"What?" Lin You and Chen Ling really ate a big meal. unusual love couldn’t help but get up from the sand to the little dragon shine in Chen Ling’s arms. He couldn’t help but open his mouth and cry.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Dawn
I said I had a heart-to-heart conversation! "Lin Fengxin picked up the light snow and kissed Yi Long Shine’s face and gently squeezed it. It’s strange that Xiaolong Shine was pinched by Lin Feng. Instead of crying, he" giggled "and stretched out his little hand to hug Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn’t help but hold her from her mother’s arms.
Excited, Chen Ling immediately asked in a hurry after handing Xiaolong Linger over to Lin Feng, "Xiao Feng, how do you keep your mouth shut?"
Windson sat down in the sand and let the two little girls in his arms lean on his legs, which made him free to take out the Yuanyang bell, and then said it again just now, and finally demonstrated it in public.
When the ringing bell rang in the room, Lin You and Chen Ling’s face showed deep joy. In the past two years, they helped Lin You and Chen Ling in Lin Feng to successfully transform the force in Dantian into real yuan, and ate Lin Feng to "Zhu Jidan" to change the "Tian Dao Lu", which has officially embarked on the road of repairing truth. They still have a certain understanding of the magic weapon.
"Morse code is indeed Morse code," Lin You asked excitedly while listening to the bell with a certain regularity. "Are you saying that this little devil can not only reconnect you with the bell with caution, but also bring things across the plane?"
"Yes, it just gave me the bell of Xinyu back." Said Lin Feng and glared at the little devil who flew to Long Linger’s arms.
This angered the little devil, who flew to the front of Lin Feng, waving a small fork "Haw" and calling it extremely corrupt.
Before listening to windson’s explanation, Lin You and Chen Ling were no longer nervous about the little devil. At the moment, they couldn’t help smiling at his anger.
Xiaoxue is the first time to see the little devil, but she doesn’t know what this creature is. Instead of being afraid, she holds out her little hand with interest and wants to touch it.
"How dare the little guy be arrogant with me?" Windson funny to see before the little devil suddenly move a colorful brilliance from his eyebrows shot instantly became a thumb-sized fairy.
Cocoa came out around Lin Fengfei several times and spilled a little light on her wings, which attracted everyone’s attention. Xiaoxue immediately left the little devil with a pair of big eyes staring at Cocoa’s mouth and cried, "Brother, brother, look at the cute and beautiful!"
Windson felt a little bad because he saw the cocoa expression doesn’t seem to be very kind and I don’t know what she will take the initiative to leave her spiritual sea this time.
The little devil saw Coco at the first time, and his anger was gone. Two little wings waved "sou" and hid from a distance and never dared to be arrogant again.
Cocoa ignored the little devil. After dancing for a few laps, she seemed to find the target and flew to Long Linger’s chest. She hugged the soul bead and staggered and flew outward.
See cocoa windson this just white to come over, it must be the little guy felt his spiritual growth slowed down, come out and find the reason? See sample but more and more clever!
Dragon shine seems to be very interested in cocoa, too. She stretched out her little hand and wanted to catch cocoa, but this is not a place where the underworld is composed of five elements of aura, and the cocoa root is visible and intangible.
"Okay, little guy, come back. I’ll lend the pearl to Linger Dai first, and then I’ll get it back." It took a good half-day for Lin Feng’s soul to fluctuate and communicate with Cocoa to make Cocoa unwilling to fly back to Lin Feng’s spiritual sea and continue to dive.
"This is cocoa? Sure enough, it’s so cute. "Although I’ve heard it before, seeing it with my own eyes for the first time still surprised Chen Ling."
"Yes, this is Coco, a cute little guy." Windson smiled wryly and asked, "Father and mother, since I have linked the words, is it possible to get the specific coordinates of the words?"
I heard my brother and parents talking about serious things. Xiaoxue was clever and didn’t speak, although she really wanted her brother to call that little cute out to play with her.
Lin You didn’t want to answer the question of forest air, "The principle of magic weapon has not been explained scientifically. Therefore, although Xiao Feng linked caution through Yuanyang Bell, it is still impossible for us to get the correct coordinates of the original plane through magic weapon."
Lin Feng frowned and asked, "How can we get the specific coordinates of a plane in the universe?"
"It is not difficult to create a plane data analysis receiver. There is such a receiver in our laboratory." Lin You laughed. "So I just asked you if the little devil can really take things across the plane."
"Father, do you mean to say that you want the little devil to take that plane?
The analyzer goes to our original plane? "Asked windson immediately.
"Yes, my idea is to let the little devil send the instrument first, and then we will teach how to make it carefully, and then …"
"Wait …" Lin Fengyi interrupted his father with a wave of his hand and asked a key question. "Father, how big is the plane data analysis receiver?"
"How big is it?" Lin You was asked by his son for a while before he replied, "About one and a half cubic meters, but it’s not difficult to make it up. I think you can learn it quickly if you are careful."
"It doesn’t matter if my father can learn to use his mind," Lin Feng patted his head and sighed. "What matters is that it is impossible for the little devil root to take such a big thing to another plane. Do you think that something the size of a palm can move an instrument with a size of one and a half cubic meters?"
"Can’t you move your back?" Lin You said in astonishment, "It’s a demon. How can a living thing be unable to carry it?"
Windson smiled a pointed at the little devil and said, "Ask it yourself."
Lin You turned his eyes to the little devil, who shook his head like a rattle before he could speak.
"I have already asked the little guy when crossing the plane can carry something with a volume of only 5 square centimeters, which means that it is not much bigger than a mandarin duck bell." Windson explained at a side.
"What shall we do?" Lin Youwen’s words and his wife’s glances are full of bitterness. Can’t you really go back?
"It’s not that there is no way." Windson hesitated for a moment and suddenly asked, "Father and mother, do you think it is difficult to make this plane data analysis receiver? The most important thing is whether the Earth’s federal scientific research capability can be created? "
"What do you mean?" Lin You didn’t want to understand for a moment, but Chen Ling jumped up and clapped his hands and cried, "Yes, we can put the design parameters of the plane data analysis receiver that have been involved in scientific principles into a microchip, let the little devil give this fast chip to Caution, and then let Caution find someone to make the instrument. It is absolutely no problem to add our chip to make the plane data analysis receiver. When they make the instrument, they should feedback it to us and display the final data after the instrument is calculated, so that we can get the correct coordinates of that plane of the earth."
"Mother is the cleverest!" Windson excited immediately to serve a big ass.
"Of course. Otherwise, how can you be a smart person?" Chen Ling smiled and rubbed her head heavily for two times, which can solve the key problem of returning to the original plane and make her feel good.
Lin You also giggled silently for a while and suddenly asked, "Be careful, son, can you find someone on earth to help us make a plane data analysis receiver?"
"It’s not a problem at all," said Lin Feng. "Xinyu and Sun Yaoyue, a little girl, are good friends now. You can easily find your father and mother through the little moon. Your teacher, my grandfather, is the president of the Federal Academy of Science and Technology. Master Sun Jingchang, with his grandfather and the support of the Federal Academy of Science and Technology, can certainly create a plane data analysis receiver in the shortest time."
"Yeah, it seems that I think too much, hehe." Lin You smiled shyly and said, "I’m going to the lab to find a microchip to copy the data of a data analysis receiver." Then he couldn’t wait to run towards the door.
"Father, you’d better copy all the research materials on noodles and give them to Grandpa Sun. With the help of him and the Federal Academy of Science and Technology, you may be able to help us solve the problem of intensive and concise energy." Windson shouted behind his father.
"It’s thoughtful to be right or small wind" Lin You said as he ran.
After watching his father’s figure disappear, Lin Fengxin picked up the light snow and kissed Xiaolong Shine for two more times.
See Lin Fengxin light snow hurriedly holding his neck coquetry way "brother brother light snow wants to play with cocoa"
Lin Fengke didn’t want to disturb Coco, the sister-in-law had to do her best to coax Xiaoxue and looked at the other side. Xiaolong Linger suddenly remembered that she had promised her in the underworld that if my little girl was reincarnated and she was not in the same plane, she would need a high-tech equipment to cross the plane to find her. I didn’t expect my little girl to meet by coincidence, but she would still be able to cross the plane. Because this has already reached her own family, can she return to the earth smoothly …
Chapter one hundred and ninety-one Another way
Tianhou earth linfeng cabin
Qin Xinyu Han Yuchu Yulan Beibei Sun Yaoyue grew up watching Lin Feng. Yu Sun’s aunt Chen Lidu sat in the sand with a smile and waited for something. Among them, Yu Sun Chen Lidu came here specially after receiving the news.
Enough to make normal men salivate. At the moment, they are all women gathered in the forest air cabin, and one is not the top beauty of the earth Federation. They are gentle and generous, pure and finals, elegant and quiet, mature and noble. It can be said that Chunlan Qiuju is good at winning games.
"Sister Xinyu, when will the little devil come?" Sun Yaoyue asked while stroking the center of her arms and unwilling to be with the doll.
"Little Moon, don’t worry, you will come soon." Qin Xinyu Nai replied again. After lunch, my girl asked this question for the eleventh time, and asked it every five minutes on average to annoy everyone.
"Sister Xinyu, what do you think the little devil looks like?" Sun Yaoyue still adamant4 asked
"You’ll know when you see it." Qin Xinyu wry smile said that Lin Feng had told her in the contact two days ago that today the little devil would bring an important chip, including an image of Lin Feng’s family, so everyone specially waited here. If it weren’t for Lin You, all the noodle studies would be indexed and annotated, and the chip would be received yesterday.
In the anxious waiting, suddenly a crisp and sweet bell rang, and all the beautiful women here immediately beamed with anticipation and searched around the room.