"I am safe"

The emissary of Yamato followed the emissary of Koguryo and respectfully went outside the temple.
Whether it’s the Japanese slave like Yamato or Koguryo, the great stick of the future is so weak now that I have to surrender to Wei Ran Min, and I can’t help feeling a little high in my heart.
We must take this opportunity to "castrate" these two poor countries, even if they can’t be destroyed, we must thoroughly prevent the localization of the two countries before it happens!
Since ancient times, the biggest threat to the kingdom of China has been the barbarians around it, but accurately speaking, it is not the barbarians that have not been transformed into real barbarians, but the semi-barbarians that are just being transformed. They have effective organization methods and production techniques, but they still retain the color of force. The sudden explosion of power is enough to shake the central dynasty. The Central Plains has always been divided and divided for a long time, and the war will make some talents drain, which is even more dangerous if it is absorbed by the semi-barbarians around them.
Therefore, after the founding of the people’s Republic of China, it is inevitable that some semi-barbarians will die
If you fight for national security, you can’t fight for bad luck.
For example, in Qin and Han Dynasties, the Huns were beaten in Goguryeo in succession, in Sui and Tang Dynasties, in Tugu Hun War, in Song and Liao Wars, in Liao Wars, in which gold was suppressed, and in Mongolia’s early stage, Mongolia was repeatedly levied to clear Junggar. These are living examples.
During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Goguryeo occupied the territory of Xianbei people, and the Emperor of Sui and Tang Dynasties may have a strong idea of recovering lost land.
At first, the truth about women was also a small country for Liao, and the Tatars were nothing but scabies for Dajin, but in the end, these seemingly weak countries often overthrew the rulers of the Central Plains Dynasty and had to guard against the possibility of growing into small countries.
There are ten places to enter the Fengtian Temple to worship Ran Min one by one, and they are shortlisted according to the size of national strength, but in no order.
Because there are too many emissaries, more than 300 tribes, big and small, have emissaries in Fengtian Hall and other officials to hold a banquet, and they need to be in the square outside Fengtian Hall.
It was a sunny day, and Ran Min hosted a banquet in the square to entertain these messengers.
At a banquet, Ran Min wears the emperor’s exclusive clothes and often walks to the front of the platform and raises his glass. From this angle, he can take a glance at everyone’s expression.
Ran Min Landau "The tribute ceremony this time is of great significance! Some of you have established suzerain countries and tribes since Wei Jianguo, and some of you have unified the whole country and followed the Central Plains neighbors to serve the sovereign countries and tribes of Dawei. "
"I am honored to be like many dissenting Confucian, Emperor Gaozu, and Emperor Wudi of Jin Dynasty. I am a great Wei, but the etiquette of China is that those who obey the state will be defeated! Tribes of various countries, I, the Great Wei Empire, have a good barrier for thousands of years. Wei suzerain will also bear the responsibility of suzerain. If foreigners invade your territory, if necessary, the empire will send troops to quell the chaos. If the empire has military actions, please ask your country and your tribes to try their best to cooperate! "
"Let’s drink to the prosperity of your countries and tribes in the empire!"
When Ran Min finished this eloquent speech, the ambassadors on the scene gulped down a glass of wine.
After drinking this glass of wine, Ran Min announced his seat.
With the announcement of the ceremonial officials, a group of beautifully dressed dancers slowly stepped into the temporary gorgeous stage and played and danced with nearby musicians.
The beautiful dance and melodious music fascinated many vulgar tribal envoys for a while.
"Big wei not the kui is a ceremonial state dance music is so beautiful and nice! This dancer is really beautiful. She looks really handsome, her skin is really fair, and her little hands and waist are so much better than the beautiful women in my tribe! I didn’t know until now that there are such beautiful songs and dances in the world! I wonder if the great emperor will give these dancers to us messengers! " A small tribal chief from Fuyu has a long-awaited tunnel
"Ha ha, you are really an earthen turtle!" Next to him, the Baekje emissary sneered and said sarcastically, "Will you, a small country, give you beautiful women?"
"What do you mean by that?" The chief was angry at that time.
The emissary of Baekje left the pie mouth and said, "In Wei Jianguo, we Baekje established Zongfan in Dawei soon, but we have never seen the great emperor reward us with beautiful women as a gift. You should not be paranoid."
The emissary chatted one build what did not build there, while Ran Min was sitting high on the platform enjoying the wonderful songs and dances.
It wasn’t long before the musicians and dancers retired, and Ran Min said, "I want to discuss something with you."
The messengers were immediately flattered and said, "Please show me!"
"Now Liaodong has been occupied by the empire, and the Xianbei people who used to occupy Liaodong have been driven to Mobei for thousands of miles. Liaodong is sparsely populated. I wonder if the tribes of Koguryo, Silla, Baekje, Fuyu and other countries in the northeast can enter Liaodong for settlement?"
Ran Min’s words immediately frightened the messengers present.
The Koguryo emissary quickly said, "Liaodong is a semi-agricultural and semi-nomadic place. I don’t know how much better it is than our original place of residence, but suddenly moving so many people for fear of causing public resentment."
"Yes! The emperor’s position is not that we don’t want to honor your imperial edicts, but that our tribe’s population is really small. Move some people to Liaodong for fear that the tribe’s population is too small to be able to catch up. "
"Positions wei population is much? People who can’t migrate to settle in Liaodong? "
The emissaries didn’t seem to want to obey the imperial edict of Ran Min, but they had to turn around and refused because of the great power of Wei.
Looking at these people in a state of panic, Ran Min actually quite understands them.
What they are worried about is whether these people who migrated into Liaodong are their people or Wei people.
This must be confirmed!
Chapter 634 Contribution
Ran Min glanced around the emissaries lightly, "I know what you are worried about, but I assure you that people who move to Liaodong will not be wei ren if they don’t enter the Wei nationality, but they need to pay a certain tax to the court, which can be taxed for one year. According to Juntian, every 15-year-old man will be granted 4 mu of grain cultivation and 2 mu of female cultivation."
"It is stipulated that mulberry fields such as mulberry, jujube and elm can be inherited for life, but trading is restricted. In areas that are not suitable for mulberry planting, men are also given 1 mu of hemp fields and 5 mu of female handmaiden. Similarly, they are also given a small number of homesteads according to the open-field method, and residents can also be assigned to a small number of homesteads. Every three handmaiden and five handmaiden are also inherited."
"Grazing is also true in Liaodong, where there are grass fields. The equal land system is just as suitable for you and me. Once the people in your country or tribe have the intention to settle in Liaodong, they must not stop the offenders from cutting! In addition, once someone is willing to enter the Wei nationality, they must not stop the offenders from cutting! "
Hearing these words, the ambassadors at the scene couldn’t help laughing bitterly.
Ran Min where this is discussing with them points is forced!
Think about it. Living in Wei is definitely much better than living in a barren place. You can still get your own cultivated land and the welfare of your own grazing grassland. So many people from all countries and tribes must be rushing into Liaodong.
Moreover, Ran Min has another heart, that is, forcing the ministers to implement the equal land system in the tribal countries of Wei, benefiting the people and benefiting the people. Otherwise, it is estimated that all their people will run away and go to Wei.