"Smelly little now can say what the hell is going on?" Lin You also gently stir the dragon shine before turned to stare at windson didn’t good the spirit asked.
"Don’t worry, I’ll tell you …" Windson looked around and saw that Wang Ma, who was not here, was also preparing dinner in the kitchen. He smiled with satisfaction and asked everyone to sit in the sand and tell his own experience in the underworld simply again.
Hearing Lin Feng and Long Linger encounter Chen Ling, she couldn’t help blushing. She looked at Long Linger lovingly and murmured, "The poor child left his parents at such a young age and went to that terrible place. Fortunately, he met Xiao Feng. Otherwise, the little guy didn’t know what would happen."
"Xiao Feng, where did you meet an immortal in the underworld … it really made you suffer a lot to find your mother and me …" Lin You sighed for a while and suddenly turned the tables. "But it seems that this little girl really has a relationship with Xiao Feng and was reincarnated in Tran Star. It seems that you are a pair of brothers and sisters destined for heaven."
"Well, I accept this goddaughter! Xiaoxue, do you also have a sister? " Chen Ling pinched light snow nose asked.
"Heart" Xiaoxueli nodded, but soon she frowned and asked piteously, "But will my sister, father, mother and brother not like Xiaoxue?"
Lin Feng was slightly surprised and hurriedly held the little girl in her arms and smiled. "How can it be? Xiaoxue will always be our favorite baby!"
"Really?" Light snow lifted her little face full of expectation and asked
"Of course it’s true. Your brother said that Xiaoxue will always be our favorite!" Lin You couple also quickly chimed in.
"Hehe Xiaoxue loves you the most!" My girl hugged Lin Fengbo tightly and laughed.
Finally, I coaxed the little princess Lin Feng to breathe a sigh of relief. He knew that he and the little evil had given Xiaoxue a bad influence in the past two years, otherwise Xiaoxue would not have asked such a question.
Lin Feng has long been unhappy with the little one, but his pride still disdains to attack the little one with his own strength or language. Of course, Lin Feng will not let the little one feel better.
Of course, the best way to defeat your opponent is to make him feel desperate from the heart and spirit. That’s what Lin Feng did.
Come to "Stormwind" for two years. Windson has hardly let the little one step away from the villa. In other words, Windson put the little one under house arrest.
It is conceivable that a lively teenager who likes to hang out with friends is under house arrest and is not allowed to go out. It is definitely worse than killing him, but there is no way that every time Lin Nianfeng wants to sneak out to play, he will be captured by Lin Fengpa, an elite guard villa. These elites will never let him out without Lin Fengpa’s order.
Although the young man once protested to his parents, he was rejected by Lin Feng for the simple reason that what is this place? This is a pirate lair! Although Lin Feng has temporarily controlled Storm City, millions of pirates in the city are unruly guys. Who knows if there will be any danger in letting this small out? This is also a "younger brother" to consider, and Lin Feng is usually fine and hardly goes out. He can stay at home all day, but what can’t he do?
Chapter 100 Robbery
Friends and Chen Ling know that there is a lot of water to recognize in their own words, but there is still some truth. It is better to be careful in the pirate lair. Even if there is no danger, we should consider the possibility that Lin Nianfeng was brought down by pirates. Moreover, Lin You is also very angry about this, so he strongly supports Lin Feng’s decision to let Lin Feng arrange many teachers to make up lessons for Lin Nianfeng at home. Lin Feng has no objection this time, but he deliberately found some old-fashioned lessons for that little class, and will never let go of that little nervous breakdown!
So Lin Nianfeng has been living in hot water for the past two years, and he can’t go out every day, not to mention being devastated by some old-fashioned people.
Yes, Lin Feng was at home almost all day, but he practiced for more than ten hours, even several days and nights. It was very quick for him, but Lin Nianfeng was different, and he didn’t know whether his father was busy or had some considerations. Lin Feng certainly didn’t teach him the Lins’ health-preserving skills, so Lin Nianfeng couldn’t practice when he wanted to play. Every day, he almost drove him crazy except eating and sleeping, playing virtual games and talking about life.
In the face of this situation of freedom and fun, Lin Feng hinted from time to time-"Even if you return to the earth, you will not be allowed to go out!" Lin Nianfeng is already considering whether he really wants to go back to Earth with his adoptive parents …
Soothed the simple light snow, Lin Feng gave Long Linger to his mother’s care, but returned to his room with her pet, the little devil. When the little devil appeared in the laboratory, Lin Feng had a vague idea in his heart. Now it is time to confirm this idea.
"Little fellow, can you feel the fluctuation of this magic weapon?" Windson took out the mandarin duck bell and shook it gently in front of the little devil.
When I was in the underworld, the goshawk told him that the little devil had the talent to cross parallel planes at will, and that he was very sensitive to soul fluctuations, so he could find specific soul fluctuations in the digital plane. At that time, Lin Feng was still skeptical, but at present, the little devil did easily find Long Linger and himself in the digital plane.
Since it can feel the soul fluctuation, maybe it can also feel the magic weapon fluctuation. Yuanyang Bell is a low-level magic weapon. Now Lin Feng can clearly feel the fluctuation when it shakes. This kind of specific frequency fluctuation depends on this fluctuation. This pair of bells can ring at the same time in the same plane. Although the two Yuanyang Bells are in different planes now, it does not affect the fluctuation, but this fluctuation is blocked by the plane barrier, so it cannot be connected.
But if the little devil can feel this fluctuation, he may be able to find another owner of the bell in the digital plane-Qin Xinyu. Even if he can’t go back because of this, he can report peace with Xinyu. It’s also good that he hasn’t heard from himself for two years. Xinyu must be anxious.
The little devil blinked his eyes and quietly felt the faint fluctuation when the Yuanyang bell shook, and then nodded without hesitation.
"Really? Can you really feel this fluctuation? " Windson surprise asked "that you can find another bell can produce this kind of fluctuation? It is not in this plane now! "
Little devil seems to be a little difficult to scratch his head for a long time, and suddenly his body slowly fades away, and soon he disappears into the forest air room. At the moment before the little devil disappears, Lin Feng suddenly feels that the Yuanyang bell in his hand and the distant one are re-created, but it is very short. Lin Feng has not reacted yet. This connection disappears with the little devil. Where is the little devil? Did it really find Qin Xinyu? Windson nervous waiting.
The warm spring breeze blows out a green color, and the buds are always sprouting. The whole city of Shencheng shows a vibrant scene, but Qin Xinyu’s mood is still as dead as a harsh winter.
Two years. It’s been two years since I joined Lin Fenglian once.
Two years ago, when Qin Xinyu heard that he was going to enter the meteorite desert again, she had a bad feeling in her heart, but at that time she didn’t have the courage to oppose Lin Feng’s decision because she knew that if she couldn’t find his parents, he wouldn’t be happy for a generation.
But … But who knows?
She was afraid that he would never come back.
However, the last thing she wants to see is that she gave birth to a meteorite desert, and windson lost the news like a broken kite. Is it really a hell that devours life there?
I lost news with him for two years. Qin Xinyu didn’t know how she came over. She knew that she tried to ring the Yuanyang bell every day in the hope of contacting him, but every attempt brought her deep disappointment and gradually turned into despair. If it weren’t for those good sisters, I’m afraid she would have collapsed.
Good sisters!
Blue Beibei, Sun Yaoyue, Chu Yu and Han Yujie.
Qin Xinyu has learned from Chu Yu that she and Lin Feng even know Han Yu and Lin Feng. Although she was a little sour at that time, she was also a little relieved because she knew that she no longer needed a person to endure the pain of words silently. She had sisters who shared the pain with her!
In these two years of contact, Qin Xinyu deeply felt that Chu Yu and Han Yu’s love for Lin Feng was not inferior to their own. The common love for Lin Feng brought them together so that they could encourage each other and support each other, and they would not fall into collapse after losing the news of Lin Feng!
However, I don’t know how long this situation can last. As time goes by, the words of sisters are getting less and less, and despair gradually hangs over everyone’s mind.
"jingle bell"
Suddenly there came a crisp sound from Qin Xinyu’s chest.
"Are you hearing voices again?" Qin Xinyu woke up from her thoughts. In the past two years, she didn’t know how many times the bell sounded, but every time it was just her fantasy.
Qin Xinyu sighed and looked around the windson hut. There were two people, Beibei and Chu Yu, at school. Xiaoyue and Han Yujie didn’t live here at ordinary times.
Sometimes Qin Xinyu really envies their three Babes. Her little brother Xiaofeng can’t do it simply in her little head, so she doesn’t worry too much except for her deep thoughts. After all, the little moon is still young. Although she has some ignorant love for Lin Feng, she doesn’t want to let her toss and turn. And Han Yujie, who is mature and steady, can be crazy to paralyze herself about Lin Feng. In her day-and-night efforts, the assets of the Fire Phoenix Group have doubled dramatically in two years, and she has trillions of assets and power all over the earth. Every administrative star in the Federation!
There is also Chu Yu who can always be with him and share the pain in his heart. Thought of this, Qin Xinyu looked up and looked even thinner. But now she is nervously looking at herself. "Did Xinyu just ring your bell?"
"Did you hear that too?" Qin Xinyu fell into ecstasy in an instant. "Didn’t you just hear your own voices?"
Qin Xinyu couldn’t wait to hold the bell hanging on his chest and shake it up.
The bell didn’t ring, like the previous attempts, and it didn’t connect with another bell. Qin Xinyu’s excitement is gradually cooling down …
"What’s that?" Chu Yu exclaimed, which surprised Qin Xinyu. She looked up and saw that the emptiness in front of her suddenly blurred. A light shadow changed from shallow to deep and quickly became clear. It became a strange creature with brown skin, long tail, a pair of bat wings and a small fork.
"Mind carefully! It’s the devil! " Chuyu shouted that she saw the little demon rushing at Qin Xinyu.
Qin Xinyu couldn’t help but exclaim. She closed her eyes and stretched out her right hand like a fly at the little devil who came straight at her. She was no better than Lin Feng. It was very good for this sudden monster to have the courage to fight back.
The little devil drew a wonderful arc in the body and easily escaped the attack of Qin Xinyu. It flew directly to Qin Xinyu’s chest and hugged it. With a wave of his hand, the small fork in the Yuanyang bell claw cut the bell rope and held the bell and flew to the middle, like laughing at Qin Xinyu and Chu Yu. After a few "haw" calls, the body gradually blurred.