"Father and mother, I’ll explain to you later that this little guy has brought some news. I’ll ask him first." If you want to explain the origin of the little devil to your parents, you have to talk about the underworld. This is not going to be finished for a while. He cares more about the goshawk and the dragon shine than Lin Feng, so he regards his parents’ fierce eyes, mental fluctuations and silent communication with the little devil.
"You mean that the second brother of Goshawk and Linger have indeed passed the spiritual robbery smoothly?"
The little devil nodded.
"You have found reincarnation?"
Nod again
"That shine woke up yet? Which plane is she on now? Is it on earth? "
The little devil shook his head first and then scratched his head. Obviously, he didn’t know which plane the earth was in, but this did not prevent him from communicating with Lin Feng.
"Oh shine haven’t wake up what did you say? Shine is in our present plane? " This time, windson suddenly called out in surprise, which attracted the attention of the surrounding area. The little devil researchers were even more aboveboard towards him.
However, Lin Feng was oblivious to staring at the little devil and seeing him nod his head again. Lin Feng cried again, "Then where is she now?"
The little devil decisively turned the small fork in his claw towards bsp; "You mean the life planet nearest to us? Oh, my God, isn’t that Tran Star? What a coincidence! "
It’s really a coincidence that Lin Feng never thought that in several parallel planes, Long Linger was reincarnated in Tran Star. Is this the fate of brother and sister? But whether it’s fate or coincidence, Lin Feng is still very grateful to God for arranging for him to meet Long Linger so soon.
"Now can you tell us the origin of this little thing?" See windson communication with the little devil come to an end. Chen Ling immediately stared at windson and asked if the cold light in his eyes was shining. If you don’t tell me, I will make you look good. Lin You also cooperated and squeezed his fist.
It’s a pity that windson still has no time to answer parents’ questions. Now it’s urgent to find Long Linger and take her and her family over.
"Father and mother don’t say that I’m going back to Tran Star once. I have something important to do. When I come back, I will give you an honest explanation." Lin Feng and Xiao Devil disappeared into the laboratory before saying their words, and then his voice came from a distance. "Father and mother will bring you a beautiful and lovely goddaughter when I come back. Now you can continue to finish that plane shredder!"
Chen Ling listened to the words and became more curious. Chloe had already run away. There was no way to think that she stamped her feet and pinched her husband’s waist severely.
Lin You asked, "Why do you pinch me when my wife sells me?"
"I didn’t learn from you?" Chen Ling of course.
Lin You was furious and waved his fist at Lin Feng and shouted, "You must teach you a lesson when you come back!"
Windson manipulated the "purple
Once I flew to Tran Star, this time the arrival of the little devil not only made Lin Feng feel a little helpless about how to return to the original plane, but I suddenly had a vague idea. But for now, I’d better find Long Linger first and think about it later.
After signing a series of unequal agreements with the United Nations of Tran Star, in order to avoid the powerful deterrent of "enemy approaching the city" and cause the other side to rebound, the war fortress left Tran Star and settled in a planetary orbit adjacent to Tran Star.
However, the widening distance has not affected the exchange between the two sides. Pirates in the war fortress often organize TranStar tour groups to visit TranStar, and the TranStar United Nations also sends a certain number of researchers to the war fortress to "study" according to the agreement. Of course, in the past two years, Lin Feng instructed TranStar to send trainees to study plane experts …
It can be said that after a certain degree of contact and exchange, the two sides have a better understanding of each other. It is no longer a secret that Ziguang belongs to the fortress of war. Moreover, after parents suggested to make up for the loss of Lida Democratic Republic, Lin Feng will grab a large-scale data device and seal a copy of it to Lida Academia Sinica. He will also give an account to Lida Academia Sinica in the name of those researchers who were kidnapped at the beginning for further study.
With these contacts and exchanges, "Purple Light" can fly freely in the atmosphere of Tran Star, and no country dares to play the idea of "Purple Light" openly.
The little devil led the "Purple Light" to land in the imperial territory of Arcaya.
I have to say that fate is a wonderful thing. Lin Feng came into contact with the country in Tran Star, that is, in the Arcaya Empire. I didn’t expect Long Linger to be reincarnated here.
Put away the "purple light" and turned a street to appear in front of Lin Feng. It is a 3-storey building with a small floor area. The surface of the building made of red bricks has been pitted in the sun, as if it were an old woman who had lost all her colors and was sad.
There is a big copper nameplate hanging at the gate of the building, with a patina nameplate engraved with a line of big characters-Xiuling Town Orphanage in Arcaya Empire.
Looking at this line of Chinese characters, Lin Feng frowned for a moment and then smiled with relief.
It seems that Long Linger has mostly become an orphan, but it is also easier to take her away without her parents’ tie. If you are lucky enough to return to the earth, you will not worry about not having parents’ love.
Through the gate, you can see that there is a small courtyard with some large children’s toys such as slides and swings. More than a dozen children are playing in the courtyard. They are dressed in old clothes and have dishes. Lin Feng did not find that kind of innocent smile that belongs to children from their childish faces.
"It seems that these children are not happy here. Yes, losing their biological parents’ love is just like being themselves in those days. How can they be happy? Don’t know how to shine … "Windson sighed and walked into the hospital.
"What can I do for you, sir?" A middle-aged woman who took care of the children was greeted in the courtyard.
Windson one leng at that time didn’t think about what to say.
See the windson appeared, and the children who were playing stopped to look at his eyes with strong expectations and longings.
Lin Feng immediately reacted and laughed. "I want to adopt a child."
Suddenly, the children’s eyes became more eager, and the middle-aged woman also showed a smile and said with joy, "That’s great, sir. Please come with me. I’ll take you to the dean."
"Good" windson light should way since Ann little devil has identified the dragon shine in this orphanage windson is not in a hurry for a while.
Lisa took two steps first, and suddenly it seemed that she remembered something and turned back and said, "By the way, you can call me Mrs. Lisa."
"Okay, my name is Lin."
Then Mrs Lisa kept telling him about the orphanage all the way, and Lin Feng could see that she really loved the children.
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Little Linda
Mr. Lin, do you want to adopt a boy or a girl? "
"Girl" windson want to also don’t want to answer.
"Oh, are you married?" Mrs Lisa suddenly stopped and asked seriously.
"This ….." Lin Feng reacted that he took it for granted that children can adopt if they don’t want to adopt, but they also need to meet certain conditions. The orphanage is responsible for the children, and it is impossible to give the children to people who don’t meet the requirements. However, Lin Feng reacted quickly and immediately thought of countermeasures. "Just now, I didn’t make it clear that I didn’t want to adopt a child, but my parents also wanted to find me a sister. Let me see if there are any suitable children first, and by the way, I also know about the adoption conditions."
"I see …" Mrs Lisa was relieved.
"By the way, Mrs. Lisa, I don’t think the children here seem to be doing so well. Is the empire investing insufficient funds in orphanages? " Windson afraid of being questioned again have no words to find words asked.
"In fact, the imperial investment in orphanages is still relatively sufficient …" Mrs. Lisa’s awkward and kind face appeared a little angry.
Windson immediately understood the inside story and didn’t speak again. It’s not surprising that every government department is involved in corruption or embezzlement.