Windson came to the bed and sat down on the bed and smiled and said, "It has not been solved in the laboratory, but my hand should be able to have an alternative."
"That’s great," said Ann with joy. "There is still some understanding about Lin Fengan. At the beginning, she saw too many incredible things from Lin Fengshen in the hijacking incident. Finally, she was blocked by the military, so she had no doubt about Lin Fenghua."
"What are you going to do when you get back?" Windson casually took Ann that elastic shoulder gently asked.
"What else can I do when I go back to the military school?" In the eyes of a dark will depend on the body into the windson arms casually said
"oh? Do you like being the chief instructor of a military school so much? " Windson crooked smile know past ask a way
Lin Feng is very Bai Anan’s character. She belongs to that kind of girl who is very ambitious or enterprising. She is definitely not willing to just be the chief instructor of a military academy mecha manipulator. Moreover, Anan has been trying to improve her mecha manipulation level and discuss a command art with Palin for the past two years. There is still great prospect for her future.
"Improper chief instructor can do? Didn’t you say yesterday that the war between the Federation and the Celestial Locust had ended with the mediation of the Galactic Alliance? Even if I go back, I don’t have the possibility of going back to the battlefield. "In peace, I raised my profile and split my face. Some people are unwilling to say that at the beginning, she made up her mind to go back to the meteorite desert to find windson. In addition to a little guilt for windson, she wanted to find windson in exchange for the understanding and support of the forces behind windson, so that she could return to the battlefield again. The top ten ace mecha operators in the Federation also had the ability to truly show their elegance on the battlefield, which made Ann not think that windson had found the war, but it was already over. Let her plan to Hwa-Sung Do go up in smoke
"You don’t forget that according to the news from the earth, the war between the federal government and the people’s congress of Tianchangxing is over, but in this war, the federal government captured two colonial stars of Tianchangxing and Rentu, and killed them by mistake. Do you think that the cruel and bellicose nature of Tianchangxing people can bear this tone?" Windson hey hey say with smile
To tell the truth, when Lin Feng got the news from Qin Xinyu, he was also extremely excited. He thought that when the locust star people invaded the new federal occupation of Huang Yuanxing, they slaughtered all the federal colonists of Huang Yuanxing and the earth Federation, and they formed an insoluble hatred. Therefore, this victory made all the federal people greatly angry, especially the "manslaughter" of a large number of locust star people, which made all the federal people feel very avenged.
"What do you mean?" An An’s eyes lit up, and she showed what was white, but she wanted to get affirmation from Lin Fengkou.
"I mean, the big war is over, but the small-scale war between the Federation and the locust people will continue until a big war breaks out, which means that you can still show your style as one of the top ten ace mecha operators in the Federation on the battlefield if you want to go back!" Windson looked at Ann’s eyes and said seriously.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three Start
I’m going back to my original plane. What are your plans after that? "Lin asked with a smile before windson.
In these two years, Lin Feng has controlled the whole war fortress and hypnotized Palin and Tess many times. The effect is not bad. Palin and Tess are very convinced of Lin Feng’s bidding. Even if Jinjiao reappears in front of them, he may not be able to get their loyalty again.
Of course, in addition to hypnosis, windson’s personality charm has also played a very big role in it. For more than two years, it has been enough for windson to have a deep friendship with them. Not long ago, windson has chosen to tell these two people about himself. In the corner of gold, windson didn’t say anything, but presumably they should have guessed that he is leaving now. Windson feels righteous and informs them.
"Can we go back together?" Palin suddenly unexpectedly asked
"Do you really want to go back?" Lin Feng is unbelievable. "You will be the supreme commander of Stormwind if I leave. Even Tran Star will obey your orders to some extent!"
Palin shook her head and sighed and said, "Do you think I am an ambitious person? Yes, if you leave, I can really control everything here, but this is not our territory after all, and I am not used to staying here. Besides, there are many brothers in Storm City who are in our original position, and I can’t abandon them. "
Windson remembered that he had left the outer fleet of the Jinjiao pirate group outside the meteorite desert layer, and he couldn’t help feeling dim and sure about himself. Looking for his parents was desperate, but the pirates in the Jinjiao pirate group also had their own relatives, but now it seems a little too much to be forced to divide themselves, but windson also has the heart to let a small war fortress cross the plane.
In order to alleviate the guilt in my heart, Lin Feng reluctantly smiled and asked, "Don’t pirates wander around the world? Isn’t it nice that you can’t be threatened here without the patrol fleet of the Galactic Alliance and the joint clean-up fleet of various countries? "
"After all, you are not a real pirate. You can’t be a pirate." Palin’s face is a little strange. "Yes, we often wander around the universe, but that’s not what we want. Most intelligent life in the universe yearns for a stable and comfortable living environment, and we are no exception. Pirates are not born adventurous, but forced by life, so we have no choice but to be pirates and have feelings and the ability to reunite with our families …"
Lin Feng was silent for a long time before sighing, "I’ll think of some way to keep the little devil in touch with you when I get back. Actually, it’s not that there is no way to get the war fortress back. The plane tearer developed by Tess and my parents is medium-sized. According to the information I grabbed from Lida Central Research Institute, if the scientific research strength is strong enough, it’s not impossible to develop a large plane tearer of this type and position, so that an entire large fleet can pass through the plane channel."
"I hope so," Palin suddenly got up and walked around two times in front of Lin Feng. "Actually, it’s not that I don’t want to stay here. The environment here is too strange. I feel uneasy for more than two years. We haven’t found another life planet except Tran Star, but it doesn’t mean that there will be a fleet led by Gawain that will easily defeat us."
"Oh, yeah?" Windson giggled and felt that Palin was alarmist. Even with this fleet, wouldn’t you run? Pirates are the best at hiding and running away.
Palin took a look at the forest air and laughed. "Although I also know that this possibility is not great, it doesn’t mean that there is no and you don’t look at our Storm City, which is in contact with Tran Star, but our number is much less than theirs. They are not without the ability to lose-lose with our fleet. Unless we occupy Tran Star at any cost now, it will take a long time. We are either assimilated by them or annihilated by them. There is almost no third possibility."
Lin Feng nodded deeply. In the big picture, he also compared with Palin, who has rich experience in life.
"Then again, even if we occupy Tran Star at any cost, there are not enough administrative talents to govern the whole planet, and we will eventually wait for us or destroy it. We can neither occupy Tran Star nor stay here for a long time, but we can’t do anything about the surrounding star fields.
If you can’t find a more advanced Wenda like Yinhe, you can’t find a robbery object even if you want to get back to your old job. "Palin wry smile way.
"Well, I’ll go back first, and then the federal forces will continue to study plane science with Tess, and strive to develop a large-scale plane tearing device to enable Stormwind to return to its original plane, and I will explore the meteorite desert layer again when I am sure. I feel that since Stormwind can come there, there must be a way to let you go back." Lin Feng said seriously.
Actually, Lin Feng also knows that there is some water in Palin’s words. In fact, it is not impossible to stay in Tran Star for a long time. For example, it is necessary to occupy a country first and then slowly expand this foundation to finally rule the ball. Of course, this method may take several generations, so Palin is unwilling to do so, but what makes Palin unwilling to stay in this plane? Lin Feng also doesn’t want to care. Since he wants to go back, make up for his mistakes and help him as much as possible.
"Well, I’ll wait for your good news here. I’ll keep Stormwind in Tranxingyu until the situation makes us have to leave."
Speaking of which, Palin took a deep look at windson after being silent for a while and added, "In fact, I prefer to be a strategist rather than a commander who has to bear all the pressure. Therefore, if Stormwind can go back, I hope you can arrange a peaceful and peaceful environment for it."
Is this a declaration of continued loyalty to me? Lin Fengxiao certainly nodded, "I will." Who is willing to give up on a small war fortress?
Lin Feng gave Palin the second highest command limit of the brain of Storm City. In addition to letting Storm City blow itself up, Palin was able to control Storm City. In fact, in the past two years or so, everything about Storm City was almost handled by Palin. Lin Feng was just talking.
Three days later, at the beginning of "Storm City" in Tranxingyu, Chen Ling, a virtual forest friend, was dressed in a protective suit and Tess was busy in an instrument.
Windson didn’t have any protection, so he floated quietly in the virtual space, carefully considering whether there was anything missing.
Palin has already communicated with him, and Tess just wants him to be able to do research about who is doing it and where he is.
Ann Xiaoxue Xiaolong Linger Wang Ma’s puppet guard 2 and that annoying little Zheng ‘an stay in the "Crystal House" and prepare to return to earth with herself. Before leaving Storm City, Lin Feng sent puppet guard No.1 to protect Palin, and that woman 2 Lin Feng prepared to take it back as a home guard. Without a soul, she will be the most loyal guard of the Lins.
I didn’t expect that little Lin Feng, who hated it, hinted many times that after considering it for a few days, he decided to go back to earth with his adoptive parents, which made Lin Feng angry and surprised. Lin Feng didn’t want that little boy to go back, but he knew that his parents still had some feelings for that little boy. After all, cats and dogs have been raised for more than ten years, they will have worse feelings. What about a living person? Therefore, Lin Feng did not speak out against it in the end because he knew that if he opposed it at this time, his parents would feel very difficult, and he would feel guilty after thinking about that hour, which Lin Feng did not want to see.
Will be disgusted with the little aside windson and carefully calculated again feel that everything has been arranged, this just looked up and looked at the plane tearing machine bearing the hope of going home.
At this time, the circular metal skeleton with a diameter of 30 meters of the plane tearer has been fucked by the frame mother and Tess in connecting the metal ring central controller, and the little devil is hovering around him, which seems a little curious.
"Unified self-inspection … self-inspection finished … all data are normal …"
"Target plane coordinates input … Plane coordinates (k462oJ656356) input finished … Coordinate confirmation …"
"Whether to start the barrier solidification equipment …"
Windson quietly listening to the sound from the ear com suddenly saw his parents turned to look at him. He immediately nodded knowingly and then Lin You slammed a red button on the central controller to "start the barrier solidification equipment …"