Wei Jun captured Queen Mujun, but Hunshi sent her a bunch of beautiful concubines and princesses to Ran Min. Good women especially like wives, enemies and wives. For Ran Min’s hobby, Mulan still knew what she was doing, so she went ahead and filled Ran Min’s harem.
At this time, Elena led the Yan Army of Wan Yao Hu Tie cavalry to fight to the death.
Mu Ping’s troops here are 100,000, but the strength of the army composed of conference semifinals is worrying.
In the first battle, Elena shamefully released more than 200,000 Hu people, women and children, and let them run around like mad cows. Hu people were very angry about this, and longed for comments. At this time, the army had attacked.
"This …"
Seeing the old, weak, women and children rushing across the street, the conference semifinals felt at a loss.
What can I do? Can’t kill them? Do you want to rush over?
Mu Ping secretly called Elena mean and then shouted, "Don’t let them run over!"
Once the formation is washed away by these old, weak women and children, the consequences will be very serious.
At Mu Ping’s order, the Hu people shouted and tried to keep the old, the weak, the women and children away, but behind such a chaotic situation were fierce and violent Hu people. How could they manage this?
Persuade the Hu people to simply whip the old, the weak, the women and the children who are close together until they are raw and whining constantly.
"get out! Go! "
The old, weak, women and children sobbed and were heartbroken.
Seeing whether to persuade or beat these old, weak, women and children, they came close regardless, and even ran to both sides. Their own formation was faintly washed away. Mu Ping was furious and said, "Kill them for me!"
"This …" Hearing this command, the conference semifinals felt at a loss.
"General, why don’t we leave?" Then a department will persuade way
Withdraw? Withdrawing at this time is to die!
Mu ping is still thinking, but at this time, the rear suddenly rang with earth-shattering shouts and horseshoes.
"boomed! ….. "The shattering of the iron hoof is accompanied by screaming and making people shudder.
It’s not easy to get caught!
Mu Ping is still trying to fight back, but both before and after the tide has gone, he suffered a sudden attack from the conference semifinals. In this case, the Yanjun army is almost on the verge of collapse.
It didn’t take long for Yan Jungen in the rear to be able to resist fleeing in four directions, but at this time, all over the hills were those Hu Ren, the old, the weak, women and children. Yan Jun wanted to escape like a fly, just like dying. From time to time, he was suddenly stabbed in the back or stabbed with a gun and spear.
The defeat is like a mountain!
Naimu commented that he led his fighters to kill, and all the way he met the Hu people or the old, weak, women and children who were in the way. They killed everyone without saying anything.
After deus ex Muping, he led the remnants to meet Muke’s main force.
I didn’t expect Mu Ping’s Yanjun to lose so quickly and so miserably. Mu Ke was so angry that he scolded Mu Ping for a few words and quickly led the army to retreat to Dagu Peak. Elena was stationed in clear lake not far from Dagu Peak after meeting Su Lin’s army.
Elena is the queen of Hu and the princess of emperor Ran Min, but she is not arrogant at all. After meeting Su Lin, she asked Su Lin to be the commander-in-chief of the Coalition, but Su Lin did not dare to do so. She quickly refused to ask Elena to be the commander-in-chief of the Coalition.
Elena couldn’t refuse, so she took over as the head coach of Wei Yao’s allied forces.
As a result, a very strange scene appeared on the eastern and western fronts of the war against Xianbei people
With the same effect, Mulan on the East Line and Elena on the West Line are all princesses of Ran Min and commanders of allied forces!
At the same time, more than 100,000 troops from various tribes of the high-speed train met in Wei Jun in the south, and a total of 300,000 troops gathered in clear lake to confront each other.
After learning about the Mobei war situation, Ran Min quickly found Qin Mu and Xun Ji to discuss military affairs.
Ran Min is never expected. In his plan, he wants to hit a Xianbei people and consume the vitality of Yan. Who ever thought that when the war came to this step, Wei could annex Mobei and Liaodong at one stroke and destroy Yan!
"I don’t know what you mean if I want to fight against Yan?"
Qin Mu Xun Ji looked at each other and let Ran Min never expect that two confidants and advisers opposed it.
Qin Mu said, "The position at this time is by no means a good opportunity to destroy Yan. The situation in Mobei is too complicated. I, Wei Jun, Gao Cheren and Xianbei people compete with each other for the alliance of our army in the name of Gao Cheren, but this alliance is too fragile. No one can guarantee that Gao Cheren will be treacherous when he sees me. Wei Jun turned his head into the arms of Xianbei people."
Smell speech Ran Min lost in thought.
"Qin Mu, your worry is unreasonable, but the war between the east and the west is so beneficial to the empire that I really don’t want to miss this golden opportunity!"
"Minister, please weigh it carefully. Now, even if the high-powered people won’t rebel and help us destroy the Xianbei people, the situation in Mobei is so complicated that all kinds of people have imperial roots to effectively govern Mobei, and the Xianbei people in Mobei seem to be at a disadvantage, but the main force is still in their hands. The Mobei grassland is their home. It’s hard to say whether they can defeat the Yanjun."
Xun Ji also said, "My Lord Qin said yes, this time it was the Xianbei people who pulled the front so long and annexed Mobei but managed it effectively, which led to a great defeat. I heard that Mu Jun had given up riding in Liaodong and fled to Mobei alone, and it was not certain who would fight again!"
"Then what step should I take?"
"For Liaodong can be annexed, for Mobei, we can adopt the method of nibbling and fighting step by step, build barriers along the border and set up towns. At the same time, we will move the Hu people to the land and resettle them properly, and then relocate 100,000 people in the north. The barriers of the people will be worried until the empire is fully prepared, and then we can conquer the north again."
After thinking about it, Ran Min felt that Xun Ji had a point, so he drafted an imperial edict to issue an order to relocate people and build towns in hundreds of miles along the border.
Chapter 63 War
After Mujun escaped from Longcheng by himself, he gathered part of the rout on the way to the west, and Muba and others joined together. More than 10,000 cavalry fled to Mobei.
Mujun took the army all the way to Dagu Peak. When Mujun was at the foot of the mountain, he didn’t go in directly, but sent someone to order Muke to roll over to see himself.
"Why don’t you just go?" Mu Ba is puzzled.
"Do you know what kind of mind Mu Ke is?"
"This …"
"Dragon City was besieged, and I ordered Mu Ke to lead the army back to Qin Wang three times, but he turned a deaf ear. If Mu Ke was rebellious, wouldn’t I just go in like this?"
When Mujun sent his generals into the Yanjun war camp and into the Zhongjun tent to meet Muke, the latter showed a look of relief but was in a trance.
Looking at MuKe didn’t speak next to the letter not suspected low way "fu positions defeat Liaodong with these beaten army arrived at Mobei must be take positions to let you go to see him must be up to no good …"
"Shut up!"
MuKe adjusted her battle dress look a fiercely said, "I’m already a capital crime, and I’ll ask you not to be unfaithful! All state affairs are important, and the country is heavy! "
"Fu!" People are very sad and don’t want Muke to die.
There is no doubt that Mu Ke’s ability and personality charm are deeply loved by soldiers in the army, and even the emperor Mu Jun is far behind.
It’s a narrow escape for Muke. No one knows whether Mujun will execute him and seize the soldiers.
But Mu Ke is not afraid of death. He is afraid that Yan will encounter national subjugation.