Shen Xintong looked at her from a distance with complicated eyes.
Gu Yi noticed that Youdao’s line of sight fell on her body and looked back, slightly surprised.
A decent smile floated on her face. She slowly walked over and held out her white jade hand. "Miss Shen, long time no see, welcome to Haibo."
Shen Xintong looked at the hand corners of the mouth took a pale smile, stretched out his hand and gently shook it immediately.
"Miss Gu has changed a lot and become more and more beautiful after many days" is no longer the ordinary woman who was framed and miserable.
"Miss Shen’s complexion is also very good, so people can’t move their eyes."
Gu Yi said it was true.
Shen Xintong’s beauty is more beautiful than her beauty, and her dress is even more dazzling. The most important thing is that her beauty is not aggressive, but she is as elegant as her real name.
Shen Xintong looked at this former rival and suddenly laughed at himself. "I heard that your engagement with Chang’s family was cancelled?"
Good things don’t go out, foreign affairs travel thousands of miles.
Even Shen Xintong knows. It seems that he can’t hide his own affairs. He is very resistant to saying, "In fact, there are things that can really be said to have no fate."
"So what is your fate with Tsukiyomi ikuto?" Shen Xintong suddenly asked 1
Gu Yi was speechless.
"No matter how good the fate is, it can’t stand half-heartedness."
Shen Xintong laughed coldly. "To be a man, you still have to be down-to-earth. Don’t look at one mountain and you may get nothing in the end."
When I was a tutor, I robbed her of the night; Back to the family, I kicked Mo Jun off at night and found Chang Xi again.
Now my sister has robbed my fiance. I have to say this is karma!
Gu Yi looked at her with deep eyes and didn’t want to say a word of explanation.
Section 392
"Thank you, Miss Shen. When I wake up, I will be down-to-earth and do things. Feel free. I still have some work to do. Sorry."
Neither supercilious nor anxious nor angry, like a different person, like Shen Xintong’s eyes are darker and brighter, and a sneer appears on his mouth.
Shen Hanyin heavy ring behind Shen Xintong back eyebrows a wrinkly slightly.
My brother is nestled next to a dashing woman with outstanding temperament.
Who is it?
She went over and nodded slightly, "I don’t introduce you."
Shen Han smiled faintly. "This is Su Qianyu Qianyu, and this is my sister Xin Tong."
Thousands of words?
Shen Xintong’s heart thumped. The name is very familiar, but she can’t remember where she heard it.
Su Qianyu generously held out his hand and smiled, "Shen Han, your sister is so beautiful and dazzling."
"Thank you for winning the prize." Shen Xintong gracefully reached out and shook it.
Tentacles are not very soft, palms are still a little calluses, and Shen Xintong’s heart seems to suddenly think of something and look at his brother.
Shen Han saw her come and look slightly.
Shen Xintong eyes a bright look at Su Qian language eyes soft a lot.
The only daughter of the commander of Su Qianyu Military Region is 25 years old. She just graduated from the military academy this year with a master’s degree, which is the dream of all soldiers to marry a woman.
She is a younger brother and a younger sister, and she keeps a low profile. Today, she has heard her name, but she has never seen her.
"Can I call you Qianyu?"
"Of course, Xin Tong has just spoken about you from Shen Han." Su Qianyu smiled shallowly.
This woman is likely to be her future sister-in-law, and she is very happy to get along with her.
The two excellent women happen to know each other and smile, and the meaning is in the smile.
"Manager Gu is looking for someone at the door."
Gu Yi handed the walkie-talkie in his hand to Zhu Xiaoxiao. "Help me keep an eye on it here."
"Manager Gu, go ahead. I’ll watch."
Gu Yi walked to the door with a busy smile. "Why are you here?"
"Sister!" Gu Yue little face looked at the elder sister please with a timid expression.
After that, my sister moved out of the family very decisively, and there was no word from her. She must be angry with her.
"Sister, are you still mad at me?"
Gu Yi looked at her with a slight pain in her heart. "Fool, how can I be angry with you? We are sisters. As you can see, I am very busy these days because of this conference. When I am finished, I will ask you to go shopping and have tea."
"Really?" Gu Yue asked pitifully.
Gu Yi smiled and comforted her that she was the biggest victim. What reason did she have to be angry with Yue?
"By the way, I haven’t told you how you came?"
Gu Yue blushed and pointed not far away. "My mother often invited my brother and I to come."
Gu Yi’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled and then he reveals a calm smile.
It seems that Chang’s mother must like him very much before she tries to invite her to come and contact Theodore.
In fact, it’s also good to be simple and kind. It’s really necessary to travel at home. A good wife is especially suitable for a man like Chang Xi.
If they can get together, she will be very happy to send blessings.
Chang Xi slowly came over and showed a gentle smile toward Gu Yi.
"How about Xiaoyi? It’s hard to undertake such an activity for the first time, isn’t it?"