Lu Chao and Feng Yanan looked at each other and casually shook their heads and sat there without saying a word.
On Sunday, I saw Lu Chao and Feng Yanan move, but they didn’t want to prepare their speeches. It was inconvenient to force them to say what they said. "I don’t think the plan of the political commissar is feasible."
"Zhou Junchang, this is the most appropriate method. According to the military distribution, we have implemented this plan."
Zhou Tiandao: "Really? You said that this plan has several fatal weaknesses. First, the distribution of enemy forces in these places seems to be messy, but in fact, one place is attacked, and several other places will soon send troops to reinforce girls’ literature. We were caught off guard by a sudden attack from the left and right wings."
"Second, even if part of the enemy’s troops are led to our predetermined place and combined with three military forces to destroy them, don’t forget that if you put them in the south, one army will be trapped in the enemy’s encirclement. If this part of the enemy’s troops bait leads us to hook up again and eat one of our military forces, who will lose the most?"
"Third, if the enemy intercepts the enemy at the expense of one army and sends an army to hold on to this place, it will cut off our Yanjing urban area, and we will be left with two armies alone and Yanjing will become an isolated city. If the enemy abandons our attack on Yanjing Root, there will be room for us to strike back."
"Fourth, at present, there are more than 50 practitioners in downtown Yanjing. The public security situation in downtown Yanjing is very important. At this time, we sent all the garrisons out. It is precisely because of the enemy’s tricks that the whole city will have no defensive ability. When there is chaos in Yanjing, there will be no army to deter."
"In summary, I don’t think the political commissar plan is feasible."
A red face sat back and said, "Well, Zhou Junchang, how do you say how to fight? Since Commander Xu made our military listen to your command, how do you say how to fight?"
Sunday said with a smile, "I am right about things, not people. After all, if this military operation fails again, it will cause panic from all walks of life, which is very unfavorable for maintaining the order in Yanjing city. I hope the political commissar will not take it to heart."
It means that "no military meeting is a place where everyone can express their ideas freely, and not everyone should support it if it is beneficial to military operations."
Zhou Tiandao: "I have a plan. Let’s refer to it. From the distribution of the enemy, there is a place that no one has noticed. This place looks very unimportant now, but if we benefit properly, it will be easy to gather the scattered enemy forces."
Lu Chao asked, "What do you want to do, Commander?"
Zhou Tiandao: "It’s very simple. I want to send a division to occupy this place in an hour, and then it will be beneficial to develop the defense here. No matter how much it costs, I must hold this place. Once I hold it, it will be like a knife inserted into the enemy’s heart. Those who are close can send troops to destroy the enemy at any time, and those who are far away can have a shock to the enemy headquarters."
"If we occupy this place, then I will make two divisions attack from here, one to attack several enemy forces on the left side at the same time, the other to moderately resist the enemy forces on the south side, and then stick to this place and send some troops from one division to cut off the rear road of the enemy forces on the left side."
"Because there are more than 5,000 left-wing enemy troops, which are half of the enemy’s strength, and these places are very important, once we wipe out the enemy here, the enemy commander will naturally understand the importance here. He will definitely order the southern army to send some troops to sneak attack from our right. At this time, I want the southern division to send two regiments to join forces to surround this enemy."
"To ensure the smooth development of this military operation, I will make my special detachment members bypass the defenders and make a surprise attack on the enemy headquarters, and then meet the southern troops to encircle the remaining enemy forces so that these enemy forces can escape even if they want to."
Lu Chao clapped his hands and praised, "Good plan, good first step, good walk, and the whole bureau is alive."
Feng Yanan also deeply agreed, "Yes, so that we can ensure that we can wipe out the enemy in a very short time."
I said with concern, "Zhou Junchang’s plan is good, but if the first step is not completed, our whole plan will not be implemented. Besides, if that division fails to hold this place, our whole army will fall into the encirclement of the enemy, and it is very likely that the army will be destroyed."
Sunday smiled and said, "Before I came, I carefully studied Shang Keyi’s command thinking, and he almost knew our war thinking clearly. At this time, we will go against the strange road first, and he will definitely be the center flower tactic again." The tone is firm.
Meaning sighed "in this case, military action or obey the orders of Zhou Junchang"
Zhou Tiandao: "Okay, now I order Mr. Feng. I order the 35th Division to occupy this place in an hour. I don’t care what you do, you must hold this place for me."
"Yes" Feng Yanan now has a little admiration for Sunday, and he can come up with such a wonderful military plan at an early age. It is absolutely impossible without high military literacy.
On Sunday, he said, "Mr. Lu, I order you to send troops to attack the enemy from the left wing quickly after Mr. Feng occupied this place. I have a word to kill."
"Yes" Lu Chao saluted.
Zhou Tianji said, "Mr. Fang, I order you that the 13th Division will send troops to the south when Mr. Lu attacks, and the enemy troops in the south will be kept out of the city for ten miles. Mr. Lu and Mr. Feng will fight for time."
"Yes" party nodded and accepted the command on Sunday.
On Sunday, he said, "Political commissar, I want the artillery regiment and the tank regiment to attack the artillery for fire cover. There are two parts, one is to assist Mr. Lu in attacking, and the other is to cover Mr. Feng."
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Victory in the first battle
Girls’ literature
Thought for a while, looked up and said firmly, "No problem, it must be ordered by Zhou Junchang." At this time, I finally put my body and mind to listen to Sunday’s orders.
Zhou Tiandao: "And I want two battalions of the tank regiment to assist Mr. Lu in attacking the left-wing enemy, and then I want three companies of the tank regiment to guard this place and Mr. Feng to form a barrage. I want to attack Mr. Feng’s place, and none of the enemy can run away, and then I want the remaining two companies of the tank regiment to join forces to defend the main attack and defend the foundation. With the development of the battlefield, they will develop a powerful attack."
Italian salutation way "yes"
On Sunday, I smiled and patted my shoulder, saying, "How many reserves does the political commissar girl literature have to update our army for the first time?"
At present, there are about two thousand troops in a regiment and a battalion.
Zhou Tiandao: "Okay, that’s enough. I want you to distribute all the weapons and ammunition after these reserves are closed in a very short time. I want to keep them. This team is very good for the whole battle."
I don’t understand, but I said, "Commander, what do you want with these reserves? They have received regular military training, but their military quality is still a little worse than that of regular troops. Almost."
Zhou Tiandao said, "Which one is not life and death on the battlefield? If you want to have a high military quality, you don’t have to have strict military training on weekdays. You have to let soldiers experience life and death to have that kind of great murderous look."
Meaning nodded and said, "well, I understand that I will join the reserve team when the commander specifies."
Zhou Tiandao: "Well, everyone should go back and get ready for battle. After an hour, I will launch a formal attack. I have a principle that as much blood as there is, there will be as much blood as there is. If you meet the enemy, kill me and fight for the morale of the 19th Army."
"Yes," they stood up and saluted and shouted.
Muting arranged the command information system according to the technical personnel at the designated position on Sunday. When Sunday and others came over after knowing that several military leaders came, Muting’s technical personnel had already arranged the command information system.
On Sunday, because the headquarters is located here, this place is just to avoid the enemy’s artillery attack. Secondly, this place is enough to hide the enemy. Thirdly, the terrain here is undulating and easy to hide. At the same time, the enemy is closest to each other and can quickly detect the enemy’s movements.
When Zhou Tianhe came in, the heads of the military staff, the main intelligence department, the various services and the coordination units were all here. As soon as Zhou Tianhe came in, everyone let go of their work and saluted Sunday.
Sunday reciprocated by saying, "Don’t do so much courtesy" and Italy went to the command center and looked at the information sent from all over the place. The two of them analyzed the information sent from all over the map and the enemy forces would take corresponding military actions.
An hour later, a noncommissioned officer stood at attention and saluted before running, saying, "Report that commander Feng called to ask if it is possible to launch an attack now."