Arcaya Imperial Xiuling Town Orphanage Dean is a fat and bald old man dressed in a glamorous imperial suit, and his mung bean eyes are full of cunning and greed. Seeing his appearance, Lin Fengma guessed the root of the orphanage’s ruin, but this guy may be able to bring some help to his smooth taking away Shine.
"Mr. Lin? Please sit down! " After beating off Mrs. Lisa, the dean went back to his luxurious office chair and said in a bureaucratic tone, "I wonder what kind of child Mr. Lin’s parents want to adopt. Did Mr. Lin bring any documents?"
If according to Lin Feng’s former personality, knowing that Long Linger had no relatives in the orphanage, it would be nice to find her and take her away. The root would not be bothersome with others. However, since Lin Feng found his parents, his personality has become much more prosperous. He also realized that his former personality is somewhat incomplete, which is very unfavorable for his future practice. Therefore, he decided to make up for his personality defects and contact with strangers as much as possible. Lin Feng vaguely felt that if he could not return to normal as soon as possible, he would probably fall into a hopeless situation in the future!
At this moment, Lin Feng tried his best to suppress the idea of punching the bald and fat in front of him with a smile and deliberately lowered his voice, saying, "My parents are eager to adopt a little girl and don’t know what documents they need. Can Mr. Dean be flexible? I hope I can take a little girl away today to surprise my parents. I am willing to donate a scripture to the orphanage privately. I don’t know what the dean means?"
Obesity dean’s small eyes lit up and carefully looked at Lin Feng’s bearing before pretending to be difficult to say, "This is very difficult. According to the regulations of orphanages, you can’t adopt children without formal documents. Mr. Lin, I’m afraid I will let you down today." He said that he would let Lin Feng down, but his face was not sorry, but he looked forward to it.
Lin Feng said knowingly, "Of course I have a formal certificate …" Speaking of which, Lin Feng suddenly changed his temper and added, "Oh, by the way, I want to donate this money in the supervision of Mr. Dean so that I don’t want this money to be deducted by others and didn’t go to the place." The last sentence Lin Feng specially added stress.
When the dean heard this, he laughed with joy. "Now that Mr. Lin has formal documents, it’s no problem. Tell you what, I’ll ask Mrs. Lisa to take you to choose the children your parents want at once."
"Thank you very much, Dean." Lin Feng smiled with great meaning and followed the news. Mrs. Lisa left the dean’s room.
"Mr. Lin, how old a girl do your parents want to adopt?" May be saw windson and dean issue Mrs Lisa looks quite ugly.
"Look at the fate …" Windson saw the darkness of the orphanage and was eager to take Long Linger away, so he was too lazy to say anything more. He followed the small and medium-sized demons to a big room on the second floor of the orphanage.
There are about 2oo square rooms in this room, and there are more than 2o double beds neatly arranged. At this moment, it is noon, and some children are taking a sweet nap.
They are slapping each other and crying to make the room more noisy.
"Mr. Lin, Mr. Lin …" Mrs. Lisa followed Lin Feng in.
When I saw Mrs. Lisa, the children who were slapping stopped crying, but the children stretched out their arms for her to hug.
Windson smiled and went to a bed, bowed his head and carefully looked at a little girl sleeping in the bunk.
"Mr. Lin, Mr. Lin …" Mrs. Lisa followed Lin Feng in.
When I saw Mrs. Lisa, the children who were slapping stopped crying, but the children stretched out their arms for her to hug.
Windson smiled and went to a bed, bowed his head and carefully looked at a little girl sleeping in the bunk.
The little girl is about two years old and thin, wearing a shabby little pajamas. Her black head is a little yellow and her eyes are closed. It’s like two small crescent moons. It’s quite beautiful. Her nose is small and her lips are red. It seems that she dreamed something in her dream. There are two small dimples on her mouth.
"It should be Linger", although it hasn’t grown up yet, its eyebrows and eyes are almost the same as those of Long Linger. This is normal. It is said that powerful souls will inadvertently modify their genes when they are reincarnated to make their bodies as consistent as possible after birth.
Windson stretched out his index finger and gently touched the little girl’s eyebrows. The spirit spread along his fingers in the past. Soon the little girl came back with a faint soul fluctuation and felt the familiar soul fluctuation. Windson finally confirmed the identity of the little girl with great certainty.
"But what will she be so thin is malnutrition" windson some love dearly but more angry.
Maybe Lin Feng moved a little too much. When he recovered his fingers, Xiaolong Shine woke up and she was confused and rubbed her eyes. Then she saw Lin Feng’s gentle face.
Although I haven’t awakened yet, the familiarity engraved in the depths of my soul made Xiaolong Linger recognize Lin Feng as soon as she opened her arms "making baby" and asked Lin Feng to hug her.
Windson agent hand gently picked her up in her slightly dim little face kissed a little girl "giggle" to laugh.
After coaxing the children, Mrs. Lisa went to Lin Feng’s side. She was slightly surprised to see this warm scene, but her face was full of worries and she had rich life experience. Of course, she could see that Lin Feng really liked the little girl in his arms, and the little girl did not reject him.
"Her name is Linda, who was only two years old this year and was abandoned at the entrance of the orphanage as soon as she was born." Mrs. Lisa looked at Xiaolong Linger with pity and introduced it to Lin Feng.
"How could someone be willing to abandon such a lovely little girl? And why is she so thin? " Windson asked coldly.
"Maybe it’s because of the color of her head and eyes, or maybe it’s because she’s sick," Mrs. Lisa replied unexpectedly
"Head and eye color? Sick? " Windson some surprise.
"Mr. Lin, I guess you’re not from the Arcaya Empire," Mrs. Lisa asked with a smile
Windson nodded vaguely white in my heart.
"You see, little Linda has black eyes and head like you, but no one in our Arcaya empire is like this, so I guess little Linda may have been abandoned by her parents for this reason. Of course, she may be very ill. She will fall into a coma for no reason from time to time since she was born, and she will sleep for ten days and a half months every time. I can’t wake up, and the hospital has been unable to check the reason for her lethargy."
Mrs Lisa patiently and in detail explained to Lin Feng, "This time she just fell into a coma, but it didn’t take long for her to wake up with your gentle touch. It seems that you really have something to do with little Linda because she looks thin because she is too long in nutrition when sleeping. It turned out that she might die in a certain lethargy, but she has survived all the time. It seems that God is blessing this child."
"So that’s it." Lin Feng was relieved that Long Linger often fell into a coma for no reason. He was able to guess one or two reasons, mostly because she consumed too much soul force when crossing the spirit robbery, so she had to sleep after reincarnation to repair the soul trauma, which is also an important reason why she has not yet awakened.
Chapter one hundred and seventeen House arrest
It is said that dragon shine is in a very bad state now. If we can’t take proper measures, she may not wake up in this generation and die. Of course, since God let Lin Feng find dragon shine, he won’t let this misfortune give birth to a real fix true person. There are many ways for Lin Feng to restore dragon shine to health, which is to restore past memories.
Lin Feng took a necklace from his neck and gently gave it to Xiaolong Linger. This is a simple necklace with a gold chain. It is also made of gold. There is a thumb-sized bead scattered in the ball. This bead is the soul bead that Lin Feng got after killing the demon spirit in the underworld. It can automatically absorb and supplement the spirit. Wearing it next to the body has an extraordinary effect on the recovery and growth of the spirit. It is very effective for Long Linger now.
Xiaolong Linger seems to like this necklace very much, too, and his little hand feels around it fondly.
"My girl is to lend it to you first and then return it." Windson spoiled her nose and said with a smile.
This necklace is very important for Lin Feng now. The practitioner pays attention to the synchronization between the real yuan and the spirit, but with Cocoa, his real yuan growth rate is amazing. Although Lin Feng’s spirit growth rate is much faster because of practicing the Soul Sutra at the same time, without this soul bead, the spirit growth rate can’t catch up with the real yuan after all. Once the real yuan and the spirit are out of balance, it is easy to get possessed. Therefore, Lin Feng still needs the help of the soul bead before there is a better way to accelerate the growth of the spirit.
Looking at Lin Feng and Long Linger’s intimate appearance, Mrs. Lisa suddenly had a strange idea in her heart. "Maybe Little Linda is the daughter of Mr. Lin? Yes, they are both black-eyed and age-appropriate, which is probably the case. Besides, Mr. Lin is very familiar with Linda’s situation in the orphanage, otherwise he could not find Linda at once … But why did he abandon his daughter at the beginning? Maybe there are some compelling reasons … "
"Mrs. Lisa? Mrs. Lisa? " Windson strange looking at side’s spaced out, Mrs Lisa see her expression changes a lot and I don’t know what’s going on?
"Oh … what?" Mrs. Lisa finally recovered from her own thoughts and asked, "What did you say, Mr. Lin?"
"Is it okay if I say I want to adopt little Linda?"
"No problem, of course no problem!" After listening to Lin Feng’s words, Mrs. Lisa confirmed her guess and thought, "I used to say that I came instead of my parents, but now I want to adopt bsp;" "Well, let’s go through the formalities."
"Come with me, please," Mrs. Lisa suddenly asked as she turned away from both sides. "I think Mr. Lin will treat Little Lida like her own daughter."
"Of course!" Although Lin Feng felt that something was wrong with Mrs. Lisa’s metaphor, he still wanted to make a definite answer. Walking behind, he didn’t notice that Mrs. Lisa’s face showed a look of "it really happened".
When I went to go through the formalities in the dean’s room, the bald dean beat out Mrs. Lisa as usual, and then Lin Feng looked at the orphanage knowingly and turned a large sum of money to be considered as the completion of the adoption procedure of Long Linger. Seeing this large donation, the bald dean smiled and closed his mouth and didn’t need any more documents.
"Mr. Lin wishes you happiness after your father and daughter!" Mrs. Lisa gave them sincere wishes when Lin Feng held the dragon shine away.
"Thank you … um what?" Windson finally understood what was about to explain, but now Mrs. Lisa has turned with a smile.
Windson shook his head and gave a wry smile with a dragon shine back to Stormwind.
Three days later, Arcaya Imperial Xiuling Town Orphanage came, and the poor bald dean of the Imperial Discipline Inspection Department was found guilty of corruption, fraud, child trafficking and many other crimes during his tenure before he got a large sum of money. Finally, he was put into prison and waited for severe punishment by law, but Mrs. Lisa was unexpectedly ordered to be announced by the head of the orphanage. At that moment, all the sensible children in Xiuling Town Orphanage showed sincere smiles ..
When windson returned to his villa in Stormwind with dragon shine in his arms, he was surprised.
My parents who came home late were already sitting in the living room with Xiaoxue in their arms.
"Xiao Feng, you’re back. Hey, is that what you said?" Chen Ling couldn’t wait to be greeted after seeing Lin Feng. He gently took the dragon shine in his arms and looked at it slightly. He immediately frowned and asked, "How did the poor child grow so thin?"
Xiaoxue struggled to jump from her father’s arms and ran to her mother’s side in three steps and two steps, tearing at her skirts and hurriedly calling out, "Mom, mom, show Xiaoxue that my brother has brought back a sister?"
Chen Ling smiled gently and bent down to let Xiaoxue see the little girl Long Linger in his arms. Seeing Xiaoxue seems to be dancing, screaming "eyah" and falling into a coma for a long time. In addition to making Long Linger poor in external language mastery, it is also seriously lagging behind. So far, it can produce some monosyllables to express emotions.