While Bai Zhi was talking, Yang Xiu also paid close attention to Qin Zheng’s reaction to see if he was abnormal.
But see Qin Zheng smell speech zheng then flashed a trace of doubt.
Tao: "It’s not that I have had a practice period here. My brother said that it’s still the first batch of monks I’ve seen here."
"Oh" Bai Zhi noncommittally asked again "I wonder if Qin Daoyou are going to do this"
Qin Zheng couldn’t help but reveal the tension slightly, and then quickly laughed and said, "Nothing’s just that I’m here with some other disciples of the sect."
"Several other disciples" Yang Xiu, of course, recognized the hidden threat in Qin Zheng’s words, but when he saw each other, it seemed that he really didn’t know Bai Qing’s affairs and wanted to have more troubles. He secretly ordered Bai Zhi to leave.
"Since Qin Daoyou haven’t seen it, I won’t bother you now." Zhi told Yang Xiu immediately.
"Don’t send" Qin Zheng couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw that Yang Xiu and Bai Zhi had completely disappeared.
See a few monks in the face cluster are holding a few flags array compasses and inserting them in different positions according to a certain law. One of them is skinny and his eyes are deep. When he sees Qin Zheng coming back, he immediately asks, "What’s the matter? Who is it? "
Qin Dao said, "I don’t know one who is a Buddhist monk in the foundation period, but I can’t see through what the other person is wearing, but from the knowledge he just threw, it’s also a Buddhist monk in the knot. The two seemed to be looking for someone, and I deliberately pretended to be nervous and tested them. They didn’t react much. I think they should have passed by, not for us."
I always hear that Qin can’t see through each other’s repairs, but I can’t help but know that they are passing by, and then my eyebrows lightly show, "Well, you can’t be careless. It’s hard to wait until the" human flesh Buddha cheese "matures, so don’t have any accidents when pressing the key."
Qin Zhengan comforted, "Brother Hu, don’t worry. You can’t hide anything from your brother, the Phoenix Tree Demon, in Fiona Fang Shili."
Then, he said to a middle-aged man with a slight black skin and a short figure and a wrapped towel, "Teacher Tian, please ask the buttonwood demon to find out if those two people are really gone."
Teacher Tian is crossing his legs in front of him at the moment. There is a plane tree with a height of two meters and a green arm. Although the plane tree is small, it is full of branches and leaves. At this moment, the branches and leaves of the plane tree are swaying and distorting automatically like tentacles.
Teacher Tian couldn’t help laughing when he heard Qin Zheng’s inquiry. He said, "The middle school is too high, so it’s not clear that they have passed Fiona Fang miles, but someone has come in."
When Brother Hu heard this, he immediately said to everyone, "Let’s step up the arrangement of the array together. It won’t be long before Brother Yu will lead the guardian" the Buddha of human flesh "and" the bald ape of evil "out of the cave. This evil is beyond the ordinary people’s wisdom. It is very difficult to deal with it. We have a chance. We must not be careless. Brother Tian, you should monitor the vicinity and don’t arrange it if there is any abnormality."
The last young monk in the field laughed. "Brother Hu, you are too nervous. The array is almost finished. If that bald ape dares to keep it in and out, even those two people just now, so many of us will be afraid!" Brother Hu couldn’t help shaking his head and laughing when he heard this. "Alas, I don’t know how to get to the end, the more I feel uneasy. Maybe I’m too nervous!"
Qin Zheng also expressed doubts and answered, "To tell the truth, I am also a little uneasy. Generally," human flesh Buddha cheese "grows in a fierce accumulation of yin, but it is not only angry but also does not feel a little yin. It is somewhat unnatural."
"But it’s true that Brother Yu saw it in the cave through a puppet beast and there was a guardian monster beast." The voice sounded from the young man’s mouth.
Brother Hu said with some emotion, "If it weren’t for Brother Tian, who would have thought that there would be such treasures here? Maybe it’s our chance!"
Teacher Tian cracked his teeth and smiled. "You also know that I am a" phoenix tree demon ".Although my spiritual intelligence is not high and my magical powers are not significant, I can communicate with plants and trees. Therefore, if there are plants and trees around me, I can find out clearly. Otherwise, how can I be now?" Yang Xiu drove the leopard away and suddenly said, "The master really doesn’t want to go to see that Qin Zheng when I asked him just now. Although he should be looking for someone, it is obviously strange."
Yang Xiu indifferent way "how could I not see? But didn’t you say that there are four or five monks in the Dan period? Even if they go, they are not sure to beat them, and they may be silenced. Besides, it is not a good thing that we have to take care of Bai Ouqing this time. It is too curious. "
When the two men searched for words in the middle again.
But it’s really too wide across the Grand Canyon. Although they are scanning in the middle of the gods, they are also different from fishing in the sea like flies.
"I think it’s better to find a place to meditate and rest. After the law enforcement cousins come, ask them to search. Even if they are tired, if they really can’t find it, they will be too lazy to find it again. I don’t believe there will be a big punishment. The elders of the law enforcement hall don’t do it. Anyway, I don’t care that Lingshi is losing face in other losses."
Looking for most of the time, there is still no movement now. Yang Xiu has completely lost his interest in finding it again. After thinking for a moment, he wants to find a place to wait and wait for them to act.
Driving a leopard kite and stopping at a mountain peak and sitting on a big stone, I feel the waterfalls rushing around me. The flowers on both sides are bright and green, which is like being in a paradise in Taoyuan. Yang Xiu can’t help but sigh, "If the aura here is so scarce, it is a paradise for cultivation."
Bai Zhi said, "I learned from some classics of the Witch clan before. In fact, this trans-Grand Canyon was a sea area in ancient times. At that time, the aura here was not only so scarce as it is now, but also very abundant and abnormal."
Among them, monsters are endless, and there are many treasures in the sea. It is even said that there is a vein of Shui nationality and the royal palace is also built here.
However, it is close to 6, so a large number of monks are brought here to slaughter demons and take Dan to search for materials. Although the Water Demons are also well-connected, they can’t help but be harassed by monks all the year round.
These monks were chased out by the army of Aquarium, and half of them were in the water, so they dared not go too far from the sea, otherwise most of them would come.
Therefore, for a long time, this base has become an adventure paradise for monks to hunt monsters and obtain materials.
Especially later, the battle between the demon race and the monk class was the first line of fighting between the two sides because of the trapped beast circle.
The ancient monks and the demon clan’s magical powers can’t be better than the smell of moving mountains and filling the sea to break the emptiness. It is common that this sea area will become fragmented because of a melee, and the brown aquarium will no longer be able to live.
At the same time, all the mineral treasures in the spirit vein were removed by the great magical power of the demon family, and after tens of thousands of years of evolution, it became what it is today.
However, it has also been heard that the royal palace has not been removed, but the law is hidden somewhere. At that time, many scholars were tempted to linger here to try their luck. However, no one has felt that this is mostly a mistake for a long time. "
Although most of these anecdotes from ancient times have evolved far from the facts, there should be some basis, or it is quite interesting to listen to them as anecdotes.
Yang can’t help but also listen to Tianjin Youwei. He can’t help but express his views. "Other things are hard to say, but I think that things in the palace are mostly missed. Since those monster beasts can even remove the spirit veins, they will never leave the palace here intentionally for human monks."
Bai Zhi is also a "Hehe, this also belongs to the Wu clan. I have always been curious about ancient secrets and like to search for some information in this field. This is only from those broken anecdotes that unofficial history knows that it is certainly not credible. If those ancient monks really have magical powers and have not been found by them long ago, they will not be able to flow now."
So let Bai Zhi say that after an anecdote on this side, Yang Xiu stopped talking about the gods’ pranayama, and waited for Hong to differ. Because Bai Zhi was around and he didn’t enter the selfless practice, he kept a god’s knowledge to monitor the surrounding at any time, so he was not afraid of someone to stir when refining the method.
Just when he was running for a whole week, a sudden burst of hurried footsteps came from a distance with gasps, but a little colorful light came running towards here at full speed. When it was close to here, the colorful light seemed to see Yang Xiu and Bai Zhi slightly surprised. This distracted sight helped the young man in her arms and suddenly spit out one mouthful blood, scaring the female to stop at a loss. "What’s wrong with Li Dage? It doesn’t matter."
"Nothing, but Bai Niang, you should go first. The horses are coming for me. Otherwise, we can’t run away today." The young man looks handsome, but at this time, he looks depressed and anxious, and he urges the woman.
"No, how can I let you stay here alone? Then how can you live?" Girls petite fine eyebrows and fine eyes are naive and rotten. When they see a man with a serious injury, they can’t help but panic and heartache. When they hear a man’s words, they have a face of resolute refusal
Men see women stubborn is pity and gas extremely folded way "you silly! If you stay here, what’s the matter? Let’s go! "
Men are long and quiet, but this anger turns out to be some firm but gentle bullying potential hidden evil wind lotus flower overflow, which makes Yang Xiu and Bai Zhi can not help but be relatively indecisive
"I’m stupid. I can’t even see my father and mother. Why do you want to drive me away?" The woman was wronged for a while, and the sadness came from the heart. Suddenly, the pear flower took the rain and it was pitiful and heartbreaking.
Men also can’t bear to see women or weep for a moment. More than just looking, I can’t help but hold the little female hand and even sigh, "How can I miss Deneng in Li Junhe so much? That’s all! That’s all! Let’s die together. "
When the woman heard it, it was Zhan Yan who smiled and there were tears in her eyes, such as the morning dew and the lotus pond after the rain.
It’s a big surprise for Yang Xiu to see the woman’s face. It turned out that he was looking for that Bai Ouqing! Of course, when Yang Xiu left Nanling, she saw her portrait. I didn’t expect to find it when I couldn’t find it. I didn’t want to find her, but I sent it myself.
After listening to the conversation between the two people, he didn’t know what he felt, saying that many people have infatuated women and envy Yuanyang but not immortals.
However, as the saying goes, it is better to tear down ten temples than one family. He is hesitant to see this. After all, it is really difficult to arrest people by himself.
Seeing that the young couple were whispering, he didn’t bother immediately. But after a while, he felt something was wrong. Like Bai Zhi, he asked, "Do you feel any other monks nearby? Didn’t you say someone was chasing him? Why hasn’t he come so long? "
Bai zhi also looked puzzled. "I have checked with my master. Who is scaring myself?"
Yang Xiu also some think impassability oneself want to find someone to be don’t chase to but no one, isn’t this really coincidence?
The couple died equally, but it’s been half a day, but the thief has not been seen around. The two men are surprised and embrace each other, and make sure that there are no pursuers around. Bai Ouqing immediately rejoiced, "Great, those wicked people should have lost us and not died."
The man has some doubts. "No way. How can they be lost when they both have foundation repairs?"
Bai Ouqing smell speech also react show eyebrow micro way "yes".
"But I wish he hadn’t come. Brother Li, does your injury matter?" Then she saw the man pale blood heart way.
"Never mind, let’s go first and be found by them again." Although it doesn’t matter, the man has some difficulty in speaking, but he still tries to cheer up.
"Well, I’ll help you be careful."