Busy to wonderful feeling let windson involuntarily face upwards growl a …
Before slipping into bed, the couple had moved to the soft and luxurious big bed in the room.
Li Li Li Lin Feng is like a fierce beast who is never tired. He pours his desire into Ann’s charming body, and Ann is not to be outdone. She bites her teeth and catches her hands and is crazy. She is quite moving and fighting back. At this moment, the tacit understanding between the two people has been sublimated …
The clouds cleared away and the rain dispersed, and Lin Feng buried his head in Ann’s bruised and plump chest for a long time and refused to get up.
"how about it? How am I compared to your confidantes? " In a tight hug Lin fenghu back lazy asked
Speaking of it, because of the perennial exercise of human race, the fighting capacity of being in bed is really not underestimated, which makes Lin Feng get the greatest satisfaction. However, making love is not only a happy spiritual blend, but also a great part. Unfortunately, being in peace is far less than Qin Xinyu and Han Yu at this point.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven Can I have a child?
How’s it going? How am I compared to your confidantes? "asked in peace and quiet lazy.
"Are you challenging me?" Lin Fengzhi changed the subject. He heard a trace of jealousy in an’s tone, which made him proud.
"Am I still afraid of you?" Ann chuckled and laughed
Windson action made a counterattack. He bit a pink cherry in front of him, and when the tip of his tongue turned slightly, he couldn’t help shivering. His hands grabbed the sheets and his mouth groaned seductively.
Windson once again turned over and smiled proudly in the horse’s heart. I thought that at the beginning, he relied on yin to replenish yang to practice skillfully, which was far from being able to do things in peace …
After a night in Chun Qing, Lin Feng and An An didn’t say anything. Adults don’t need to guarantee that they will meet by destiny. If they are alienated by distance, it is normal. There is no need to insist.
The next day, Tianan said goodbye to Lin Feng’s family and returned to the Federal Central Military Academy. She needed to go there to go through some formalities, and then she would report to Lin Feng’s big uncle Chen Yushou, the Federal First Fleet.
Because Lin Feng’s family are used to living alone in the Chen family compound for two weeks, they bought a villa in Shencheng and moved in, and took their hometown Zhong Shu over.
After the victory of the war between the Earth Federation and the Celestial Locust People, they competed for more benefits. The surface of the federal layer was turbulent, and the families were even more intrigued. Even the Federal Academy of Science and Technology became the competition target of the families. Therefore, Lin Feng’s parents did not want to go back to the Federal Academy of Science and Technology to work.
Finally, Lin Feng suggested that Sun Chen and the Fire Phoenix Group jointly set up a private laboratory, and Lin Feng’s parents were responsible for the study of some advanced science and technology exhibitions that Lin Feng snatched from Lida Academia Sinica.
Three months later, Han Yu in the windson cabin was lying lazily in the arms of windson, and her face still came with pink eyes and watery eyes, staring at windson’s face.
"Sister Yu has worked hard these years, right?" Windson stroked Han Yu that as smooth as coagulate fat ice muscle snow skin gently asked.
"Fortunately, I always feel depressed without you around."
Windson lightly sighed, "I always miss you there."
"I know," Han Yu arched in Lin Feng’s arms and suddenly blushed. "Can I have a child?"
"What?" Windson slightly taken aback.
"I said I wanted a child," Han Yu repeated firmly and lowered her head and murmured, "I thought that there is a big gap between you and me in age, and I can’t appear by your side openly after I am married, so I want a child to accompany me, so I can have a spiritual sustenance when you are not by my side."
"Jade elder sister ….." Windson vigorously hugged the bosom to the beauty love dearly said "who said you can’t appear in my side fair and square? I know you are afraid of gossiping, but who am I, Lin Feng, and I am still afraid of these? "
"It’s not that you don’t understand …" Hanyu’s voice gradually dropped.
"What don’t I understand?" Windson gently scraped a Han Yu nose and gently said, "Now the federal new generation of life fluid has been successfully launched, and the life span of human beings has reached nearly 5oo, and it is not a big problem that you are more than ten years older than me."
Paused windson added, "I know that your biggest concern is that you have been married before, but why don’t you understand that you have practiced the book" The Record of Heaven "and I can be regarded as a practitioner. We still have a few years to be together. These secular views should be discarded early, otherwise it will greatly hinder Jade Sister’s post-realm promotion."
"I know what you said, but I can’t let it go." Han Yu pursed her mouth like a little girl. "I just want a child. Will you promise me?"
"Alas ….." Lin Fengnai sighed and laughed. "Forget it, I will reluctantly promise you!" Although Lin Feng is not ready to be a father, he will let nature take its course if he understands the beauty knot.
"Jingle bell …"
Just as Lin Feng was going to "sow" again, the doorbell suddenly rang.
Good things are interrupted
How dare the guy disturb him?
Since the windson family moved to the newly bought villa in Shencheng, their mother recognized the prospective daughter-in-law, Qin Xinyu, and Chu Yu, a very blue babe, all moved together in the past, and windson originally came out of this hut.
And windson has dropped out of the federal central military academy and has no plans to do anything for the time being.
A true practitioner, Lin Feng, will spend most of his time practicing in the future, but there are too many people in the villa. The most important thing is that light snow and little dragon shine always like to haunt him. Therefore, Lin Feng likes to hide in this small room whenever practicing, and by the way, he can have a tryst with Han Yu.
Knowing that windson is in the training center in this small room, few people will bother him, and windson can’t guess who is outside at this time.
God read a slight sweep windson is wrinkly to knit the brows and hanyu dressed after ordered smart housekeeper "jingle" to hit the door.
"Xiao feng, what are you doing hiding in it? Why did you come to the door so late? "