"That’s true, I really want to thank my teacher younger brother." What happened to Zhu Jia’s rhetoric that Yang Xiu didn’t move on the surface, but his heart was a sneer? If it happened that Yang Xiu sent Lady Hua just a moment ago, how could they know immediately? Ma’s family seems to have ulterior motives for being so concerned about this matter, but no matter what his heart is, Yang Xiu should just stay out of it, because they sent him a sachet and he was disrespectful, which just helped a lot.
Zhu Jia said with a smile, "Actually, we didn’t help anything. It’s just a fragrant bag, but the Bai couple will definitely not watch Bai Ouqing come back and die, so the elder brother should be careful when he goes this time."
Yang Xiu said slightly, "Thank you for waking up."
Zhu Jia got up and said goodbye when she saw that the goal had been achieved. "Now that I have given the sachet to my brother, I won’t delay my brother’s departure. I wish him success first." "Go slow" Yang Xiu looked at the sachet in his hand and lost in thought.
He doesn’t know why a brother who is practicing Qi will lead many families to move in succession. It seems that this job is more troublesome than expected.
However, Yang Xiu felt Bai Zhi and the ghost king in the hands of Gan Kun with a tight fist, and thought to himself with a sneer, "If you don’t mess with me, otherwise"
Then Yang Xiu looked "different"
Different "belong to"
Yang Xiu took out a message saying, "It’s a message. You’re slow. I’ll go first with the leopard and kite. You’ll come later with five younger brothers. I’ll send you a message every other hour to tell you where to go. If you have any feelings, please contact me at the first time."
Soon received the message "yes"
Yang Xiu looked at Oxfam again and said "Shi"
Oxfam quickly got up and said respectfully, "Belong."
Yang Xiu: "Don’t go out without any special circumstances when you take the rest of your brothers to guard the abode of fairies and immortals, okay?"
Yang Xiu arranged to meet the flood, and he flew out of the house first with a leopard kite bag in his hand.
The leopard kite has four legs and a body like a leopard, but it has wings. Although the attack power is not high, the flying degree is not bad. Yang Xiu sat on the back of the leopard and took out the sachet to let the leopard feel the smell. After a few breaths, the leopard took him to the south to spread his wings.
Just as Yang Xiu flew out of Nanling, the monks in several places in the Twelve Peaks of the Ridge showed different looks.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
A middle-aged couple in a cave in Peiyao Peak is relatively speaking, the woman is dressed in simplicity, but she still can’t hide her good looks. However, at the moment, her face is full of sorrow, and there is a majesty in the shape of a man’s knife-shaped eyebrows and tiger’s eyes. Seeing that he is looking at the sky, his face is calm, and a cold light occasionally flashes in his eyes, revealing that his thoughts are surging in his heart.
On another mountain peak, in a secret room, a white-headed old man in Tsing Yi crossed his legs and squinted at a middle-aged man who was respectful in front of him. "People have been sent out!"
Middle-aged male gong said, "Report to the bodhi old zu has been sent out."
"Alas, unfortunately, I hope she can escape this robbery. You also went." Although the old man is sighing, he is still and indifferent, as if he were telling a trivial matter
Chapter one hundred and fifty-four Law enforcement
Fairy wild Chapter one hundred and fifty-four Law enforcement
Six thousand words a more 】
On the other hand, in the same scene in another place, Zhu Zun said in front of a middle-aged man wearing a brocade, "My husband has given him the sachet. I think he should have left Nanling by now."
Middle-aged man is writing in ink at the moment and listening to Zhu’s report intently. He didn’t get a ringing light way. "Well, I want to send someone there, too."
Zhu Jia looked at the middle-aged man with a puzzled face. "In fact, since we have found her, just bring it back directly. What else?"
The middle-aged man said unhurriedly, "if we bring her back, how can we save her?" If you don’t come to the rescue, you will die. What damage will the girl do to them? "
"Father-in-law’s strategy is high" Jia immediately kowtowed to a record.
Middle-aged man smiled and added, "You let the people over there keep an eye on it, but don’t have any accidents. They will definitely send someone to hide the girl. If Yang Xiu can’t find it then, all the plans will be in vain."
Zhu "don’t worry, I’ll keep it for Yang Xiu to find it smoothly, but what if Yang Xiu and Tianxuan have nothing? When they robbed Bai Ouqing from Yang Xiu, there would be no trouble. "
Middle-aged man shook his hand. "Do you think he seems to be a great-grandfather with Tianxuan since he took the door? If it weren’t for his cultivation, it wouldn’t be so fast as that clock. As you guessed, then we can see a person clearly. Anyway, this matter is not harmful to us, and that Xia Xiao should be completely concerned about the clock leaving home after this incident! "
Hearing Xia Xiao Zhu Jia’s eyes, he couldn’t help flashing a different color, but he hid it well. "Xia Xiao’s uncle and they have been sent to contact him. I think there will be news soon. I also heard that the Zhang family’s Nangong family and Mu family have also sent people, especially the Zhang family’s offer is very attractive."
The Chinese man sneered, "The younger generation of the Zhang family hasn’t had any qualifications since the two twin brothers died in Delong. Of course, they are more anxious than their families, and in recent years, they have also kept a lot of heavenly brothers, but it’s not a small amount of medicine every year, so they can’t turn out any big waves in a short time." Zhu Jia whispered, "I wonder if it’s true that my little husband heard that they were privately assigned to them to take charge of those spiritual mines?"
Middle-aged male light way "even with this kind of genocide, how can they let people hold the handle? I think some people are suspicious and have no evidence, so they deliberately spread the news so that the face can send someone to check it! Hum, but most of them are still busy in vain. Don’t go out and be benefited by others. I don’t know. "
Zhu Jia "My husband knows"
The Trans-Grand Canyon is located in the southwest of Xianda 6, where the mountains are steep and the forests are deep. There are Xianye 6, the most spectacular waterfall, Bugao 9, and thousands of feet, which is 1,000 feet long and forms a horseshoe shape. The four seasons are as white as a rainbow. There are also Xianye 6, the longest crossing river, which leads directly to the border islands. However, because the trans-Grand Canyon is flat, there are no monks here to repair.
After two days and two nights chasing Yang Xiu, riding a kite, is stopping at the top of the Trans-Waterfall at the moment. I don’t know if the leopard flies here, but he has completely lost the trace of Bai Ouqing. He might as well search around the Waterfall first, and slowly look for it. If he really can’t find it, he will wait for Hong to take his law enforcement cousin here and then look for it separately.
Because Bai Zhi had the knowledge of monks in the later period, of course, he was much stronger than Yang Xiu, so he released Bai Zhi from Gan Kun’s hand and let Bai Zhi sit behind him and search for Godsworn activities. He himself moved back and forth in a leopard kite.
When "Yi" passed through a wick of incense, Bai Zhi highlighted a indecision.
"Why is there anything now?" Yang Xiu heard Bai Zhi abnormal can not help but ask a way.
Bai Zhi hesitated for a moment and then said, "Well, God knows that there are a few strong aura fluctuations in the face, but there are Dan periods. It should not be the person the owner is looking for."
Yang Xiuwei froze. "It’s not certain that the leopard kite lost its Bai Ouqing breath when it arrived here. I think it’s because she has some skill or magic weapon to collect interest, and it may be that her family got there first, thus hiding her."
"Then shall we go and have a look?" Bai zhi asked.
"How many of those Dan-knot periods did they practice?" Yang Xiu cautiously said that if the number of people is not much and they are not strong, they don’t have to hide their bodies. If they come, it’s better to keep a low profile and be careful to approach them.
But listen to Bai Zhi suddenly wry smile way "I think we have been they now"
Sure enough, at the same time as Bai Zhi’s words were just finished, Yang Xiu saw a clear light flashing out of the square jungle, but when it was instantaneous, he saw an ordinary monk in his forties who had a knot in Dan’s mid-term self-cultivation and wore green and brown armor, and stopped at Yang Xiu ten feet away with his flying sword.
The man couldn’t help but frown slightly when he saw Yang Xiu’s knowledge of the late foundation, but he immediately felt that Bai Zhi’s knowledge of the body was like mud sinking into the sea, but he couldn’t fathom it. His face suddenly changed slightly and he knew that this should be the person who had just probed the face with knowledge of the gods, so he didn’t dare to fuels. "In Minstrel, Qin Zheng didn’t know where two Taoist friends came from?"
Minstrel is not a pie worse than the Ridge pie. There are several monks in the Yuan infant period who sit in and fit in. Before the monk’s repair, he was also faintly heard and had no impression.
Because of avoiding others’ feeling of Bai Zhi’s corpse gas, he has been wearing gauze in the cloud since he first returned to Nanling Yang Xiu. This Qin Zheng just can’t see Bai Zhi’s repair.
Of course, he knew that Qin was talking to Bai Zhi now, and he secretly made Bai Zhi improvise with nine kinds of mind secrets.