"Ah … what a little devil! It’s so cute!" The first time I saw the little devil, Sun Yaoyue screamed with surprise. I couldn’t help but stretch out my hand and want to touch it.
"Yes, yes, so cute!" Blue beibei also flashing eyes chimed in.
The little devil was startled by Sun Yaoyue’s scream. When he woke up, he saw seven pairs of beautiful big eyes, plus one gold and one silver. Two pairs of small eyes stared at it tightly, and their eyes were full of fiery meaning. He almost burned it. The little devil couldn’t help shuddering and "sou" and ran away.
"Whoa, whoa ….." And the doll suddenly jumped out of Sun Yaoyue’s arms and threw the little devil to the ground. The doll has heard that the little devil once robbed Qin Xinyu Yuanyang Bell when he went out to play with them, so he didn’t like it very much. As soon as he met, he let the little devil suffer a little.
"Come back, doll!" Qin Xinyu quickly shouted
After hearing the order, I was confused with the doll and didn’t want to let the little devil go back to Qin Xinyu.
The little devil touched his head and staggered and flew up. He was very dissatisfied with the attack as soon as he appeared. However, the bullying nature of the little devil made him afraid to seek revenge with the doll. He was wronged and flew to the front of Qin Xinyu, throwing a microchip on the coffee table and immediately disappearing into the water.
Sun Yaoyue was very unhappy when she saw the little devil come for a while and ran away. She pursed her lips and waved her little fist and said, "You scared the little devil away. I want you to pay for it!"
And doll root ignored her to accuse Qin Xinyu of picking up the microchip on the tea table and naively urged, "Are you still afraid of not seeing the little devil after Xiao Yue’s brother Xiao Feng comes back? Let’s take a look at the chip first. "The chip is put in the real estate brain. By the way, I played the remote transmission function. I want to see the forest air family image for the first time, but these people are not the only ones in the room.
The virtual projector works, and a light curtain is projected from the ceiling into a three-dimensional virtual projection.
This is an image taken in the Lins’ villa in Storm City. Sand is in high spirits. Lin Feng is sitting in the middle of him. There is a man and a woman. Two young men and women are handsome, timid and elegant. There are at least seven points similar to Lin Feng. The woman is noble and elegant. She still holds a little girl who looks like a jade carving in her arms. If you don’t want to take a look, you can know that sitting in the image must be a family.

….. "Yu Sun silently watching the pair of men and women sitting beside windson sad and happy indescribable complex look.
"Jade elder sister, are you all right?" Sister Lin Feng Li Chen took Yu Sun’s arm and asked softly with red eyes. She knew very well that Yu Sun and Lin You had emotional entanglements.
"I’m fine to see him safely reunited with his family, and I’m already very worried." Yu Sun’s words seem to say that listening to himself is hard to smell.
This video is not long, it is not to report peace to everyone. Perhaps it is because Lin Feng knows that there will be a lot of viewers in this video, so he didn’t say anything disgusting, but when the video ended, all the women in the room except Lan Beibei left tears of joy.
After the image, Qin Xinyu cut this paragraph out of the chip according to windson’s command, and then handed the chip to the elite of the Federal Security Bureau who had been waiting outside the door for a long time. These elite of the Security Bureau will immediately take the chip to the Federal Academy of Science and Technology and hand it over to Dean Sun Jingchang.
The next day, Chen Baichuan, chairman of the Earth Federation, suddenly visited the Federal Academy of Science and Technology and had a long discussion with Sun Jingchang, president of the Federal Academy of Science and Technology. After returning to the chairman’s office, he immediately asked the Federal Treasury to allocate a large amount of research funds to the Academy of Science and Technology. Three months later, the Federal Academy of Science and Technology successfully developed the first plane data analysis receiver and calculated the correct plane coordinates of the plane in the universe …
Lin Feng got the news at the first time, and his heart was anxious and happy. Joy is that the key problem of going home through the plane has been successfully solved. Anxiety is the second key problem. There is still no clue about the strength and concise energy research, which makes Lin Feng anxious to go home.
If there is no way to cross the plane, or if they can’t connect with Qin Xinyu all the time, they will forget it, but now the dawn of going home is just around the corner, and there is something wrong with it, such as not letting Lin Feng feel crazy.
According to parents Tess, if there is intensity and concise energy research, it may take a day to make a breakthrough, or it may take a century or two to make progress, but Lin Feng really can’t wait. Although he can’t help with scientific research, he doesn’t necessarily need high-tech equipment to cross the plane. Isn’t it because of Yuanyang Bell and Little Devil that he can connect with Qin Xinyu this time? These are all things in the field of repairing reality, so Lin Feng intends to start from the aspect of repairing reality to see if he can find another way to solve the problem of strength, conciseness and energy.
Don’t say that Lin Feng really thought of a way. At the moment, he is sitting in front of his parents and expounding his thoughts.
"Son, do you mean that this small bottle contains a lightning bolt when Du Jie, the true fix?" Lin You looked at the small bottle of tea table in front of him and said incredulously.
"Yes, this is a mine-accumulating bottle given to me by the immortal when I was in the underworld. It contains the last and most powerful lightning when Ice Impatient met in Du Jie!" Lin Feng must have replied, "It was only after I was accidentally trained as a baby that I was able to draw out the lightning inside. Otherwise, it would have been easier to kill Jinjiao in the first place."
Chen Ling smell speech couldn’t help but carefully look at the small bottle with a palm-sized round belly and a thin mouth carved from semi-transparent unknown crystal. The bottle body is engraved with dense pale gold runes. Looking through the bottle body, it is full of purple light flashing, like a thrilling thunderstorm is brewing. A brief glance makes people feel chilly, as if a little light in the bottle is enough to make her stunned.
I couldn’t help shivering. Chen Ling immediately believed Lin Feng’s words and asked another question, "Xiao Feng, are you sure that lightning can penetrate the plane barrier?"
Lin Feng shook his head and said, "I’m not sure about it, but I can be sure that the energy contained in the same volume of lightning is definitely better than all the energy weapons nowadays, and most of the souls in the underworld were taken by lightning when they were in Du Jie, which means that lightning does have the possibility to penetrate the barrier!"
"If so, it’s really worth a try!" Lin You clapped his hands vigorously and said that it was his greatest wish for more than ten years to return to the earth as soon as possible.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two On the eve of reunification
Now, when the bond is in question, can the lightning cooperate with the plane tearer? Can the plane tearer withstand the lightning bombardment? "Asked windson cautiously.
Chen Ling hesitated for a moment and replied, "There should be no problem. Xiao Feng, you have seen the plane tearer. Besides the control center, it is an exhibition ring with a diameter of 30 meters. Its principle is to solidify that part of the barrier in the ring. No matter what energy it is, it can penetrate the solidified part of the barrier. The plane tearer can tear and expand the penetration point and finally stabilize it into a plane channel …"
"barrier solidification?" Windson is a little confused.
"Well, after our research, the plane barrier is a strong, soft and tough energy layer, which can well offset other energy erosion and penetration. It can only be penetrated easily if it is solidified," Lin You explained. "For example, the barrier is like a thick rubber pad, which is almost impossible for ordinary people to punch through, but if the rubber pad is frozen in a low temperature environment for a while and then taken out, it can be easily penetrated."
See windson nodded Chen Ling and added, "We will blow the lightning bolt into the imaginary part of the circular center of the plane tearer and it will not directly damage the plane tearer, so it is unlikely to damage the plane tearer. Of course, the diameter of the lightning bolt is only 3o.
"It’s not a problem. I specially asked the ice impatiens Du Jie at that time. According to her, the thunder in Du Jie was stronger than the thunder, but it was thinner than the thunder. This last thunder had arm thickness." Lin Feng definitely replied.
"Well, your mother and I have been trying to debug the plane tearer these two days. You should make arrangements for the war fortress and we will be ready to go home in three days!" When Lin You said the last sentence, a family of three in the room couldn’t help showing an excited look and finally going home!
After discussing with parents, Lin Feng disappeared from the room in an instant. Lin You and Chen Ling looked at each other and shook their heads. Their strength is getting stronger and stronger.
When windson reappeared, he was already in another room in the villa.
This ability to disappear and appear instantly is teleportation if it is explained by a noun in the fix-true world!
It’s teleportation! Only those who fix the truth in a distracted period can have the ability, just like Jinjiao did at the beginning
After windson accidently completed Yuan Ying, he became increasingly confused about the realm of self-cultivation. The realm of cultivation seems to have never seen the situation of then and Yuan Ying, and this Yuan Ying is not normal. It is much smaller than the normal Yuan Ying, but the ability to absorb reiki, transform it into true Yuan and mobilize true Yuan seems to be weaker and stronger than the normal Yuan Ying. Anyway, windson doesn’t know what realm he is in now. Out-of-body period Distraction period? Or the mating period?
Although teleportation is the trademark skill of the distracted fix true person, it is the physical strength that Lin Fengxian needs when teleporting.
The principle of teleportation Lin Feng knows very well that in this universe, every plane in the number position plane contains several dimensions, large and small. The things that fix the truth are forbidden one by one, and teleportation means that the fix the truth goes back and forth in these dimensions, giving people a feeling of disappearing and appearing instantly.
But it is impossible to enter the dimension without a tough and tough body. Even if you get in by luck, you will be torn to pieces by the energy storm in the dimension.
After studying and trying, Lin Feng thinks that the true amount of the person who fixes the truth in the OBE period is enough to teleport, but because of his physical strength, he can’t enter the dimension, but Lin Feng is different. Now he has turned into a golden body with four turns, and his physical strength has reached an alarming level. Therefore, even if Lin Feng can teleport, it doesn’t mean that he has reached the distraction period.
Ann is lying in bed in a sexy semi-transparent robe. Said she felt it immediately when Lin Feng appeared in her room.
In the past two years, Lin Feng and An An are somewhat eccentric. On the one hand, they like each other, one is a top handsome guy, the other is a class beauty, the other is a veteran of flowers, and the other is not an old spinster. Therefore, they inevitably have some kind of real sex, but on the other hand, Lin Feng still has a lot of obstacles in his heart. It seems that An An is "once in trouble" and is not keen on love.
Men and women love each other and need each other’s comfort.
But Chen Ling, the mother of Lin Feng, seems to be very interested in An An. Chen Ling has been in Tran Star for more than ten years, and her heart is very pessimistic, fearing that she will never return to the earth in this life. Although she may know that there is another one in her heart that she also likes to be very careful, if she really can’t go back, she can’t never marry. Therefore, she always intends to fix Lin Feng and An An and invite An An to live with their family.
"Why are you here?" Ann didn’t panic because of the sudden appearance of windson. She unhurriedly put her hands to hold up her body and perfectly displayed the strong and full chest outline in front of windson.
"I’ll tell you a good news. We already know the correct coordinates of the plane of the Earth Federation in the universe, and we can try to go back to Earth in three days." Lin Feng is not a saint, and he is not polite to put greedy eyes on the semi-permeable robe root, so he can’t stop Lin Feng’s eyes. From his point of view, he is safe and hidden in the robe, firm, crisp, perfect, buttocks and full thighs.