"Yes, yes, don’t sweep the wind." Father Lin You felt unhappy. "Wang Ma took out the bottle of good wine that I have treasured for many years at home and let’s have a good meal."
"You guys …" Chen Ling sighed for a long time and stopped insisting. In fact, she also knew that her husband said that he didn’t like the adoption of Nianfeng at the beginning, and it was a kindness for his mother.
At that time, my husband was still very good at studying, but after all, the couple were busy studying. On the one hand, they didn’t have much time to discipline this child. On the other hand, they knew each other’s identity and didn’t discipline it like their own children. Because of lack of discipline, they became unable to study hard, and their grades were in a mess. They often fought, skipped school and hung out with a bunch of gangsters all day. Recently, they fled the night and talked back, which made the couple very headache.
Now the husband and his own son, who miss each other so much, have found two sons. Compared with each other, their mature and decisive strength is amazing. The husband and wife have gone through all kinds of hardships and resolutely broke into the treacherous meteorite desert regardless of their own safety. Finally, they came to Tranxingyu with a small war fortress. What is there to say about such a son? It is definitely the pride of my husband and wife!
And the other one is lazy and academic, causing trouble …
Thought of here, Chen Ling couldn’t help shaking his head. They are just one in the sky and one in the ground!
I’m afraid my husband won’t like Nianfeng even more if he keeps it. Chen Ling thinks it’s necessary to have a good talk with Lin You’s father. After all, he has raised more than ten years and has a deep feeling. Besides, he doesn’t learn Nianfeng well and has his own couple’s unfavorable reasons for discipline. We can’t blame him blindly.
Lin Fengke no matter what mother is thinking, seeing that she is not insisting on coming back for dinner, Lin Feng is very heart-warming. He laughed, "Dad, you won’t take out that broken wine to make a fool of yourself. I have a good wine that you have never drunk." Say Lin Feng smiled mysteriously and took out a fist-sized white jade jar from the ring.
Chapter one hundred and eleven Fairy wine
The wind smiled mysteriously and hit the small cover of the white jade jar. Suddenly, it was fragrant and fruity, and the fascinating fragrance floated out. All the people who smelled this fragrance could not help but close their eyes. It seemed that there was a clear spring from the beginning, and they felt comfortable and dizzy. They wanted to go home with the wind.
"What kind of wine is this? It smells good!" Lin You couldn’t help but wonder. Chen Ling and Wang Ma will also look forward to the small jars in windson’s hands.
Xiaoxue was so impatient that he grabbed Lin Feng’s arm and went to see the small jar in his hand. He kept calling, "It smells good, brother. Show Xiaoxue what’s inside?"
"Light snow, don’t wait, you will know." Windson pinched my little girl’s face and pressed her to the chair, and then took out five crystal cups of the same fist size from the ring and gave them to everyone for one-sided wine. "This is authentic fairy wine, that is, fairy drinking. Although this small jar is a little big, it can contain ten pounds of wine."
"Fairy … Fairy wine …?" Lin You and Chen Ling were taken aback and looked at each other in unison and asked, "Son, do you mean this is fairy wine making? Is the fairy really there? "
"Of course I am. Otherwise, why should I fix it?" Lin Feng smiled and explained, "I met three immortals by chance. This bottle of wine was given to me by one of them, Goshawk Immortal. It’s a famous wine in the fairy world-Baiguoniang!" Because it’s not easy to explain that windson didn’t tell them what he went to the underworld, so he just said a word at the moment.
"There really is a fairy …"
Lin Feng noticed that after listening to his words, there was a glimmer of longing in his parents’ eyes. It seems that like all Chinese people, Lin Feng secretly made up his mind, "Father and mother, I will definitely take you to the celestial world!"
Clean up a mood windson went on to say, "It is said that among several top famous wines in the celestial world, one is called Wanguo Fairy Brew, which is brewed by ten thousand kinds of fairy fruits, which can’t be drunk by ordinary fairy bases. This Baiguo Fairy Brew is modeled after Wanguo Fairy Brew, and it is said that there are hundreds of kinds of fairy fruits to brew in the celestial world."
In order to take care of Wang Ma, Lin Feng always talked with the translator when we talked together. However, the immortal is a unique title in the fairy tale of Huaxia nationality in the Earth Federation. What does it mean that Lin Feng is not white in the language of Lida Democratic Republic? Wang Ma is not white in appearance, so she doesn’t understand that this altar of wine is precious. It is incredible that a jar like Lin Feng said can hold ten kilograms. Yu Xiaoxue is too young to be white. She is staring at Lin Feng’s wine drinker and screaming "Pour more, brother."
Clear and blue as the sea, the wine slightly rippled in the crystal cup, bringing a burst of intoxicating fragrance. But Lin Feng poured a little bit in each cup for some reason. By comparison, at most, he fell to the ground with a cup. His parents were less than one tenth. Wang Ma and Xiaoxue almost poured a shallow bottom. Not only was Xiaoxue pouting in protest, but even his father could not help complaining, "Yes, you are too stingy. Are you going to pour us such a little bit? Are you going to feed us or mice?"
"Don’t talk nonsense!" Chen Ling twisted her husband’s waist and looked askance at him. "Xiaofeng must have his reasons for doing this. This is fairy wine. Are you so delicious?"
"Yes, it’s mother Cong". It was mother Lian Lin Feng who immediately gave a big ass and then laughed. "Immortal things are not something that ordinary people like us can easily enjoy and eat rashly. 99% of them may be killed immediately, and the remaining one is also a broken meridian."
Lin You couple suddenly startled Wang Ma exclaimed a worship and said, "That Xiaofeng this wine …"
"It’s okay, this wine will be fine if you drink it with water according to a certain proportion. I can practice for a long time according to 11o against my parents and practice the Lins’ health preserving skill. If there is a problem with 12o, Yu Xiaoxue and Wang Ma will be less." Speaking of this, Lin Feng has some regrets and then says, "It is reasonable to say that this fairy wine should be the most perfect against the purest mountain spring, but I don’t have a mountain spring here, but I have bottled mineral water first.
Fruit will not be much worse. "
Pure mineral water is poured into the crystal cup, and the blue wine doesn’t seem to have been diluted, no matter the color or aroma, it is still so rich that it makes people drool.
"All right, let’s all move." After pouring the wine, Lin Feng raised his glass and said, "Let’s have a toast once again!"
Lin You shallow drink a mouthful of fairy wine in the cup is like swallowing a pure aura of heaven and earth. I feel that this cold aura goes straight into my throat and shivers slightly, as if I had eaten the ginseng fruit, and I was on cloud nine.
However, before the feeling of comfort passed, the aura turned into a fire in the abdomen. The Dantian force was driven by the fire and moved in the meridians of the body. Close your eyes and feel warm. Every cell in the body is cheering and constantly exchanging the purest energy with the outside world.
A moment later, the fire suddenly recoiled from his throat. Lin You couldn’t help belching. He didn’t open his eyes. He continued to drive his efforts to run around in the meridians. Lin You, a yogi, keenly felt that the fairy wine contained incredible aura. A shallow bite was enough for him to digest for a long time.
This fairy wine is not the first time for Lin Feng to drink fairy wine, which not only has more aura, but also has the effect of improving physical fitness and prolonging life span. The benefits to ordinary people are extremely great, but the aura in fairy wine is mostly fairy aura, which is not much for ordinary people. However, this little aura on the earth and Tran Star is enough to surprise Lin Feng’s parents. In fact, Lin Feng doesn’t have this kind of fairy aura at present, but it seems that practicing cocoa in the spiritual sea seems to like it very much. Therefore, this fairy aura is exchanged with cocoa for five elements of aura.
Like his father, his mother Chen Ling closed her eyes and pranayama after drinking fairy wine, which made Lin Feng regret having a good family dinner but was turned into a spiritual assembly by herself.
Fortunately, Wang Ma and Xiaoxue didn’t practice and didn’t have the concept of "aura". I felt that fairy wine really tasted good. Xiaoxue was holding a cup and sipping powder doodle. Soon, two strands of blush appeared on her little face, which made people hate it.
"What’s the matter with brother, mother and father? Are you sleepy? Everything is closed? " Light snow asked strangely while drinking wine.
"It’s okay, mom and dad are tired, close your eyes and have a rest." Windson knows that parents are not really practicing pranayama now, but it won’t be long when the reiki in the fairy wine is temporarily put into operation.
"Oh, then let’s not quarrel with them." Xiaoxue cleverly lowered her voice and picked up the crystal cup to drink.
"Light snow, don’t care about drinking. Try my brother’s cooking quickly." Windson was afraid that my girl would get drunk and quickly put her glass aside and brought her some food.
"hmm!" Fortunately, Lin Fengcai is indeed an extraordinary light snow, and there is no objection to eating with her special chopsticks.
Sure enough, windson’s parents soon opened their eyes. Lin You sighed, "It was a good wine in the celestial world. This little mouth not only increased its strength, but also felt like it was several years younger."
"Yes, Mr. Lin said that I have gone to my heart. I feel much younger after drinking this wine. This wine must be very expensive!" Wang Ma asked softly.
"Ha ha, Wang Ma, this wine can’t be measured by money. If it weren’t for a small wind, we might not drink a drop for generations." Lin You paused here and stared at Wang Ma slightly for a while, like a new big six. "Wang Ma, you look really young. The crow’s feet have disappeared for several years."
"Are you? Really? " What woman doesn’t love beauty? Even if Wang Ma is a middle-aged person, she can’t wait to look in the mirror at once after listening to Lin Feng’s father.
"Well, let’s eat quickly. Xiaofeng’s cooking is really not said!"
During the meeting, everyone ate and talked about Lin Feng and her parents, and they got a better understanding of each other’s experience in the past ten years. Although Chen Ling shed tears from time to time because of Lin Feng’s complaint, on the whole, the feeling of happiness after eating this meal filled everyone’s mind.
However, just when everyone was eating almost, a chubby teenager suddenly broke in …
Chapter one hundred and twelve Family meeting
Father and mother, I’m back … Why does it smell so sweet? Cried as he came to the restaurant, he immediately smelled the strange fragrance from the fairy wine. The teenager just glanced at the table and grabbed the crystal cup before Xiaoxue. He left a little fruit in the cup and drank it off. After closing his eyes and intoxicated for a while, he sighed, "What is this wine? It tastes so wonderful."
Xiaoxue saw that her beautiful big eyes were watery when she was drunk by a teenager, and cried with tears, "This is for Xiaoxue from my brother."
"Brother, I am not Xiaoxue’s brother?" The teenager laughed and didn’t pay attention to the expression of Xiaoxue’s face.
Suddenly, a cold hum was like a bolt from the blue, exploding in the teenager’s ear. The teenager turned pale and stumbled a few times and sat down on the ground.
Lin Feng knew at the moment when the teenager entered the restaurant that he was his own cheap brother. Seeing the teenager’s appearance, Lin Feng remembered the group of teenagers who rushed towards him on the skateboard in the street in the afternoon. I didn’t expect this guy to be the teenager.
Coldly looking at the cheap brother sitting on the ground, Lin Feng was furious and robbed his parents. I haven’t settled with you yet, and now you dare to bully Xiaoxue in front of your face?
"Master, what’s the matter with you?" Windson with the spirit of coercion and cold hum is aimed at the little one’s family. Windson is venting his dissatisfaction and doesn’t realize the mystery. Seeing Lin Nianfeng suddenly fall down, Wang Ma immediately got up and helped him up.
"Nianfeng, why do you always bully your sister as a brother?" For raising Chen Ling is also very dissatisfied with complaining about the sentence and then added, "Have you had dinner yet? Would you like some more? By the way, I have a good news for you. Your brother is here. "
However, mother Lin Nianfeng didn’t hear a word from him. wait for a while stared at Lin Feng and felt that his ears were firmly ringing and his heart was pounding, but it was very clear to him who had just thundered in his ear.
Chen Ling ignored himself in Lin Nianfeng, knocked on his head and said, "Nianfeng, did you listen to me?"
Lin Nianfeng woke up and pointed to Lin Feng and asked, "Mother, who is he?" Before Chen Ling could answer, he suddenly shouted, "I remember. You are the guy who caused me to fall in the street in the afternoon. How did you come to my house?" Lin Nianfeng is still worried about his unfortunate fall in the afternoon. After seeing Lin Feng, he can’t help but feel unhappy.
Windson carefully comforted his baby sister as if she didn’t hear Lin Nianfeng’s words without looking at him.
Lin You gave a long sigh and stopped his angry wife and said with a straight face, "Nianfeng, do you remember that I spoke to you before your mother? We had a lost son before we adopted you, which means you have a brother and he is your brother-Lin Feng! Your brother finally found us today! "
"What? He is Lin Feng? " Father’s words surprised Lin Nianfeng. If Lin Nianfeng was hostile to Lin Nianfeng’s cheap brother who robbed his parents, then Lin Nianfeng was more jealous of Lin Nianfeng’s cheap brother than yes. After Lin You and Chen Ling adopted Lin Nianfeng, he knew that he had a brother and his parents had a son!
After losing his biological mother, Lin Nianfeng gradually transferred his feelings for his mother to his adoptive parents. However, in the process of living with his adoptive parents, he clearly felt the status of his brother who he had never seen before in his parents’ hearts, which he could never replace! Therefore, he is jealous of him and afraid that this brother will come back and take away his parents one day.
Does anyone know how much he hates this name? When he understood the origin of this name, he knew that he was Lin Feng body double, and he would live in the shadow of Lin Feng forever. He was unwilling, so he became rebellious. He wanted to attract his adoptive parents to note that he wanted more love and prayed that Lin Feng would never come back!
Therefore, after hearing his father’s words at this moment, Lin Nianfeng felt that the sky was falling!