Ran Min’s lungs are burning with anger!
"These damn hu dog! Kill! They should all be killed! They should all be killed! " Ran Min growled angrily at the pursuit platform and shook the whole court.
The ministers are whispering to each other.
"I told you, you shouldn’t believe that Hu Lu is a dog who can’t change and eat shit and let them move. That’s a virtue, but Hu Ren won’t be grateful."
"A leopard cannot change his spots. Now that he has suffered such a defeat, he hopes to be alert."
"You’re so angry, it seems that you’re going to issue the order to kill Hu again."
At this time, Li Nong, the great Sima, was the first to get out of the queue, saying, "The Hu people are cunning and cruel, and it is not easy to believe that our army was defeated by Taiqing Lake." But now is not the time to be angry. Before the defeat of the conference semifinals, the situation in Yanmen and Hexi has become out of control. Please send troops to pacify the conference semifinals and welcome back the returning soldiers from Mobei. "
Ran Min calm a service road "fu said is since conference semifinals heartless don’t blame me injustice! Li Nong, I now order you to be the viceroy of Pingbei armies. After three days, 200,000 soldiers from all over the imperial army, Bing, Jizhou and Liangzhou will conquer the conference semifinals. "
"I obey orders!"
Ran Min added, "The ferocity of the conference semifinals is difficult to change. After you put down the rebellion in Hexi and Yanmen, you promulgated the" Killing Hu Ling ".Those who hold weapons dare to kill the conference semifinals, but those who can still have children can stay, but those who are not above the wheel can stay! Kill the rest! "
Ran Min is really angry this time and would rather kill one thousand by mistake than let one go!
The ministers are still in favor of this.
Bullshit righteousness!
Although they are typical Confucian scholars who read through the history of Confucian classics, it really annoys them completely that the Hu people often repeat this.
Three days later, Li Nong led the army to conquer the rebel conference semifinals and gathered the local county soldiers all the way. By the time Yanmen arrived, 200,000 troops had been gathered.
Naturally, these well-trained foot soldiers are not comparable to those who are armed and have a brute force. In Li Nong’s command, the soldiers fought bloody battles in Wei Jun, and the original huge Hu people were quickly broken and fled.
According to Ran Min’s will, Wei Jun killed again in the original gathering of Hu people.
At this time, it doesn’t matter whether you are involved in this rebellion or whether there are any relatives of your family among the rebel conference semifinals. Anyway, these foot soldiers in Wei Jun won’t tell you anything about benevolence, righteousness, morality, weakness, women and children, and they will not let go!
Chapter 632 Self-immolation cannot live.
In a grassland in Yanmen County, more than 300 Hu people were gathered together and surrounded by Wei Jun foot soldiers who were armed with perseverance and sharpness.
Looking at these fierce Wei pawns, Hu people have a sense of foreboding in their hearts.
After reading the notice, a Wei Jun captain waved his hand and ordered the Ministry to kill these Ku Hu people.
"Snow! ……”
"Ah! “
"Forgive me!"
Seeing Wei Jun’s knife at them, the conference semifinals were frightened and fled, but where could they get away?
You can’t live if you are guilty.
Since your compatriots have committed this sin, let your blood pay homage to those who died!
Running away from the conference semifinals is like a chicken flying a dog, but in the end, you can’t escape from your beheading. These Wei Jun soldiers who have already killed their eyes won’t tell them anything.
Let’s look at the old man with gray temples who tried to fight with his fists, but he was directly cut off by a Wei pawn, and a limb fell to the ground, still trembling and bleeding like a broken-tailed gecko.
"Go to hell!"
Then the old man was chopped to the head with a knife, and blood was dripping from his neck.
The old man didn’t even let out a scream, so he fell into a pool of blood, twitching from time to time, and his eyes were still wide open. Obviously, he died a little unsatisfied.
The old man is still like this, and other Hu Renchang are not much better.
The younger Hu women, such as some old men, wives and young people, were brutally killed, and the original green grass was dyed red with blood all over the floor.
"Run away!"
"wei ren crazy! Run! "
By this time, several conference semifinals had rushed out, but they really couldn’t run away. Nearby, Wei Jun cavalry shot them, and their arrows directly penetrated their chests, then spilled enchanting blood flowers one after another!
Hu people can’t figure out how Wei Jun was so cruel when he made a mistake with himself the other day.
They fled from the desert north to Wei with the tribe, and were assigned fields, houses, farm tools and even some money. The Hu people eagerly hoped that they would live well in Wei. Who knew that they would be slaughtered in such a tragic and humane way?
That Wei Jun, a surname, sat on the horse’s back and shot an arrow to kill an escaped conference semifinal. After looking at the bodies on the ground, his heart was heavy.
He’s not a vicious and violent human villain like the conference semifinals. His bones reject this kind of killing on the battlefield. It’s better to say, killing these kooks and unarmed conference semifinals. He’s really sorry
When the situation has settled down, it’s time to kill all the conference semifinals. Wei Jun is the last step
They separated the women and boys.
These little boys were taken to the wheel and measured one by one, but anyone taller than the wheel would be killed.