Made Yuan Ying windson believe that he will never be weaker than Blue Star’s first master, Lan Yehan, or Chai Jin, a combat instructor of the Central Military Academy, these top federal masters.
"Brother, etc. Brother Xiaoxue takes Xiaoxue to play-"
Just when Lin Feng was thinking quietly, suddenly a cute girl with a lollipop appeared at the corner of the street. The little girl was dressed in a pink princess dress, black boots, big eyes, bent eyebrows and pink face, which was as lovable as a red apple.
However, the little girl is in a bad situation now. Maybe she ran in a hurry. The little guy tripped and fell directly to the ground, and the lollipop flew out and was removed not far from her.
Because Lin Fengzheng was thinking about spiritual practice, he didn’t notice the little girl waiting for him. Now the little guy has fallen to the ground. I don’t know if Lin Fengzheng saw the little girl fall to the ground and felt a pain in her heart. A flash of body shape came to her.
At the moment, the little girl has got up by herself, and there are two bags of tears in her big watery eyes, but she didn’t cry. At a glance, Lin Feng saw that her pink right knee was bruised and a little bit of blood was oozing out from the wound. The little girl bent over and put her hands on her legs, looking at her wound and kept whispering something in her mouth.
"Xiaoxue doesn’t cry Xiaoxue doesn’t cry Xiaoxue is a brave girl …"
Hear her bring into tears crisp children’s forest air high-handed picked her up and whispered, "Little sister can cry if she wants to …"
Said Lin Feng wanted to touch the little girl’s head, but suddenly he was moved by a throb in his heart. He felt that this lovely little girl in his arms had an indescribable association with himself, and that the more he was in the world, the more he was in the fix-true.
A moment later, Lin Feng turned white. This is the blood saying that this little girl is her own sister-Lin Xue!
Before coming, Lin Feng didn’t see the light snow and the little photo called Nianfeng, and there were many parents and acquaintances here. Before they arrived at the villa, they were not easy to get into unnecessary trouble, so Lin Feng didn’t think that he picked up a little girl in the street and was actually his own sister.
Light snow was suddenly picked up by windson and seemed to be startled. Staring at windson with big eyes, I forgot my knee pain at the moment.
"You are a light snow, right? I’m your own brother Lin Feng. Have you ever heard mom and dad talk about me? " Windson said softly as she took out "Xiao Pang" and told it to treat light snow knee wound with light therapy wave.
Maybe they have the same blood, or maybe Lin Fengshen’s unique fresh and natural breath infected with Xiaoxue. Instead of resisting Lin Feng, she looked at him with a grain of salt and said, "Brother?"
Windson smiled and pointed her right index finger at the little girl’s eyebrows. Gradually, the whole world seemed to be quiet, and the blood resonance made the two people’s heartbeats consistent. This strange feeling made Xiaoxue believe the words of Windson as soon as she hugged her neck and cheered, "You are my brother Xiaoxue knows that you must be my brother! Brother, have you finally come to Xiaoxue? "
In light snow that pink face mercilessly kissed a mouthful of windson gently said, "well, my brother will never let light snow get hurt after coming to light snow!" Does the snowy foot still hurt now? "
Xiaoxue immediately shook his head. "Xiaoxue doesn’t hurt. My mother said Xiaoxue is a brave girl …" Said the little girl, and she was worried. She looked at her knee and suddenly cried, "Hey, it really doesn’t hurt. It’s itchy."
Lin Feng almost couldn’t help laughing. What a cute little guy! The light therapy wave is almost capable of injury, but it has almost immediate effect on trauma, especially this small scratch. It is estimated that the little girl’s knee wound will be closed in a short time, and even scars will not be left in a short time.
"Xiaoxue Xiaoxue, where have you been?"
At the corner of the street, a middle-aged woman with a basket of vegetables came out again. She looked in all directions and cried anxiously. When she saw the light snow and forest air, she immediately breathed a sigh of relief and came over. Some dissatisfaction said, "Light snow, where have you been? Do you know how worried Wang Ma is about you? "
"I saw my brother. Oh, it’s Brother Nianfeng. He didn’t take Xiaoxue to play Xiaoxue, but Xiaoxue didn’t cry. Xiaoxue is a brave girl …" Xiaoxue chattered after seeing Wang Ma.
"You are Wang Ma?" A cold sound suddenly sounded.
Wang Ma was so worried after hearing the light snow fall that she was anxious to see where she was hurt. When she heard Lin Feng’s words, Wang Ma suddenly felt that Lin Feng was embarrassed and said, "Yes, I am Wang Ma, this gentleman. Thank you for taking care of Light Snow." Said Wang Ma, who wanted to take light snow from Lin Feng Huai.
Windson holding the light snow let Wang Ma hand face cold way "where have you just been? Do you know that it is dangerous for Xiaoxue to walk alone in the street? If something happens to Xiaoxue, will you take this responsibility? "
Wang Ma was stunned by Lin Feng’s sweeping remarks, and Xiaoxue seemed to be frightened. She rubbed Lin Feng’s eyebrows and said, "My brother is not angry, and my mother said that being angry often is not a good boy."
By my little girl, Lin Feng’s expression eased suddenly, and I felt that the fire was a little puzzling. Yes, the light snow fell and really made Lin Feng feel very distressed, but he knew that Wang Ma would never be intentional.
Before coming, Lin Feng knew the family situation from her parents’ mouths. Wang Ma was a housekeeper and nanny invited by her parents. She has been in the Lins’ home for more than ten years. Xiaoxue has been busy studying the time spent by her parents to take care of Xiaoxue. It can be said that Wang Ma has not married yet. Wang Ma has regarded Xiaoxue as her own daughter and will never let her be wronged. Therefore, Lin Feng feels that she should be very angry with her. But why did she just get so angry?
Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine Title
The wind pondered for a while and finally turned white. That’s because he never heard the little name. The little girl who robbed her parents didn’t take good care of Xiaoxue and let her fall and get hurt. This made the original hostile to the little girl. Can you stand it?
"Who are you, sir?" Wang Ma finally woke up and didn’t get angry with windson’s censure. Instead, she asked with some guilty expressions.
Lin Feng breathed a sigh of relief and smiled and asked, "You don’t know me?"
"What on earth are you …" Wang Ma looked at windson’s face carefully and suddenly felt that the black eye pupil of windson seemed to spin up, just like two black holes that could devour everything, giving people a feeling of desperate devotion to find out.
In a trance, Wang Ma heard an ethereal voice, "I’m Lin Feng Lin You and Chen Linger Xiaoxue’s brother. Have you heard of my mother?"
Wang Ma nodded her head consciously. She did hear about windson from her parents.
"That’s good. I’m back now. Don’t you have to doubt my identity?"
Wang Ma nodded again and suddenly heard a light sound of "pa" and immediately woke up and looked at Lin Feng with a smile. "It turns out that the gentleman is back and the master and his wife will be very happy."
"Well, Wang Ma was just sorry. I shouldn’t have been angry with you." Just at that moment, Lin Feng hypnotized Wang Ma. He didn’t mean anything. He wanted to immediately dispel Wang Ma’s doubts and save her from asking questions and going home with her.
"It’s okay. I just didn’t take good care of Mr. Xiaoxue. I blame it."
"Wang Ma, don’t call me a gentleman. I’m not used to it. Just call me Xiao Feng like my parents." I still have a good impression on Wang Ma Lin Feng. After all, thanks to her taking care of her parents and light snow for so many years.
"No, how can that be?" Wang Ma shake head a way
"Why not? Didn’t you call my sister by her nickname? It’s so decided! " Windson waved some bullying said
Wang Ma smiled slightly prudently and didn’t speak again, and she didn’t know whether to promise or not.
Windson is no longer entangled in this topic. He looked at Wang Ma’s food basket and smiled. "Wang Ma just went shopping, didn’t she? What did you buy? Today, when I first came here, I want to celebrate it well. "
"Yes, yes," said Wang Ma hastily. "The gentleman finally came back to celebrate. I’ll buy some more."
"Call me Xiao Feng!" Windson dissatisfaction said
"Oh, Xiao Feng … Ha ha …" Wang Ma smiled shyly and finally changed her mind.
Windson this just satisfied nodded for the bosom light snow said, "light snow want to eat what ah we go to buy with Wang Ma"
"Good good" Xiaoxue clapped her hands and cried "Xiaoxue wants to eat lollipops". The little girl turned to look at the lollipop that had fallen to the ground before, and her eyes were full of pity.
Lin Fengnai smiled to stretch his right hand behind his back and took out an ice cream from the fire phoenix regiment in the city. He stripped the wrapping paper and handed it to my girl, "Brother, treat you to ice cream."
Windson didn’t notice if there was any ice cream on Tran Star, but it showed that light snow was very interested in what Windson took out. The little girl carefully looked at it and held out a pink small tongue and licked it. She immediately smiled and cheered, "It’s delicious, brother. It’s like reading the wind."
Hearing this name, Lin Feng’s face sank slightly again. Now he lifted the light snow and let her sit on his neck. Then Wang Ma led the three people to the vegetable market …