasty.
As far as Ran Min knows, Ban Chao was established in the Eastern Han Dynasty during the period of protecting the western regions.
Ban Chao also sent Gan Ying to Daqin (Roman Empire) for a trip, which failed to achieve the expected goal of "returning to the west sea". In the eleventh year, Ban Chao was ill and left the western regions, and his successor was incompetent, which led to "the back of the western regions"
In the first year of yongchu, the Huns took the opportunity to take over the various countries in the Han dynasty, and the northwest frontier was very fierce for a while.
Later, Zhang Jun and Shang Chenzhong, the prefects of Dunhuang, suggested that the Western Regions should be "shocked by Huns", and the court accepted their opinion that Ban Chao and Ban Yong’s "Long History of the Western Regions" should be stationed in "Liuzhong" (southeast of Gaochangbi).
Qiuci, Shule, Khotan, shache and other countries immediately joined the Eastern Han Dynasty. The Western Regions were interrupted and resumed. Since then, the Western Regions have always been a part of the Eastern Han Dynasty, but Wusun and the West Dawan in the Green Ridge no longer belong to the Han Dynasty.
The topic initiated by this Koguryo messenger made everyone present argue endlessly.
Wei Qing, Huo Qubing, Dou Xian, Ban Chao, who made greater contributions?
Ban Chao has been left to one side, leaving Wei Qing and Huo Qubing Dou Xian pushed to the cusp of the wind, and everyone expressed their opinions freely.
Speaking of the highest honor of ancient military commanders, one was "sealing the wolf to live in Xu", which was founded by the champion Hou Xihan and Huo Qubing in the war against Xiongnu Mobei.
The other is "Yan Ran Le Shi". Coincidentally, this is another champion, Hou Donghan. Dou Xian also founded two champions during the crusade against Xiongnu. Hou’s record has become the highest honor of military commanders.
So what is Dou Xian’s contribution to the Xiongnu War compared with Wei and Huo? After all, is Dou Xian worthy of this title?
Let’s not talk about the argument between civil servants. All the military commanders are involved.
After drinking a few glasses of wine, Ran Ke got up and said, "I think Wei Qing and Huo Qubing are neck and neck for the first place and Dou Xian is second!"
"RanKe what do you think? Let’s talk about it. "Ran Min expressed great interest in this cousin’s ability to express such views.
"I want you to ask me to read more and learn more. I have done what Mitchell has done. I have a certain understanding of the deeds of these famous Han Dynasty!"
Ran Kelang said, "If you want to contribute to a military commander, it is a record! Although Dou Xian was a minister, he also made great contributions to the Eastern Han Dynasty. Let’s talk about Wei Qing’s record, Wei Qing’s surprise attack on Longcheng, the recovery of Heshuo’s surprise attack on Gaoque, and the second trip to Dingxiang War, especially Mobei’s wartime solitude and Khan’s main force. If it weren’t for Li Guang’s loss, it is estimated that Khan will become a prisoner! "
It seems that Ranke has really studied Wei Qing’s life story, and even Wei Qing knows clearly what wars he commanded. It’s really too much work.
"And Huo Qubing? Huo Qubing twice attacked Mo Nan with Wei Qing and twice attacked Hexi (more than 40,000 people wiped out the enemy, captured the Queen Mother of Attila, Khan E Shi, Wang, Xiangguo and General, and more than 12 people). Of course, the most enjoyable thing is the Mobei War. "
"In this campaign, Huo Qubing fought, raised, and drove soldiers for thousands of miles. Zhangqu captured the North Car King, captured the Tuntou King, the Han King and other three generals, Xiangguo, Dang and Duwei, and beheaded more than 70,000 people to kill the wolf in Xushan, seal the wolf in Xuxu and then kill Lake Baikal all the way!"
RanKe straight hem and said, "compared with Wei Qing and Huo Qubing, Dou Xian’s record is somewhat dwarfed! As we all know, Dou Xian crusaded against the northern Xiongnu twice. "
"For the first time, Dou Xian led more than 10,000 fine riders to break through the northern Xiongnu, and Khan fled in the mountains and north. Dou Xian pursued and went deep into the vast desert, killing more than 13,000 prisoners, and then climbed Yanran Mountain to rock the stone."
"The second time, Dou Xian sent troops to attack the fortress for five thousand miles, attacking Jinwei Mountain, breaking the northern Xiongnu Khan, the main force, beheading more than a thousand people in Wang Wu, capturing the northern Khan, the empress dowager, and fleeing in a hurry."
"If you don’t say goodbye, Wei Qing and Huo Qubing are significantly greater than Dou Xian from the perspective of gaining the first-class influence."
The people present expressed their approval, applauded and said that they were quick, but expressed their disapproval. Shh.
Take Dou Xian as an idol "lost brother" Wei Liao got up and said, "I beg to differ from what Ranke said! I think Dou Xian is much more influential than Wei Qing and Huo Qubing! "
"What did you say?"
RanKe blow Hu Denglang tunnel "to know that Wei Qing and Huo Qubing but played the huns kneel fearlessly! Even more than the Huns, there is such a folk song,’ Losing my Qilian Mountain makes my six animals lose their interest, and how can I support the rouge mountain to make me a woman!’ Can you say that Wei Huo is no more influential than Dou Xian? "
Wei Liao left the pie mouth and said, "This is all your prejudice! One opinion! "
"Then you have a remark?"
"Wei Huo’s strength in the Xiongnu War was greatly weakened, and he completely lost the desert south, while the Western Han Dynasty eliminated the border troubles and opened up the Silk Road. Later, the Western Han Dynasty laid the foundation for bringing the western regions into the map." Wei Liao held his head high and said, "But Dou Xian has greater influence!"
"Dou Xian’s war against the Northern Xiongnu was not good for the Han Dynasty, but its influence was not small. According to those scholars who returned from studying in Western Europe, the Northern Xiongnu moved from the Mongolian grassland to Lake Balkhash, and then moved westward to the Danube River in Europe and arrived in Rome! So isn’t Dou Xian glorious? He is more influential! "
Smell speech RanKe can’t help but airway "you say that is prejudice! Dou Xian’s record is not bad at first glance, but Wei Huo is on a par, but the actual main combat power is South Xiongnu! "
"The South Xiongnu was braver than the Han army base in the war when sending troops very hard, and Dou Xian was afraid that the South Xiongnu was too hard to beat the North Xiongnu away, so he quickly sent someone to keep and comfort the North Xiongnu Khan for the second time, not to mention that the North Xiongnu Khan was ambushed by the South Xiongnu and was seriously injured. There was no fighting power. Dou Xian took the opportunity to pick peaches!"
"The total Dou Xian record seems brilliant, but it can’t stand the scrutiny of Wei Huo’s record!"
Wei Liao and Ran Ke used to be such a good pair of "gay friends". Now they are quarrelling endlessly because of their idols. What a friendship boat!
Chapter 636 Turn it over.
Ran Ke expressed dissatisfaction with Wei Liao’s flattering Dou Xian and belittling Wei Qing and Huo Qubing, the two Han Dynasty ares, so they argued in public again.
Ran Min felt very naive, so he asked Wang Meng, "Jing lue (Wang Meng’s epigraph), I know that you have always been knowledgeable in the history of reading classics. Who do you think is the greater contribution of Wei Qing, Huo Qubing and Dou Xian?"
"With all due respect, there is actually no need to divide these three famous Han Dynasty stars into different levels, but since we have asked the minister, we can answer them."
Wang Meng adjusted her clothes and said, "To compare two people’s achievements, we can’t lie in their achievements. Huo Qubing sealed the wolf and lived in Xu. Dou Xian Yan Ran Le Shi looked different. The comparison of achievements should be put aside first, and the strength of two people facing their opponents should be compared!"
"Huh?" Ran Min couldn’t help listening. Even people who were still expressing their opinions froze and listened.
"The opponents faced in different times are naturally different. Let’s say that Wei Qing and Huo Qubing Xiongnu were suspected to be modu chanyu at their peak. At this time, the Xiongnu destroyed Donghu, Dayue and other powerful tribes unified the northern grassland and had more than 300,000 string controllers!"
"Emperor Gaozu Liu Bang tried to be besieged in Baideng as a result of World War I. If Chen Ping hadn’t used his honey trap, Gaozu would have said goodbye to the day he first arrived."
Speaking of which, everyone present laughed in stitches.
There are different opinions about Liu Bang, a "little punk" like the emperor of China since ancient times. Some people don’t like him, and some people admire him.
But this Baideng Mountain around is Liu Bang’s generation method to erase the stain!
Wang Meng continued, "This battle scared the great-grandfather, so the Han Dynasty adopted the pro-marriage strategy for a long time. Actually, it was to send a girl to seek peace! In the period of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, although Wei Qing and Huo Qubing faced Xiongnu slightly weaker than in the Maodun period, they were also in their heyday. "
"Let’s take a look at Dou Xian. Compared with the Xiongnu in its heyday, the Xiongnu was weak. As early as the reign of Emperor Guangwu, the Xiongnu had split into two parts, the South Xiongnu and the North Xiongnu, and became enemies!"
"As we all know, the South Xiongnu fought against the North Xiongnu and moved to the Eastern Han Dynasty. In the year of Emperor Saizhang, the North Xiongnu split again, and was beaten by the South Xiongnu and Xianbei, and all 50 departments, including Qulan and Hudu, ran to the East Han Dynasty. Later, the North Xiongnu made a locust plague and died. Many people ran away. At this time, the North Xiongnu didn’t have the courage to say goodbye to the Eastern Han Dynasty!"