Mu Ke wore a fur coat, armor and a sword around his waist, so he sat on horseback and looked at the nearby Wei Jun War Camp.
The building opposite Wei Jun is a trench camp.
When it is not allowed to build a city, they can build this trench to defend the main camp.
Its trench is 10 feet wide at the bottom and 10 feet wide at the mouth and 10 feet deep at the mouth. Excavated earth piles can be four or five feet higher than the ground without building a city. In addition, Wei Jun has set up Abatis obstacles on the outside of the trench.
"Does Fu make an attack?" Next to the seal no doubt asked
"No, don’t attack for a while," said Mu Ke, pointing to the exhausted Wei Jun soldiers in the Wei Jun war camp. "Wei Jun’s eyes are already a spent force. They have no hay and even killed horses to feed their hunger. Let’s spend it with them here."
Consuming Wei Jun will definitely be consumed alive by them!
No doubt, a face of dignified tunnel "Fu, we can really kill Wei Jun here, but the eye dragon city is under siege from Wei Jun, and it is still necessary to solve the war in Mobei as soon as possible and return to Liuzhou him."
MuKe above the letter without doubt said, "you and I don’t want to solve the war here as soon as possible? As the saying goes, a desperate dog jumps over the wall. At this time, let’s storm the camp in Wei Jun, not to mention how heavy the casualties are. I’m afraid the effect is not so good. Here, Wei Jun is just like losing a tiger with fangs, but that’s how a tiger can kill people. He can also shoot people. "
Say that finish MuKe and drive the horse in the past with one hundred pro who fighters rushed to Wei Jun camp just outside the range of Wei Jun archers shouted "general Surin? I’m Mu Ke! I want to invite you out for a chat! "
Because of the heavy snow, it not only obscures the line of sight, but also masks some noises.
Mu Ke took one hundred pro-guards to be responsible for getting Mu Ke words out and shouting together.
"whoosh!" A strong vector cut long and fell straight on the edge of the horse that Muke was riding and stuck straight in the snow.
"The viceroy said! Muke, I have nothing to talk to you about! Get your ass back! Or to attack or die! Either leave here! " Surin, the viceroy of Wei Jun, also let some foot soldiers with louder voices shout out.
A round of the MuKe eyes added "general Surin! As the saying goes, a man who knows the time is a hero! You guard the northern border of Wei all the year round, making the conference semifinals frightened! Is a generation of famous! I believe you must be a hero among people! Seeing that the general trend of your army has gone to the grain depot, following the low morale and lack of food and clothing, many people must have frozen to death and died of illness. "
"I have always admired the general! Please, general, respect yourself and don’t make mistakes! Even if you don’t think for yourself, you should also consider these Wei Jun soldiers who fought with you! They can’t make achievements with you, but they have to starve and die in other places! Do you really have the heart? "
"General Surin, I promise you MuKe here! Make your army willing to come out and surrender! I will send a batch of cattle and sheep to your army so that you can return to the Central Plains safely! Life is precious, please think twice! "
Hearing the Xianbei people’s propaganda in the watchtower, Su Lin smiled and tears fell.
People around me looked at each other in indecision when they saw Su Lin’s gaffes, just like Zhang Er, a monk.
Ran Ke is even more confused. "You’re not really going to surrender to Xianbei people, are you?"
"Let me surrender to Xianbei people? He dreams! " Surin one hand holding the crib mouth sink a way "MuKe is by no means good. Have you ever heard that one side of the two armies is at a disadvantage, and the other side doesn’t attack them and even sends food to the enemy to escort them out of the country? Even if there is such an example, it was in the ancient pre-Qin era! Can Xianbei people be compared with my Chinese ancestors? "
"What are you going to do, viceroy?"
"no war behind closed doors"
Seeing that Su Lin didn’t reply, Mu Ke knew that the surrender plan had failed, but he was not discouraged. If Su Lin was stupid enough to believe his lame surrender statement, he really didn’t deserve to be his opponent.
But Muke’s eyes have been reached.
After Muke’s surrender, many Wei Jun foot soldiers in the camp are quite convinced. After all, no one wants to die. Why should they die if they can live?
Seeing that our army’s morale was shaken, Su Lin let people achieve their own military orders and discredit the image of Xianbei people. Of course, these Hu people’s images don’t need to be discredited, because they are so violent and faithless!
Later, Mu Ke had people build a fence outside the Wei Jun camp to put all the sheep in, and let the foot soldiers barbecue next to them and eat their mouths full of oil, deliberately doing so under Wei Jun’s eyelids.
Su Lin is of course white for Mu Ke’s sinister heart.
Eye Wei Jun suffered an unprecedented dilemma, killing all the war horses. It is estimated that they can’t escape from Mobei. This is not to mention that Mu Ke seduced Wei Jun soldiers in the camp with this method.
It is conceivable that normal people can’t bear to see the enemy outside enjoying eating mutton and drinking koumiss so much while they can eat sour horse meat and barely satisfy their hunger!
What if I can’t stand it?
Go out and fight the Xianbei people to the death?
Jokes aside, whether you can win or not, military forces are estimated to have a round trip.
As far away as Girder Ran Min learned that the Mobei war was in a critical situation, he didn’t order the generation of the sheriff to transport the Liangmo quickly because Ran Min knew that he couldn’t come. Even if he sent the food and grass to the middle of the road, he would be intercepted by Xianbei people. Then he lost his wife and lost his soldiers!
Thinking about going to Ran Min, I decided to let Elena, the queen of Hu, lead the army and take cattle and sheep to support the northern Wei army.
The speed of transportation of grain and grass by chariots and horses is too slow, and the weather is so bad that the carriage is blocked, so it is the best way for Hu, who borders Mobei, to come to the rescue
And Elena rushed to Mobei without saying anything after receiving the letter from Ran Min, with a total of 200,000 horses and cattle and sheep.
Chapter 62 Jinge Iron Horse
Elena arrived in Mobei first with 30,000 Hu Tieqi, followed by 50,000 cavalry who continued to drive cattle and sheep.
As the sky grew dim, Elena ordered the army to camp on the spot and set up tents to resist the wind and snow. For this cold weather, the conference semifinals were still relatively adapted, and there was no such situation as freezing to death and illness in Wei Jun.
Just as Elena was about to have a rest, a small school came and told her, "Your Majesty, we found Xianbei people thirty miles away from our camp!"
"How many soldiers and horses are there?"
"It’s not that the military forces say that the Xianbei coach Mu Ke has led the army south to surround Wei Jun. In that camp, there are Xianbei people, Huns, Qiang people and Miao people in the conference room, and there are hundreds of people who are old, weak, women and children. There are no more than 20,000 people who can really fight."
Hear small school Elena couldn’t help shine at the moment and said "quick! Blow the horn and call for people! "
"Yes!" The primary school then went to order.
Elena will soon summon 30,000 Hu Tieqi Department, and everyone will ride a marooned horse with combat knives.
As Elena gave the order, all the fighters rushed to the location of the conference semifinals’ camp. In fact, the conference semifinals in the camp had already heard the trend of the fighters and fled quickly when the conference semifinals came into contact.
But how can hundreds of thousands of old, weak, women and children be too fast?
Braving the snow, Hu cavalry grimaced and looked at the old, weak, women and children who were busy running ahead. They waved butcher knives lovingly and shouted like a wolf howling and a ghost screaming.
At this time, even if there are 20 thousand people with weapons in their hands among the conference semifinals, almost all the young and strong in their resistance tribes have been transferred, leaving the old and weak. Even if they really take up arms and rush, they will be afraid of a dead end!
"shua shua!"
"Snow! ….. "Lotus flower splashed one after another enchanting blood flower splashed into the deep red snow.
One old man, one woman and one child all fell to the ground in a pool of blood, and their bodies were buried in a sea of blood!
But the Hu people have pity.
Hu people believe in the law of the jungle, the law of the jungle, the law of the jungle and the law of the jungle.