Yu Qin Xinyu hasn’t hung the bell on his chest with his eyes closed, but Chu Yu can see it clearly. She knows that this bell is the only tool that can be used with Lin Fenglian. If it is lost, the consequences are unimaginable … Thought of here, Chu Yu summoned up the courage and rushed to the small and medium-sized devil to grasp it, but he caught a little devil and disappeared in the middle with Yuanyang Bell …
"Ouch ….." Don’t fall to the ground at the foot of ChuYu and can’t help but shout a pain.
"Rain, what’s wrong with you?" Qin Xinyu opened his eyes. Now Chuyu fell to the ground or Chuyu was attacked by the devil. Before he hurried, he helped her up and looked around on guard, but he didn’t see the evil creature.
"Bells … Xinyu, your bells were taken away by that little devil!" Chuyu choked back the foot pain and said anxiously
"What?" Qin Xinyu was surprised. He reached out to his chest and touched it. Then his face turned pale. The bell was gone … Qin Xinyu suddenly felt very dizzy, and his black body was soft, so he passed out.
"What’s wrong with you?" Chuyu limped to Qin Xinyu to help her body shake. "Xinyu, wake up!"
After a while, I didn’t see Qin Xinyu wake up. In the panic, Chu Yu suddenly heard a familiar sound. Her heart moved and looked up, but she was surprised. Now the little devil was holding a mandarin duck bell and appeared in front of her again.
This time, Chu Yu did not dare to act rashly for fear of disturbing the creature and letting it run away again.
It seems very embarrassing to watch the little devil in the rain. First, it kept bowing and bending to the rain, and then it carefully put the bell in front of the sand on the tea table and stepped back and flew to the middle.
"Is it to return the bell or even to apologize to us this time?" I don’t know Chu Yu’s heart suddenly came up with this idea, but soon she shook her head. No matter what the little devil came for, what matters now is to get the bell back first. Then Chu Yu tried to reach out and grasp the Yuanyang bell while staring at the little devil nervously. In this issue, the little devil also looked at her and didn’t move.
It was not until Yuanyang Bell was tightly held by Chuyu that she was relieved.
There seems to be nothing wrong with checking the bell in her hand, but after all, it is something in Qin Xinyu. Chu Yu is not very clear. She turned to look at the faint Qin Xinyu, but now her eyelids moved, which is a precursor to waking up.
"Heart-to-heart-to-heart" Chu Yu gently squeezed among her while calling Qin Xinyu, and at the same time did not forget to guard against staring at the little devil.
In ChuYu efforts Qin Xinyu long spit out a sigh of relief to wake up.
Just as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw my mandarin duck bell shaking gently in front of me. I didn’t want to think much about Qin Xinyu and grabbed it. It was like finding my most precious baby and holding it tightly in my arms.
Chu Yu was shocked by Qin Xinyu’s earthquake, but she quickly reacted and asked anxiously, "Xinyu, please see if this bell is your original one?"
After catching the bell, Qin Xinyu was really awake. She looked around and saw the little devil not far away. Suddenly she became nervous again, clutching the bell in her hand and gently facing Chu Yu and asked, "Why is it coming again?"
"Seems to be to return the bell. I don’t know what it means. You’d better see if your hand is holding the original one first. Don’t worry too much about this little devil "ChuYu has calmed down to faintly feel the arrival of the little devil may be an opportunity to reconnect with windson.
When I heard that Chu Yu woke up, Qin Xinyu carefully examined the Yuanyang bell in her hand. In the past two years, Qin Xinyu has been dealing with this bell almost every day. Every detail of this bell is deeply impressed in her mind. She knows every detail clearly. It is a light touch that she will know that this is her original bell, but it seems to be a little heavier than before.
Qin Xinyu frowned and carefully turned the bell over, but now the bell is stuffed into a piece of paper.
Qin Xinyu curiously took out a piece of paper and immediately saw a few lines of scrawled words, except words.
I’m afraid it’s also Qin Xinyu who can recognize it at the first time.
Holding this piece of paper, Qin Xinyu froze!
"What’s written on this side of Xinyu?" Chu Yu asked eagerly that she had never seen such ugly scribbles, but looking at Qin Xinyu’s stupefied expression, she knew that these lines must be very important
"Xinyu I miss you so much! I have found my father and mother, they are all fine, and I have a lovely sister. Our family is now on another plane, and we are trying to find a way to get back. Please report my peace to my relatives and friends. Don’t worry, we will definitely come back! By the way, that little devil is my sister’s pet. Aren’t you afraid of it? When it disappears again, we can come together … I miss you so much. Are you okay? You must have lost weight … "Qin Xinyu gently read the paper words, and tears kept falling like a broken pearl.
"Xinyu, did he write this?" Chuyu asked in disbelief.
"Well, although he doesn’t have a signature, he is right in both tone and handwriting!" Qin Xinyu tried to calm himself down and replied for sure
"It’s really him. It’s great that he’s okay …" Chu Yu muttered ecstasy with a hint of bitterness in his heart. "Have you never thought of me?"
Almost forgotten by two people, the little devil suddenly cried again. When Qin Xinyu and Chu Yu turned their attention to it, now it disappeared like a phantom, and then the Yuanyang bell in Qin Xinyu’s hand finally rang clearly.
Qin Xinyu carefully distinguishes the joy in the bell. It seems that it is still such a sentence, "I miss you so much!"
Windson put away his hands, and his face was full of self-smile. After two years, he finally connected with his heart again!
Previously, he asked the little devil if he could cross the plane to find another Yuanyang bell, and then the little devil disappeared, which made Lin Feng feel a little confused. However, at the moment when the little devil blended in, Lin Feng clearly felt the Yuanyang bell in his hand and Qin Xinyu’s hand. Although there was a moment, Lin Feng could be sure that it was not his illusion.
It must be because the little devil Lin Feng frowned and thought closely about how the little devil crossed the plane and his parents. They developed a plane tearer, which made the principle completely different. If the plane barrier is regarded as a wall that is grounded to the left and right, then the plane tearer is to cut a hole in the wall so that people can pass through it, but the little devil is different. It can melt into the wall and finally cross it without destroying the wall. This process looks like wall piercing.
So at the moment when the little devil melts into the barrier, does it mean that it has become a two-way street?
Windson thought it didn’t take long for the little devil to appear in front of windson, holding the mandarin duck bell in his hand, which made windson pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect the little devil to really find the bell and even bring it back, but … but he didn’t let the little devil bring it back …
Lin Feng could think that Qin Xinyu was desperate after losing Yuanyang bell, so he hastily wrote a note and stuffed it into the bell, and taught the little devil a lesson with a straight face and asked him to send the bell back quickly.
This time, it was the turn of the little devil "Feifei" to be depressed and kindly help this guy get the bell back. As a result, he was thankless and scolded severely. Finally, he not only had to send the bell back, but also apologized to the owner of the bell. He is a noble devil. How can he apologize to an ordinary human being? But this guy is a young master, and his brother has offended him, so it may not be a good scene, so the little devil is reluctant to send the bell back after much consideration.
When the little devil came back again, Lin Feng let it melt into the barrier to verify his thoughts. As a result, the two mandarin ducks really rang at the same time …