People were the easiest to be fooled. Later, Lin Fengcai knew that Palin had signed an agreement with the United Nations in Tran Star through the threat of force. Most of them were concealed. When the people in Tran Star knew that the United Nations had come into contact with an advanced alien language, the two sides showed a series of friendly exchanges. When the pirates traveled to Tran Star, they were even warmly welcomed …
However, all this is behind us. Before the new round of negotiations, Lin Feng returned to the war fortress.
Lin Feng’s name for the war fortress "Storm City" is not aimed at the war fortress. It does have a huge modern city, even around the city, there are mountains, waters, rivers, birds, flowers and greenery. Everything is almost the same as the planet city.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Plane tears
Jinjiao, the former boss of the Jinjiao Pirate Corps, was originally the mayor of the war fortress. Of course, someone else was responsible for the specific management.
There are nearly 6oo million permanent residents in the city, including talented people kidnapped by pirates’ families during the robbery and hunting operations, some immigrants eager to wander, and many slaves sent as ransom, plus a large number of pirates. All these are the results of Jinjiao’s efforts for more than 100 years. Of course, compared with the tens of billions of people in Tran, this oo million people is just a drop in the bucket, so Palin dare not invade Tran easily.
Windson found a villa in the best area on the outskirts of the city, and settled his family. For safety reasons, he transferred several elite pirate special warfare teams to guard the villa.
After all the arrangements were completed, Lin Feng took his parents and scientists kidnapped from Lida Democratic Republic to the laboratory in the war fortress, which was arranged by the guru Titus. Of course, parents must have a natural position in the laboratory, and no one can make them do anything they don’t want to do!
Although Tess initially complained about Lin Feng’s command that Lin Feng’s parents might infringe on her own prestige, she immediately put this little unhappiness behind her after seeing so many researchers Lin Feng grab a large data device from the bottom of Lida Academia Sinica. Nothing can make Gollum feel happier than focusing on research.
At that time, Lin Feng was afraid that the kidnapped scientists would not cooperate, so he promised to take the scientists to the war fortress to reunite with them and send them back to Lida Democratic Republic as soon as the research was successful.
In windson promised parents that these scientists were skeptical for a while, and there were still some fears in windson’s heart that they would not work hard. I didn’t expect that when they saw the advanced equipment in the laboratory, they were all like taking stimulants. The research made windson stunned.
"Is this the plane tearer?" Windson curiously looked at this instrument in front of him. This instrument is divided into two main parts. One part is a central controller with the size of 2 cubic meters, and the other part is a metal skeleton folded together. These metal skeletons can form a ring with a diameter of about 30 meters after being hit.
"Yes, this is our research achievement in the past two years. It is based on Xiaofeng’s research on the sealing technology of that large data device that you got from the bottom of Lida Central Research Institute." Lin You looked straight in front of this instrument with some joy and some regret.
"Does father have this instrument to know the earth?" Windson asked with some surprise, it’s been two years in the blink of an eye, and I finally saw the hope of going back. What is the complicated expression of my parents? Is it not as ecstatic as I imagined? Vaguely windson felt that things were not so simple.
"Ha ha ….." Lin You smiled and shook his head and explained, "This instrument may be able to bring some help to our return, but in fact, there are still some more critical problems that have not been solved, and our return road is still very long."
"What key problem is not solved? What is this thing? " Windson anxiously asked
In the past two years, Lin Feng has devoted himself to the practice of "Nine Turn Dry Yuan Zhen Solution", which has reached the fourth floor. To be honest, this kind of practice has surprised Lin Feng himself. After having Yuan Ying, the degree of absorption and transformation of aura has increased tenfold. Even if Yuan Ying gave a small part of the transformation, it was enough to greatly accelerate the growth of then. Plus, the practice of "Soul Sutra" has also made Lin Feng’s realm grow rapidly and complement each other. Lin Feng has broken Dan several times faster than he expected in one year. Now Lin Feng has confidence and Jinjiao is facing the first world war.
However, it is precisely because he focused on spiritual practice that Lin Feng didn’t pay much attention to his parents’ research. It was not because he didn’t want to pay attention that scientific research was a long and rigorous process, and he might experience hundreds or thousands of failures, but he didn’t want these failures to affect his mood, so he deliberately avoided his parents’ research.
"Let me tell you." Tess looked at the instrument in front of him tenderly as if she were looking at herself.
Generally speaking, "the key problem is still those two points. I told you before that there is a large and concise energy to penetrate the barrier, and there is no plane landmark."
"What?" Windson frowned and asked "that these two years-"
"Don’t worry, listen to me slowly." Tess White Windson immediately interrupted him with a wave of his hand when he wanted to ask something, explaining, "Although this instrument is called a plane tearer, it is not yet completed, but it still lacks a plane penetration function. Now it can’t directly tear the plane barrier, which means it can expand and stabilize the plane channel. That is to say, it can only get up if it wants to penetrate the plane first, but it still needs me to say that concise and powerful energy can penetrate the barrier, even if it penetrates a point, this instrument can tear and expand this point and finally form a stable plane channel theory.
"is it really difficult to form this concise and powerful energy?" Windson not asked
"It’s difficult, but it’s not impossible." Chen Ling suddenly said, "You should know that your father and I used to be good at research. When we were on earth, your father and I were both famous experts in energy weapons research. Now, with the help of Tess and those advanced technical references, it is still possible to complete the plane penetration function of this instrument, but the most difficult thing is that there is no correct plane landmark. Even if we complete this instrument, it is impossible to access our original plane channel in the digital plane."
"Is there really no way to solve it?" Windson unwilling asked
"no!" Tess said neatly, "According to our research, there are several planes in the universe, but there is actually a parallel plane barrier. That is to say, to break through this barrier theory, we can connect all parallel planes except the horizon plane. In this case, the corresponding plane markers must be set in the plane tearing device before drilling the plane channel. Without the plane markers, the plane channel will randomly lead to a parallel plane!"
Lin Fengwen was silent, and his heart was a little depressed. If you can randomly play the plane channel, it means that every time you play a channel, you have to send someone to explore it. So it is impossible to find the plane where the earth is located for thousands of years. Lin Fengwen may wait, but his relatives and confidantes on the earth can’t afford to wait.
Just when Lin Feng was thinking, it seemed that there was a sudden fluctuation around him. A laboratory instrument was also sensitive to capture what was crazy. When Lin Feng was shocked, he was instantly gathered at the fluctuation point. Although Lin Feng did not foresee the danger, he still accelerated the operation of the real yuan to prepare for the sudden change.
Gradually, a hazy shadow appeared at the fluctuation point, which was not big and about the size of a palm. Windson felt a wave of soul that seemed familiar.
"What’s that?" Although the changes of instruments in the laboratory have attracted the attention of many researchers, some people have seen the sudden appearance of shadows.
The shadow gradually became clear and finally appeared in front of everyone. It was a strange creature with brown skin, horns, a long tail, bat wings and a small fork.
The palm-sized eccentric creature turned and looked around, and immediately flew towards Lin Fengfei. His mouth cried "Haw" as if he were very excited.
"Oh my god is a little devil! Be careful! " Chen Ling suddenly screamed, his hands tightly holding his face, and his pale figure quickly rushed towards his son.
Lin You moves faster than his wife. At this moment, he has completely forgotten himself. He can see strange creatures flying towards Lin Fengfei much more than he does. He doesn’t want the horse to flicker and stand in front of Lin Fengqian with a face of alert.
"Father and mother all right! It’s my friend’s pet and won’t hurt me. "Lin Feng was moved to hug his father’s shoulder in front of him, and the other arm held his mother’s arm. The little devil flew to his shoulder and waved a small fork and cried" Haw ".
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Orphanage
Feng is the first person in the whole laboratory to see the little devil. Does the goshawk give Long Linger a "flying" pet? Now that it’s here, does that mean that the goshawk and Long Linger have successfully survived the spiritual robbery? Thought of here, Lin Feng didn’t notice that the arrival of the little devil frightened his parents at the moment, but then he was moved by his parents’ desperate efforts to stand in front of him, with his eyes slightly red and his nose slightly sour.
"Son, is this … true?" Chen Ling patted his chest and gasped because of strenuous exercise.
"Of course, I really don’t believe you!" Said the windson will split the little devil so he flew to his hands, blinking his small eyes and looking at windson’s parents curiously.
"You little stinker scared you!" Seeing the little devil really doesn’t look dangerous. Lin You relaxed and punched him in the shoulder and asked, "Is this little guy really your friend’s pet? Why does it look exactly like the devil in the story? What is the origin of your friend who has such a pet? "