Lin Nianfeng looked at his brother carefully. He was as black as Xiaoxue as his adoptive parents. He was slender and handsome. His eyes and nose were 7 points similar to his father’s, but he was a bit like a mother. He was heavy.
The awe-inspiring body seems to be scattered with a faint light enough to cause all
He is clever and respectful to his parents, and there is a deep attachment in his eyes. He is gentle and fond of Xiaoxue, just like his most cherished baby. However, he looks at his eyes with a hint of disgust and makes no secret of disgust!
And parents? His parents looked at him with pride and love in their eyes, which they had never seen before, and light snow was snuggling in his arms, sprinkling charming brothers and screaming.
Yes! They are the perfect family! I’m an outsider! Gradually Lin Nianfeng’s eyes revealed a trace of despair and resentment.
"Nianfeng, he is your brother. Our family is finally reunited. Call your brother, silly boy!"
Father’s voice is still ringing in Lin Nianfeng’s ear, but it sounds like he is floating from nine days away.
"Father and mother, I’m tired. I’ll go back to my room and rest first." At windson coldly, Lin Nianfeng turned and walked away.
"live! Did your parents let you go? Did I let you go? " Windson light said sound is not loud but with a hint of anger.
Lin Nianfeng took a look back at "brother" and snorted. I just wanted to continue to go back to my room, but suddenly I felt a hand and grabbed my throat. I suddenly got up and slowly moved to the table.
Lin Nianfeng was so frightened that his hands and feet kept waving in the air, but he couldn’t touch this shape at all. Raise your hand and feel that this huge hand is just right, which makes him feel very sad but not suffocated.
Everyone except Lin Feng was stunned and looked at Lin Nianfeng who was struggling in the middle school, but Lin You and Chen Ling soon reacted. This must be his own son’s ghost.
"Xiao Feng, let your brother come!" Chen Ling frowned in windson knocked on the head.
Windson hey hey smile spirit a closed Lin Nianfeng immediately fell to the ground, but the height is not high and not hurt.
Chen Ling stared at windson again and lifted Lin Nianfeng up, feeling a headache. She had long guessed that the two brothers might be at odds, but they clashed as soon as they met. She didn’t know who to blame for such a situation.
Blame your own son. First, don’t give up. Second, Lin Feng was right just now. It’s only natural for the younger brother to be rude to the older brother in the family.
But if you blame it, it seems inappropriate. Chen Lingke can imagine Lin Nianfeng’s mental impact after hearing Lin Feng’s return. If you blame him again in this case, I’m afraid it will bring each other a gap that will never be erased.
Seeing that it is difficult for his wife, Lin You turned a blind eye to the conflict between Lin Feng and his brothers and said, "I have something important to announce at a family meeting!"
"Family meeting?" Lin Nianfeng blushed in the transient and couldn’t help thinking, "Do you want to expel yourself from home? Yes, I will be 1 year old when I am an adult. My parents have no sense to take care of themselves … "
Lin You Gherardini looked pale and had rich life experience. Of course, he guessed that raising must have got into a dead end, but he didn’t immediately explain it. Instead, he smiled and said, "Wang Ma Nianfeng and Xiaoxue I never told you the origin of our husband and wife. Now it’s time. In fact, neither our husband and wife nor Xiaofeng are from Lida Democratic Republic, and we are not even from Tranxing. We are from another plane, a federal country called the Earth …" Lin You took him and his wife Lin Feng to Tranxing and briefly talked about it.
"Father, do you mean that you and your mother have been studying how to get back all these years?" Different Yu Xiaoxue puzzled Lin Nianfeng, after all, is almost an adult and caught the point.
Lin You smiled approvingly and added, "Now Xiaofeng has also brought a small war fortress, so we decided to move and live in the war fortress, and the free-form laboratory is more advanced and convenient for research. Now I ask you and Wang Ma for advice. Would you two like to go with us?"
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Threat of force
Mr. Lin, although I don’t quite understand what you said, I now want you not to abandon me, no matter where I go with you, I am willing. I can’t bear to leave Xiaoxue and you, "said Wang Ma without thinking.
"Of course we won’t dislike you. You are welcome to come with us." Lin You and his wife smiled happily. It is conceivable that even if they moved to the war fortress, they wouldn’t have much leisure. Sometimes Wang Ma has followed them for more than ten years, and they will be relieved to have her continue to take care of Xiaoxue.
Then they turned their eyes to the silent Lin Nianfeng.
"Nianfeng, when you grew up in Lida, you may not give up this country, but your father said that you will soon be an adult and you must have your own ideas. We will respect your choice!" Chen Ling said softly, "Whether you come with us or not, you will always be a member of our family."
It’s really hard for Lin Nianfeng, although he has recognized himself as an outsider, he shouldn’t expect family warmth any more, but he can’t bear to let him abandon his family affection for more than ten years.
On the other hand, he is reluctant to leave his hometown and his friends as soon as he is born, but if he doesn’t leave with his parents, he may never see them again.
After thinking about it for a long time, Lin Nianfeng suddenly felt very sad. He felt that his adoptive parents had never really loved him, otherwise he would not have asked him this question. If he were his own son, he would have taken him away without thinking, even if he didn’t agree.
"Father and mother, do you want me to go with you?"
Lin Nianfeng’s question made Lin Feng’s eyebrows pick. I didn’t expect this little boy to know how to do this. Lin Feng certainly didn’t want this little boy to follow, but it was not easy to pick the objection. Otherwise, he would be taught a lesson by his parents. Now he is asked by this little boy. Kindly, his parents will definitely give a positive answer, so it is estimated that he can’t get rid of this little boy.
Sure enough, Chen Ling said without thinking, "You are our son, too. Of course we hope you will come with us!"
Lin You also agreed with nodded windson disdain and the pie mouth but didn’t speak.
In an instant, Lin Nianfeng felt a deep warmth in his heart, which was more than happiness. "My parents still love me and they didn’t want to abandon me!" " Thought of here, he took a provocative look at windson. I don’t know. Looking at Lin Nianfeng, whose face is slightly livid, he felt extremely comfortable in his heart. "Want to monopolize bsp; "Well, I’ll go with my father, mother, light snow and Wang Ma! I can’t bear to part with you immediately. "
Lin Nianfeng’s words left out Lin Fengfeng’s words. Lin Fengfeng didn’t seem to be angry. It was Yin insidious smile who smiled and decided to give this little color to see when he got to the war fortress! Joke: "Storm City" is its own territory!
Now that we have reached an agreement, we will pick up the table and get ready to move at once. Although life in the fortress of war and the forest air ring is everything, some things will have feelings after a long time, so things in the villa will always take away some of them.
Windson didn’t live in this villa, and he didn’t know what he wanted or what he didn’t want. He put what his parents decided to take away in a ring.
After everything is packed, windson will send everyone to the "Crystal House" and manipulate the mecha to fly too far away.
Windson just broke through the atmosphere and came to the outside, so he was startled by the sight of the mecha scanner. Not far away, the many starships were divided into two sides, and it was obvious that one side was to meet the windson pirate fleet, while the other side was composed of starships with different shapes and different logos, which was estimated to be a mixed fleet of Transtar.
There are still some metal wrecks floating in the gap between the two sides, which means that the two sides have already had a small-scale encounter.
Windson shook his head and manipulated the mecha around a greatly returned to the pirate fleet flagship.
"What is the situation now?" Will you arrange your family or not? Windson immediately called in to command the pirate fleet to fight in Palin.
"Just after a small-scale battle, we won a big victory, and then the other side took the initiative to retreat. Now they are negotiating with us," Palin said with a smile.
"That you say what should I do now? You must have seen that the technological level of Transtar is one era behind us, even if we want to control this.
It’s not difficult, "said Lin Feng tentatively." Although he can take orders under the guise, it’s still necessary to listen to the opinions of pirates and cause a rebound. You know, small war fortresses and pirates are the most important armed forces in Lin Feng’s hands now, and Lin Feng doesn’t want to give up until he has to.
"What else can I do? Of course, according to our pirate rules, let the other planet’s materials compensate our losses and redeem those soldiers captured by us, "Palin replied without thinking."
"Oh?" Windson slightly one leng added, "Don’t you want to control this planet?"
"It’s not that it’s not that easy to control a planet," Palin smiled and explained. "Although the technology of the other side is one era behind us, if the ball force can also make our main fleet suffer heavy losses, of course, if we rely on the war fortress to fight with the other side, our losses will be greatly reduced, but these are not important. The important thing is that we don’t have enough people to control the whole planet. If we rashly expand the war of aggression, it will easily be dragged into the quagmire of war and we cannot extricate ourselves. This is one of them."
Parrington paused and added, "The second is limited by our pirate character and ability. We like to drift everywhere, take risks everywhere and hunt everywhere, but we hate staying in one place for a long time. And to manage a planet well, especially a planet obtained through the war of aggression, we need many professionals to cooperate with each other. Otherwise, a bad one will be ruined. To be honest, we don’t have so many professionals, so we don’t need to take risks to occupy this planet."
"Well, that makes sense." Lin Feng nodded approvingly and felt that Palin was worthy of being a think tank of the Jinjiao Pirates’ Group. He was cautious and thoughtful, and he would not lose himself because of his interests. It was really a rare talent to stay awake at all times. Lin Feng decided to bring all pirates in the whole war fortress back to his original plane after reorganization if possible … not the Lins’ direct force!
This negotiation soon ended, and finally, in the face of absolute strength, the combined fleet of Tran Star could choose to retreat. After the negotiation, the country that had previously clashed with the pirate group promised to compensate a lot of materials to redeem the captured soldiers.
Windson heard his parents say some of their research results know that near Tran Star, that is, the parents’ war fortress appeared on this plane, which is a weak area of plane barrier. If you want to cross back to the original plane, you can’t leave Tran Star Domain.
Therefore, Palin was instructed by Lin Feng to hold a new round of negotiations with Tran Star United Nations. When the war fortress with a diameter of 36o appeared in the outer orbit of Tran Star, Tran Star United Nations immediately signed an agreement with Palin, in which Palin made most demands, including giving a batch of materials to the war fortress every year, allowing the pirates of the war fortress to travel to Tran Star, and enjoying diplomatic freedom during the travel.
Of course, Palin was afraid that too much squeezing would cause dissatisfaction among the people of Tran Star and adversely affect the implementation of the agreement. Therefore, Palin also promised to bid for the transfer of a number of real technologies to Tran Star countries and agreed to let the United Nations send a certain number of scientists to the war fortress for further study every year.