Wang Ma hit the main entrance of the villa and then stepped back to let Lin Feng go first.
Windson will light snow from the neck to spoil and said, "Light snow ice cream is delicious."
"It’s good to eat my brother!" Xiaoxuezhan
Ling mouth in windson face kissed a mouthful of heart and said
Windson smiled and took the opportunity to quietly take the "Crystal House" out of the ring, holding it in his right hand and leaning into the door to let his parents come out before he turned to pretend that it was just now that they cried, "Ah, my parents have come back!"
"Really, how did Mr. Lin and his wife come back so early today?" Wang Ma also saw Lin Feng’s parents, and her expression was a little surprised. In her impression, she was busy studying Lin You and his wife, and almost never went home before meals.
"Well, Xiao Feng and I were separated for many years and finally reunited today. We asked for leave from the Institute and came back early to celebrate. I didn’t expect you to meet first." Lin You looked at his son with relief and said, "We just got back. We didn’t even change our clothes."
"Yes is to celebrate a Wang Ma you buy food enough today? Not enough to buy some more "Chen Ling’s face is also permeated with a happy smile.
"That’s enough, that’s enough. I met the gentleman on my way back, and then I went back and bought many dishes to celebrate," Wang Ma replied
"Wang Ma called me Xiao Feng and said I’m not used to being called a gentleman." Windson protested again.
"Yes, Wang Ma, just call him Xiao Feng." Chen Ling laughed. "Don’t be at the door. Let’s go in first."
"But … Master, he … oh, it’s Master Nianfeng …" Wang Ma faltered and seemed a little difficult because she always called Lin Feng the cheap brother "Master", but now Lin Feng, the authentic gentleman, asked her to call her a nickname, which made her feel a little confused.
Lin You understood Wang Ma’s difficulty after a little thinking and waved his hand. "Wang Ma, you can call it according to their respective habits. It’s not a big deal."
"Yes!" Wang Ma just nodded and replied
"I didn’t expect the little one to be so good at playing hum. Don’t get in my head, otherwise …" The mind is keen, and of course, White King’s mother couldn’t help secretly making up her mind.
Seeing Xiaoxue’s parents has long been unbearable. At this time, I opened my arms and asked them to hug Chen Ling and hold my little girl over and say with smile, "Xiaoxue, are you good?"
Xiaoxue Li nodded and replied, "Xiaoxue is the most lovely. Xiaoxue fell down today, but Xiaoxue didn’t cry. Xiaoxue is a brave girl." Said the little girl, and she gathered most of the melted ice cream in front of her mother to present a treasure. "This is my brother’s delicious food for Xiaoxue, and my mother also ate it."
When she heard that Xiaoxue fell down, Chen Ling didn’t care about any ice cream. She was in a hurry and checked her daughter’s body and asked, "How did Xiaoxue fall down? Does it hurt? Did you get hurt? "
"Mom, light snow is fine. She may have met that little girl on the road and accidentally fell and scraped a little skin. I have helped her with the light therapy wave treatment, and now it is almost the same." Windson explained with a smile.
"Which is smaller?" Chen Ling didn’t react for a moment and asked, "Who did Xiaoxue see?"
Windson left the pie mouth and didn’t answer. Instead, she pouted in her arms. "I saw my brother and wanted him to take Xiaoxue to play. My brother ignored Xiaoxue."
"Brother?" Chen Ling immediately turned his attention to windson. After a short while, he said it was light snow, another brother. Think again about windson calling Chen Ling to him. Suddenly he felt a headache and sighed and said, "Xiao Feng read the wind. He is also you anyway …"
"Oh, I’m so hungry. When can Wang Ma eat?" How could Lin Feng not know what his mother wanted to say to him? But as soon as he heard that little name, he felt uncomfortable all over, and immediately changed the subject and interrupted his mother’s words
"Xiao Feng …" Chen Ling was short of breath and wanted to talk again, but Lin You interrupted him. "Let them deal with the brothers themselves, and we will leave it alone."
Chen Ling smell speech mercilessly stared windson one eye only to see this small is a serious look at the ceiling seems to want to study the composition of a villa building. Chen Ling was so angry that he knocked on windson’s head "heavily" and stopped talking.
Chapter one hundred Brothers comparison
The real forest wind is not very white. I don’t know what I will do when I hear that little one. My mother has helped his parents a lot. It seems natural for parents to take care of that little one. Lin Feng is understandable, but always hostile to that little one.
This can’t blame Lin Feng. Although he is strong and decisive now, in a sense, Lin Feng’s personality is incomplete. From his usual ruthless hands, he is not used to contact strangers, especially strange men. In other words, Lin Feng’s psychology is not normal …
From an early age, I was separated from my parents. Lin Feng subconsciously envied those children who had parents’ love, but when he was supposed to enjoy his parents’ love by himself, he was suddenly possessed by a small stranger. If he didn’t get angry?
The shadow of childhood will affect people’s life. Fortunately, Lin Feng is a true practitioner and has a high level of mood. He has some slight hostility towards his cheap brother. If another person faces this situation, he may not do anything more outrageous.
Wang Ma saw that the atmosphere was a little stiff and quickly turned off, "Xiao Feng is hungry. Wang Ma is going to cook dinner so that you can have a good taste of Wang Ma’s craft."
"Wang Ma, wait a minute." Chen Ling suddenly got angry and got up and smiled. "Today I decided to cook a delicious meal for everyone myself."
Windson heard her mother’s words, her mouth twitched slightly, and a few black lines appeared on her forehead. Although Chen Ling was gentle, generous and euphemistic, she was a mess in cooking before marrying her father, but she liked to "shine" from time to time. Windson remembered that when she was a child, whenever her mother was ready to "shine" herself, he would go to Qin Xinyu’s house to rub rice and leave her father to suffer there alone.
"I don’t know if my mother’s craft has improved after so many years?" Windson will look at his father while thinking about it, and some fathers have the most words about it.
But when windson saw his father’s slightly blue face, he knew that things didn’t seem so good.
"Mother Xiaoxue wants to eat the dishes cooked by Wang Ma." Xiaoxue seems to have been poisoned by her mother. My little girl spoke everyone’s mind and Lin You’s father quietly breathed a sigh of relief.
"Why? Does Xiaoxue dislike her mother’s cooking? " Chen Ling is a little unhappy. She hates it when people say that she can’t cook well, that is, Xiaoxue said that if she were her husband or son Chen Ling, they would have to look good.
"But mom’s cooking is really not as delicious as Wang Ma’s." After all, Xiaoxue is still a child. He can’t sense motive at all and tells the truth bluntly. Chen Ling’s face suddenly turned blue and white
Windson genial smile that for fear of being angry, he quickly said, "Let me cook. I’ve cooked a good dish all these years. Let’s try my cooking today."
"Son, can you do it?" Lin You and Chen Ling will doubt at the same time look at their place, but after listening to the forest air, there are no dim in their hearts. They must have suffered a lot over the years!
"No problem, just look at me." Windson snapped his fingers and said confidently, "Wang Ma, please give me a hand."
"Well, let’s take a look at Xiaofeng’s craftsmanship today." Wang Ma immediately replied with a smile.
"No, I also want to see a little craft breeze, and I’ll help you." Women’s curiosity always seems to be the most vigorous, and their mother’s voice just fell, and light snow is clamoring to see her brother cooking. There is no way for Lin Feng to drive my little girl to the neck and Chen Ling to follow Wang Ma into the kitchen and leave her father alone in the living room.
In the kitchen, Wang Ma and her mother are responsible for washing vegetables. Everything else is arranged by Lin Feng. See Lin Feng waving a kitchen knife in a silvery way. The strength of the five-star fighter is vividly displayed by him.
A live fish was thrown into the pot by Lin Feng, and then the silver light flashed for 34 seconds. When the fish fell to the chopping block, it was dirty and scraped clean. Similarly, other ingredients and accessories were not cut in advance and put aside. It is customary to throw a knife directly into the pot when necessary. After a flash of light, they were all cut neatly or diced or shredded and fell into the pot. These fancy moves made mother and Wang Ma stunned, riding on the neck, and Xiaoxue repeatedly applauded.
Because I don’t know much about the types of Tran Star spices, Lin Feng is a hometown seasoning and some ingredients brought from the Earth Federation in the ring, and I know that my parents haven’t tasted it for more than ten years.
Hometown dishes, such as Lin Feng, did not cook those unconventional new dishes, while some dishes of Xia nationality with a long history, such as Kung Pao chicken, Kung Pao diced pork and pine fish, were cooked, and other dishes were changed accordingly to ensure the original flavor.
Lin Feng is not only a gourmet, but also a first-class cooking skill. He is often sought after by those relatives in the earth. After being cooked, the diced diced pork with Kung Pao tastes delicious and delicious, so that Wang Ma and Xiaoxue, who have never eaten authentic Chinese food, are salivating. Mother is tearful and can’t help but think of a better life on earth. Even her father came up from the living room smelling the aroma and cried, "It’s Kung Pao Chicken that I haven’t tasted for a long time. I really miss it. Xiaofeng really has a good skill today."
Light snow stretched out her pink hand and wanted to catch the dishes in Lin Feng’s hand, but she was teased by her mother. "Little greedy cats and other brothers are ready to eat together." Light snow was dissatisfied and pursed her mouth. Lin Feng smiled and quietly put a chopstick on it and fed it to the little girl to let her eat. She laughed and even called it delicious, but she was glared at her mother, but her brother and sister were happy.
When a table of food was cooked and served, everyone sat down. Mother smiled and looked around. Suddenly, her face changed and she ordered, "Wang Ma, you should unite the wind and let him come back for dinner. By the way, don’t tell him that his brother’s coming back is a surprise."
"Good" Wang Ma got up and went out.
Windson’s face sank and he barely suppressed his temper. It’s really disappointing to think that a family should call an outsider for dinner.
Soon Wang Ma came back and said, "Young Master said that he would not come to dinner with his friends. Let’s not wait for him."
"That small don’t come back or I’m not going to let him eat my cooking" windson immediately happy to get up and say with smile "come and try my craft"
"Xiaofeng is a family anyway. Let’s wait for your brother. I’ll call him back when I go to contact him," said Chen Ling.