The official said with a straight face, "You are worried that this big Wei Bao banknote will be easily damaged. That root is unfounded! If you don’t intentionally damage and tear the banknotes, it will be fine if you leave them for hundreds of years! "
Everyone thinks it makes sense.
"It is reasonable for the imperial court to carry out this kind of big Wei Bao banknotes. I think you must take the old broken silver and copper coins with you. Although it is rich and bagged, it is actually not convenient, right? But also prone to theft or loss of silver and copper coins! But with this big Wei Bao banknote, you can just find a wallet and put it in it. Look, this is the wallet. "
The official took out a pigskin wallet and waved it, then put the big Wei Bao bill in his hand.
"Is it convenient?"
"yes! Right! "
Seeing that everyone seems to accept this big Wei Bao banknote, the official added, "Officer, I believe you must be confused in your heart where to exchange this big Wei Bao banknote? Go to the bank! Money banks can exchange real money, silver and copper for holding banknotes, and also let your money be exchanged for banknotes! I believe that in the past, you will have more or less such distress that you don’t know where to put your money at home, so it’s better to worry about theft. You are not afraid of thieves stealing, but you are afraid of thieves thinking about it! "
"Yes! My Lord, I like to leave my money lying around. It’s not easy to put it under the pillow or under the bed. I forget where some money is. When I want money, I often have to turn my house upside down! "
"The money house can solve this trouble for you!" The official said in a cadence, "When you exchange money in a bank, you can also take your money out at any time."
When this official made this remark, many people in the room looked pale. After all, they accepted putting their money in other people’s places, even in the imperial court.
And the official added, "And the bank can give you some interest!"
"My Lord, what is this interest?"
"Interest is money! You make money in the money house! "
"What? Can the money house help us ordinary people make money? "
"Is this really such a good thing?"
"Did you drop the pie?"
Many ordinary people don’t believe it.
The official said, "It’s just a pie! In the past, everyone liked to keep their money at home and wanted to do business to make money, but they were afraid to try. Now the emergence of a bank gives you this opportunity to make money! So how much money can you make? For example, if I put 10,000 yuan into a bank three months ago and withdraw it three months later, I will get 650 yuan of interest! "
"So much?"
Some people are very excited to hear it, but some people who are more rational are still quite worried. "Adults are not all rich! It is very good for us ordinary people to have ten dollars at home! Where can there be rich furniture? "
"Ha ha! Let’s take another example. For example, an official now has ten dollars, and ten dollars equals ten thousand coppers. Three months ago, I deposited these ten thousand coppers in a bank and took them out three months later, so I can get interest on sixty-five coppers! So everyone is white? "
It is worth noting that money usually refers to a thousand pieces of copper coins, but it also changes with different dynasties. The Han Dynasty called it a "sword" and the Qing Dynasty called it a "hanging"
Money has always been the same. One thousand pieces of copper coins are equivalent to one or two ounces of silver, which is a relatively large number. It is also very important for a thousand pieces of copper coins to leap from hemp rope, which is about 4.5 kilograms. By the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, an ocean is equivalent to a hanging of copper coins or one or two ounces of silver.
After this official’s explanation, everyone came in vain.
The official added, "Besides, if you are in a hurry, you can borrow money from a bank, which can lend you money, but you must mortgage something of the same value when you borrow money."
It is of great significance for Wei to carry out the big Wei Bao banknote bank.
Many civil disputes have been solved, and not only the implementation of this bank has led to the emergence of many businessmen in Wei, who have started their businesses one after another with loans from the bank. Because of the mortgage of houses or land, even if they go bankrupt and have no money to pay back to the bank, they will not be forced to commit suicide in the end, because they have to confiscate their houses and land!
I have to say that the reputation of the imperial court is still very good. Some people tried to go to the bank to exchange big Wei Bao banknotes. After a few times, they exchanged big Wei Bao banknotes for silver. I didn’t expect it to be really good, which made them completely relieved.
This big Wei Bao banknote is not hard currency, but you can still buy what you want in the market. The same is true for that kind of vendor, who hates and rejects this big Wei Bao banknote, but in the long run, he has accepted the treasure banknote in his heart!
There are also some people who have gone to banks to borrow money and do business, and after going through various formalities, they really got the loan.
At one time, the implementation of the big Wei Bao banknote and money house received rave reviews, so Ran Min took advantage of the situation and promoted the Bao banknote and money house nationwide to try to replace the status of gold, silver, copper and silk as hard currency in Wei.
Chapter 59 All beings are equal
Ran Min is reading the notes in the Evergreen Hall.
Once there is a new decree in the imperial court, he can’t be idle as an emperor, but he has to stay up all night in public for fear that something will go wrong.
When the emperor sits in the four seas, there were other ladies in his court, three thousand of rare beauty looks like scenery, but he knows his own sadness.
"Father" unconsciously arrived at noon, and Tairan went to the Evergreen Temple and brought a thick stack of notes.
"Ying, when you come, I want you to visit the people privately yesterday to inspect the implementation of a large Wei Bao banknote bank. What is the effect?" Ran Min threw the pen in his hand and lay in the armchair rubbing his temple to ask Tairan.
Ran Min replied, "I report to my father that the implementation of the big Wei Bao banknote bank has achieved remarkable results through various measures taken by the imperial court. As of yesterday, I coordinated the data of the Daliangcheng family bank. Only ten days later, the family bank recovered gold, silver, silk and copper and distributed countless banknotes as much as 56.24 million, and this data is still soaring."
"More than 50 million?" Rao is already mentally prepared. Ran Min still can’t help but be surprised.
It seems that people have a lot of money in recent years. Of course, officials who support the court’s New Deal have put a lot of money into the bank. After all, it is edible interest. It is better to make money in the bank than to leave it at home.
"Not only that, since the establishment of a bank, many merchants and people have lent money to the bank. At present, it has been distributed to nearly 10 million yuan, and the interest rate of the bank loan is high enough to maintain the normal operation of the bank."
No loss. Of course, it’s best
Ran Min nodded. "Well, Inging, do you know that I want to build this kind of bank?"
"Isn’t the father’s intention to make the people better adapt to this big Wei Bao banknote?"
"Fei Ye"
"That is, banks can earn a lot of money by lending."
"This ….. I can’t think of it. Please show me your father."
Ran Min light say with smile "bank settings is to make big Wei Bao money better implementation can also make a lot of money, but what I really mean is that the court can make money in the bank! In the past, when we fought in the national treasury, we lost a lot of money every year. Last year, we had to issue bond mortgages to the soldiers of the three armed forces who had rendered meritorious service and borrow money from the aristocratic businessmen. At that time, I felt that a penny really stumped the hero! "
"I can’t do anything without money! Disaster relief requires money to fight, and millions of soldiers are paid, and more than 100,000 officials are paid. This is a big sum! "
Hearing this, Jean Valjean was dumbfounded and then his heart said, "Father’s court can’t do this if it lacks money again, can it? What if the people know that the money in the imperial court has moved their hard-earned money? "
"They don’t know even if they know? I want to set up banks in all parts of the country. State-owned banks are forbidden to private banks. Can’t the funds be turned around when there are thousands of banks in China? I won’t send them money, and they can’t get it back in the bank, can they? "
"Well, it seems so."
Ran Min ourtenant tunnel "Ingrid, you should learn the old saying that the cloud country does not compete for profits, and the people do not compete for profits, but the truth is that we don’t have to follow the rules. The monarch wants you to think that it is a good thing, even if everyone opposes you, you must unswervingly do it. Of course, if you hesitate repeatedly, there is no need to be opinionated if there are too many opponents. This is the truth."
"I’ve been taught."
Jean valjean bowed to Ran Min again and then opened his mouth.
"What’s the matter, but it doesn’t matter"
"Father, son and minister have recently heard rumors in the market. Father, your original intention is to encourage Chinese people to do business by setting up a bank and ordering it to give loans to merchants to save money."
Hearing this, Ran Min was a little surprised, then glanced at Jean Valjean and said, "Are these ministers talking in your ear?"
"father and emperor"
"What happened to them?"
"Ministers all want to change the hidden dangers of the national policy of attaching importance to agriculture and restraining commerce throughout the ages."
"Is there a hidden danger?"
"They are all worried that if everyone goes to business, who will farm in the country? Since ancient times, monarchs have always attached importance to agriculture while neglecting commercial agriculture. It is because merchants in the country seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Ministers are afraid that the father and the emperor will put the cart before the horse and encourage everyone to do business, but they have neglected the country’s cultivated land. "
Ran Min nodded slightly. "A Ying, do you know what it means to emphasize agriculture and restrain business?"
"As far as my father and son know, there have been four classes of scholars, peasants, industry and commerce since ancient times, and the highest peasants rank first, followed by workers and merchants last. This is a deep-rooted impression of the world!"