But on this day, Li She’s expression changed, which shocked Li She. It’s not that Yuan Shu is a foot soldier like a native tile dog in the surrounding area, but that Li She just received the news from Beijing.
"ding! It’s amazing to hear that Dong Zhuo was cruel and tyrannical. Today, Wang Yun, a great teacher, made Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu turn against each other and cut Dong Zhuo’s hall before the historical process officially entered the situation of warlord scuffle. "
This news suddenly surprised me that Dong Zhuo died so soon. It is reasonable to say that Dong Zhuo can live for at least a year or two. It is indeed a bit abrupt, but Li She was also briefly surprised and immediately returned to normal. Li She had long expected this day.
At the moment, a thunder sounded on a sunny day in Wan Li, leading pedestrians to look up at the sky. This is unreasonable, and there will be great things from a bolt from the blue.
Sure enough, the fierce sun dissipates the darkness of heaven and earth. At this time, there is a red sun hanging high, but this sun has not brought any light, but it is indifferent and dignified.
A closer look reveals that the sun is an eye, but the body is something like an egg. Li She is full of doubts about what this monster is. The body is like an egg, hands and feet, not to mention the five senses. The only organ in the whole body is that image.
Eyes like the sun
There was a cold feeling in the sky. "Today, Wang Liu, Hongnong, Z-country area, argued that the Emperor’s number was less than the Empire’s number Xing Han, which meant that Sheng Xing’s big fellow was indifferent, and Liu Bian proclaimed himself the emperor, who was the most hit by the national blockade at the beginning of the national war?"
Strong text depends on your efforts. "
As soon as the words fell, the monster, like an egg, burst and the sky instantly recovered. When Li She looked at the sky again, there was a bright sun hanging high. It seemed that what happened just now was just a dream of Li She Nan Ke.
Lame monks in Tianmen City have been sleepy all the time. These lame monks keep their eyes bright and mutter to themselves, "If the sky remains the same, the Tao will remain the same. Now that the" sky "is dead, the trail is chaotic. We are expected to ascend to the throne of Xianyun to seek that emptiness.
Immortality, then I can also recover from my illness. "
In another place, a white-bearded old man fondled his beard and whispered, "The opening angle is so small that it is too hasty to play the banner so quickly. If you play the banner now, it will be his day."
Heaven is dead now. If Zhang Jiao can endure for a while, maybe this "yellow day" is his master. "
There are whispers everywhere, and there are people who are not well-known, but it is no big deal that these people have just experienced a miracle and become the leftover material after dinner.
Li’s thoughts turn. Liu Bian, the king of Hongnong, once again proclaimed himself emperor and was still a little emperor. It seems that he is still unwilling to lose the position of emperor. There should be no peace in the north. The killing of the two emperors will definitely cause a chaos, and the civil servants and military commanders will surely.
To choose the position again, whether to choose Dong Zhuoli, the Han Emperor Liu Xie, or Liu Bian, the Han Emperor who is unwilling to fail.
And if Li She didn’t guess wrong, Liu Bian once again proclaimed himself and his brother Chen Wu couldn’t get away from it. What kind of position is Chen Wu in both?
At this time, Wu never expected that this kind of variation would lead to the opening of the national war. This is Chen Wu’s wildest dream. It seems that the condition for the opening of the national war is that two emperors appear in one country.
Just when Chen Wu was still thinking a lot, Liu Bian said, "This time, Dong Zhuo, the evil thief, was greatly rewarded by Wang Taishi Lv Aiqing. Father, what do you think should be rewarded?"
Yes, these two people are Wang Yun and Lu Bu, who should be on the side of Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty, but now they have joined the camp of Emperor Shao of Han Dynasty, not to mention that they must have worked hard.
Not far from the dragon chair in Liu Bian, there is also a chair specially designed for Chen Wu, and Liu argues that Chen Wu’s father is also right, because Chen Wu’s status as the queen mother of Cui is already too emperor. It can be said that people are different from people when you are still struggling with the emperor.
At that time, Chen Wudu was already an emperor.
"Just don’t ask my opinion if the emperor is in charge." Chen Wu answered and nodded his head. Chen Wu knew that although Liu Bian helped himself to the throne, some people certainly didn’t like this position and didn’t make decisions.
The decision must be getting worse and worse. You might stab yourself sometime.
Although Chen Wu’s words let Liu Bian take his own advice, in fact, the two men have already discussed it privately. "I will reward a surname with gold and silks and satins, and I will also reward Lv Aiqing with gold and silks and silks, and give him a title of generals in ancient times."
"thank you!" The two people thanked Liu Bian, especially Lu Bu, and his smile never stopped. This time, he not only won the peerless beauty The Story Of Diu Sim, but also cleared his stain and turned himself into a pillar of the Han Dynasty
"Then it’s other Aiqing." Liu Biao raised other heroes again.
Some people are glad that some people are worried that Liu Bian, the emperor of the Han Dynasty, has been rewarded with great contributions, while Liu Bian, the emperor of the Han Dynasty, has been hijacked and fled to the west cool land by Guo Si, Hua Xiong and others.
There is no history. Guo Si and others counterattacked the imperial court. This is the reason why Chen Wu stopped it. If you listen to Wang Yun’s suggestion, Guo Si and others will fight to the death. I am afraid that not only Wang Yun but also himself will die. Chen Wu immediately asked Liu Bian to take action.
Caressing attitude made Guo Si and others hand over the Han Emperor and let bygones be bygones.
Guo Si and others also have ambitions. They are an emperor, and they can do it themselves. Although the emperor Weifu did not counterattack the imperial court in history, he did not hand over the Han Emperor but fled to Xiliang, where they were big.
In this case, it’s better to slowly figure out Chen Wu. Anyway, now there is an emperor here, so it’s better not to bother Cao Cao with the vassal affairs, but it’s not right to say that Chen Wu doesn’t seem to be holding Liu Bian hostage, but Liu Bian is very.
Listen to him
It may be that what happened in Luoyang made Liu Bian feel afraid. Liu Bian was very dependent on Chen Wu, who saved his life. He didn’t want to be the emperor when he came to Liu Bian. He wanted Chen Wu to be himself, but Chen Wu felt that he could not justify himself. After he became a pawn, he might be with him.
Historical Yuan Shu ended up in a miserable field.
Wanted to think, let Liu Bian come. In this way, his identity is too emperor, so he can command big and small things, and Chen Wu also received the post of general. All the military forces in Xing Han are commanded by Chen Wu, including Lu Bu, who is also a warrior of Chen Wu.
This day is even more chaotic. The two emperors are contending with each other, and the war between the sinister and malicious princes is imminent. I wonder if there will be foreign mysterious forces invading the Central Plains, and maybe other countries are far apart for a while.
What does it have to do with the land of the Central Plains?
For example, unlike Vietnam, Myanmar and other places, the Xiongnu in the north did not have their own special language, which was directly classified as a part of the Z-state diplomatic state in this world, but unlike the Xiongnu in the north, they had their own glory, and the most impressive one was the generation.
Tianjiao Genghis Khan era
So, could their writings be the Mongol Empire? If so, was it blocked by the heroes of the Central Plains when the first fighters entered the Central Plains?
To the north is the Mongol Empire. What should it be in the west? Ah? Rome? Or is it that the world’s three great texts are competing in the west for Tianchen, and the future is full of unknowns. Now the best way is to step up the work.
The strength of Guxing Han is likely to face the impact of Mongolian fighters on Chen Wu soon, and Chen Wu must not let himself fail.
The north is really chaotic, while the south where Li is involved is relatively stable. Many countries belonging to the south are more and more popular, and they belong to the Three Kingdoms since they just entered the game. So far, there has been no chaos.
Once, I tried to get a piece of the cake when I was in the yellow turban insurrectionary chaos, but I was miserably suppressed by Zhu Engraving with iron and blood. Since then, there has been no big move in Jiaozhou.
Generally speaking, the south is still relatively stable. When Li changed his mind, he suddenly thought of the situation of H country sticks and rb ghosts. I wonder what they are. Now H country should be called Korean, right? It’s not modeled after Chinese, or it’s Chinese, but they are thick-skinned and say everything about themselves.
For example, in reality, Li She knew that the baseball players in country H actually described the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese unified festival, as their unified festival, and even applied for it at the United Nations. The Mid-Autumn Festival also became the Spring Festival in country H. At that time, Li She’s lungs were bursting with anger. What a group of shameless things.
There is nothing special about Korean, but there is an era in rb, and it is also a constant scuffle. That is, in the Warring States Period, Li She didn’t know what kind of heroes came forth. Ghosts always held various gods, especially after adding the elements to the animation, Chinese children learned a lot.
Li was a little scoffed at this, but the earth also wanted to say that heroes came forth in large numbers, but I didn’t know that during the Warring States Period of China, there was a man named Le Yi who called who made a move in the time of Yan’s crisis, and even the seventy-two cities of Qi were almost equivalent to a rb. What good air did you have when you said that you were a hero in the Warring States Period?
It’s not just Li Shechen Wu who is thinking a lot at this time. Every player is thinking deeply. They know that the day of stability is coming soon and the whole world melee is coming.
Liangzhou Ding Tao Li’s brother is being summoned by Guo Si at this time, which is appreciated by Guo Si. The site in Guo Si is also expanding bit by bit. Ding Tao is the winner of "the first city in heaven" after Li’s "the second city in heaven". Besides, if you want food in the west cool wilderness, you will have soldiers and troops.
Ding Tao has been committed to the development of territorial work, and even Jia Xu, a strategic adviser, has asked Ding Tao to arrange administrative work. It can be said that Ding Taolong’s soul city is more powerful than the territory is gradually expanding, and the whole Wuwei County is falling into Ding Tao. In the picture, Guo Si just gave Ding Tao the title of Wuwei Prefecture, so Wuwei County officially became Ding Tao’s private territory, and it has the talent to compete for competition.
Let’s take a look at another good brother of Li, Qin Zheng, who fled with the army in a panic. Huang Gai was holding a big iron whip with a thousand soldiers and shouted at Qin, "Master, let’s go and I’ll break up!"
"Please be careful and go to Tianmen City to find me." Qin also knew that the pursuer was in an emergency and casually confessed his life. Gao Sheng drove the carriage and drove off toward Nanjun. Another small cavalry followed closely around the horse body to protect the carriage.
There are three people, a man and three women in the carriage. The man is naturally Qin. Among the three women, there are naturally Xuemei and Quer. One of the two beautiful wives is dressed in a big red robe and looks like a bride, but Qin is not dressed as a groom. It can be said that the bride must have been robbed by Qin.
The bridegroom is holding Qin’s arm tightly and doesn’t want to part for a moment. It seems that Qin is very dependent on Qin and patted the groom’s jade hand. "Mom, don’t be afraid of the inevitable worry when we get to Tianmen City in Nanjun, where people who are involved in the territory dare to set foot."
The bride didn’t feel nervous before. Qin sighed a little. This woman gave up her territory for a long time. If you ask Qin, you won’t regret it. The answer is definitely no regret, because Qin is an emotional person. Let Qin choose one of them. Qin will definitely choose a beauty without hesitation.
If this question is thrown at Li She, Li She will definitely not be able to make such a decision. First of all, Li She will think about whether she really loves this beauty, and then whether this beauty also loves herself. If this beauty has a enchanting body, Li She will find it difficult for her to give up the country. If she is a lover, Li She will also choose a beauty such as Bian Shi and others for comparison. Li She will definitely give up her territory and choose a beautiful woman such as Bian Shi.
Qin is now in a mess. Li She doesn’t know that Guo Jia brought a person to find Li She, and a pair of big axes are particularly outstanding.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-four Xinye Deng Gu
I was quite impressed by the bearer Li She. It was not long ago that I ran to Tianmen City to find Zhang Ning "cutting the hag" and let the former Saint Zhang Ning of the Yellow Scarf give them a stable place. Finally, I turned to Li She for help.
"General!" Li She was greeted with a big smile. She finally waited. It’s time to show her talents in Xinye City.
The burly man hurriedly knelt down and said, "I will meet the adults at the end!"
"Please hurry up and ask how many troops you have brought." Li She quickly helped Mann to ask her most heartfelt question. Although the soldiers are more important than the soldiers, the foot soldiers are based in a strange place. If there are not many foot soldiers, it will be difficult for everyone to make some small moves.
"My adult has come to a total of 250,000 military forces, led by my master general Huang Shao and General Gong Dou. At present, he is on standby in Jiyang County to ask the adult to kill Xinye immediately to solve the adult’s trapped city danger."
"Not to say that there are more than 20? Now how have two hundred and fifty thousand suddenly so much? "Li She vaguely remembers asking Mann how many military forces there are, and Mann replied that two hundred and ten thousand people could never be more than this number. How long did it take to immediately increase tens of thousands of people?"
"Well, the refugees have been displaced recently, so they can join us. My master and generals don’t want to take them in, but I can think of your adult’s reluctance to take them in when you occupy Nanyang," Mann explained